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The Medium article that exposed this madness is very elucidating in expounding upon Der Spiegel's lies:


As I noted in a comment at Chicago Boyz, Der Spiegel has just posted an article about how "shocked, shocked," they are that their “layers of editors and fact checkers” somehow failed to detect Relotius' fake news.


For those who don't read German, here's the first paragraph:

“Any text that appears in the weekly SPIEGEL, whether printed or digital, is read by many colleagues before its publication: by at least one department head and one editor-in-chief, by staff in editing and the legal department. But the heart of quality control is the in-house documentation. The more than 60 colleagues – physicists, historians, biologists or Islamic scholars – ensure that names, dates and facts are correct, they verify every word and every number. Hardly any other news medium makes such an effort to live up to the claim: What we write is true. In the days of Fake News, documentation is something we take very seriously.”

Now look through the list of gross lies documented in the Medium article that blew this story wide open:


Therein you will find set forth like ducks in a row virtually all of the crude, quasi-racist stereotypes of Americans the German media are so fond of cultivating. Americans as xenophobic racists? Check! Americans as prudes? Check! Americans as religious nuts? Check! Americans ignorant of the outside world? Check! Americans as militaristic? Check! Americans as thoughtless polluters of the environment? Check! and the list goes on. In short, Relotius’ “reporting” fits the narrative so well that one would have to be an imbecile not to see through it immediately – that or a denizen of the “layers of editors and fact checkers” at Der Spiegel.

What a load of crap. Its the same as our american media. Its all biased to lean left. They all go to the same schools, hang out at the same bars. They never leave their tribe to ever express a contrary opinion or they get excommunicated. Of course their work product is going to suffer. Does anyone think the germans will ever reexamine their cherished beliefs of American's? They have all the answers, just ask them!

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