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As an American who has visited Germany over the past 46 year, I have noted the rise of anti-Americanism in Europe and especially Germany.

I now live in Austria and am struck by the gross ignorance Austrians have regarding the USA.

Thanks to your blog, which I have been reading for a few years, I am at least a bit knowledgeable as to why.

One can say the nastiest of things about Aermicans here, especially in Vienna, but to merely criticize anything regarding Islam and you are a hagteful racist, Islamophobe and a NAZI!

Thanks for your good work!

Yeah, the death toll from the sectarian suicide bombings this morning is only 57. Nice and peaceful, completely democratic way to get blown to bits. Thanks.

Compared to Saddam's Iraq - today's Iraq is far more peaceful and democratic. It would be even more so had Obama not withdrawn all US troops.

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