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Good luck Helian!

If only on this side of the pond "the gatekeeper of a continent" (Palin on Palin) would as well become aware that he is in the position of the gatekeeper of a continent, with all the options at hand which can now be observed in the American situation.

One issue that might be productively discussed on the new blogchild: The President of Peru says "we must understand that resources such as oil, gas and wood do not only belong to one group that was so lucky to be born there but to all the people." Does this principle fit for the Old World as well?

Thanks, GINO. As for the question in your comment, two German politicians of days gone by have already answered it. If it's a question of something that someone else has, and I want, the guiding principle is:

"From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs." (Marx)

If it's a question of something that I have, and someone else wants, the guiding principle is:

"Die Welt ist nicht für feige Völker da, nicht für Schwache, und auch nicht für dumme. Die Welt ist für die Völker da, die sie sich nimmt!" (Hitler)

I all depends on your point of view. ;-)

How many divisions has Marx? How much conscience had Hitler?

My POV is that if there is such a thing as equal rights to the planetary resources in space, it must also be there in time. They would not only belong to one generation so lucky to identify them, but to all the future. Hence this question is both about something someone else has and I want (territorially) as well as about something I have and someone else wants (chronologically).


"Europe should hope Obama fails"


@nichtdhimmi - It is correct that the current economic foundation of the transatlantic relationship is unsustainable. Still, the White House should be well advised not to become complicit in a Lebanonization of Europe, which would soon fill the economic void resulting from a deconstruction of the social welfare state, just like Hugo Chavez´ development aid programs did in the U.S., only that the زكاة‎ would be politically much more devastating. Working around this geopolitical dependency would require to find a way to spread the oil wealth around the inhabitants of the planet without any tyrants in the distribution chain.

The resident troll remains obsessed over 20th century diplomacy. Maybe in some instances an unratified treaty is just like an unfinished funeral ceremony. Have the U.S. really completed all the protocols and procedures that make its past interaction with the S.U. a proper part of all levels of law, with the same binding commitment as e.g. the inspection rights on nuclear facilities granted to the IAEA?

@Phil - Hadn´t it been for the Americans to switch from the gold to the uranium standard, by now all the gold of the world would be stacked up around Makkah and Madinah, and the social welfare state would have devolved into a gateway for the restoration of feudalism and slavery. Anyways, only Gaddafi´s thugs would believe that Goldman Sachs had eaten Greta Duisenberg´s shemagh.

Apropos totalitarians... has anyone seen the headline how correct German police treated a drunken badger on a country road 145 miles south of Hamburg? Here is imagery (WARNING: GRAPHIC VIOLENCE) how incorrect they treated an innocent bystander in the ongoing unrest over the country´s largest agglomeration of deliberate subprime mortgages in an urban city center couple of days earlier. Wonder how long it takes Ayatollah Ramezani to notice the Jolly Roger incident so his puppetmasters in Persia can harrass our diplomats with it?

Congratulations, Helian! Will visit you.

Good luck and congratulations, Helian! I appreciated your commentaries here and look forward to reading your blog.

Just in case you aren´t already looking at it, here are raw media from the parole hearing of the death row prisoner that isn´t. This is a case where the courts could not see the evidence for the death penalty but nevertheless the prisoner is treated like on death row, although the charge is more likely due to cops assuming themselves above the law than to authorship of crime.

"Locusts" reference is at 6 min in the mp3.

My Inner Franco. In the inheritance from his mindless boomer parents, the protagonist unearths the memory of a rarley mentioned grand uncle who went missing in service of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade. Starring commenter Tropby...

Phil, my dear, re: "Hello, you think there is going to be a Hollywood movie about the US fighting on the side of of Uncle Joe Stalin soon?"

... there have ALREADY been numerous WWII films, from Hollyweird and elsewhere, depicting the US and USSR on the same side. You're a few decades behind the curve.

BTW, the US sent the USSR $11 billion in aid (in 1940's dollars) to help them out during the war, and the USSR never paid us back. In fact, no one else in Europe did, either, except the UK. No one else paid us back for wartime aid, nor for postwar reconstruction.

Maybe we should call those old loans due, with interest.

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