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I have been hoping for the German media's reaction to Obama not visiting for the 20th anniversary of the Berlin Wall, and their take on the video he sent.

He sent a VIDEO? Wow, I missed that. I hope it's not like those DVDs he gave Gordon Brown (not compatible w/Brit technology). Hey! Maybe he spoke 'Austrian!'

This gives an example why growing trees around places of worship is actually beneficial.

But there is a downside: Even though there seem to be no incentives which can make this kid become a suicide bomber, there seem to be strong incentives for the Taliban to continue recruiting even when potential volunteers are not convinced, actually stronger ones than any fiscal incentive the Karsai government could provide. Could it be the risk tax they collect for protecting the black markets?



Why not just state the obvious, that you see no problem with war and could care less when some raghead or other gets droned.

It would prevent you from coming across as hypocrite making childish assumption(" ..a war to ensure that Afghanistan and Pakistan never again.." ) - Yawn!..who still swallow such nonsense?
Political correct one-liners,such as: " Each life lost in Afghanistan is tragic.." can easily look a tad shallow as well. Why not cut that crap and embrace the "Warrior&warmonger-self", which is not proper concealed anyhow to any non-lobotomized observer.

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