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There have been at least 2 female suicide bombers in Israel since 2003

Both were honor-killings-by-proxy - in other words - they were told they had dishonored their families and had to restore it.

We know there were female suicide bombers at the school in Beslin and the theater in Moscow.

This paper published by the U.S. Army War College gives a good overview

Female suicide bombers are relatively new. Their first known attack came in 1985 when a 16-yearold
girl, Khyadali Sana, drove a truck into an Israeli Defense Force convoy and killed two soldiers
[ ]
During the last 2 years, Palestinian suicide bombers have carried out the largest number of attacks.
Not all bombers are known nor are all the data known to be correct. The youngest appears to be
either Khyadali Sana (SSNP/PPS, 1985), 16, or Laila Kaplan, (PKK, 1996), 17; the oldest was Shagir
Karima Mahmud (SSNP/PPS, 1987), 37. The first LTTE bomber, Dhanu, successfully killed Prime
Minister Rajiv Gandhi in May 1991. The first female PKK suicide bombing (June 1996), which may also
be the first instance of an apparently pregnant bomber, killed six Turkish soldiers; the bomber’s name is

more at the link.......

Here's a U.S. Dept. Of Homeland Security Profile on Chechyan Female Bombers.

Some are social outcasts, unable to bear children

Every movement based on precipitous hierarchies will be interested in members whom its ideology bans from the top of the pyramid, since in any infighting those in that place are less likely to lose it to them than to equal rivals. Ghaddafi´s Praetorian Guard would be an example.

This does not only apply to Islamic hierarchies but has been researched about Nazi women as well.

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