Chaos Theory, Applied to the German Media

An interesting editorial by Eamonn Fitzgerald of Spotlight Online: "Chaos theory".

Spotlight Online shares the same initials with Spiegel Online as well as the fact that both publishing houses are based in Germany - but that's about as far as it goes...

(...) If we are to believe the nightly TV news, or the morning newspaper front pages or the weekly news-magazine cover stories, both countries are in "chaos" — the preferred word in Germany — and it would almost appear that the enemy is not the Islamists who behead their captives or blow dozens of innocents to bits, but George Bush, the man Michael Moore spends all his time warning us about. If there is any good news coming out of Iraq and Afghanistan, you'll have to search long and hard for it.

Given that background, then, here's a story from last week that you might have missed because your

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Message to Spotlight Magazine: No Moore Partisan Politics!

(By Ray D.)

You wouldn’t expect “Spotlight” magazine, an educational publication for Germans learning the English language, to delve too deeply into partisan politics. Its mission after all, is to teach reading skills, grammar and vocabulary. It seems that Spotlight’s editors, however, just couldn’t resist the temptation of cashing in on Michael Moore-mania in Germany. The magazine is running a large three page article (originally from the Guardian) and interview on Moore labeling Americans as "right wing” and the US media as “conservative.” The article, which appears in this month’s edition (February 2004,) lavishly praises Moore as down-to-earth and the biggest author since J.K. Rowling.

One of the article’s paragraphs begins with the line “Berlin in 1936 is a fairly good analogy for where Moore thinks America is at the moment…(and) he does believe America’s democracy is in danger, as Germany’s was in the years following the burning down of the Reichstag.”

Question: Was Germany a democracy in the years following the burning down of the Reichstag? A truly historically inept statement by the article’s author Gary Younge, one that shows the widely pervasive willingness of the German media and leftist filmmakers and authors like Michael Moore and Oliver Stone to play fast and loose with the historic facts when it comes to bringing down anyone who threatens their worldview. Favorite targets include conservatives and Republicans, especially popular Republican Presidents.

Comparing the US today with Hitler’s Germany also allows many Germans to both consciously and subconsciously wipe-off the guilt and historic burden they still carry around with them from their Nazi past and drop it on Americans. That is certainly one reason why Michael Moore and his books are so emotionally satisfying to so many Germans. Don’t forget, Moore has sold more books in Germany than in the USA! He was on the German best-seller lists for months.

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