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I noticed this wild distortion immediately today, looking at the German newspapers. Again, they're blatantly misinforming the German reading public about what Obama DID NOT SAY. They write editorials instead of reporting the news as it is. It's execrable. But, in the end, who cares? The Germans play no role in this region, they have nothing to say. The very small things being done by them are strictly for show. There may be German military and political people who see very well the reasons for defeating the Taliban in Afghanistan, and in Pakistan while we're at it; but the German newspaper editors -- perhaps not the reporters, I am not sure -- but the editors sitting in offices in Berlin or wherever else who decide what's news, plus the German reading public, haven't a clue about what's at stake in the region, and that means for them ... or should we say what's at stake for "us." It's dismaying to see that this tripe they publish is their "reality." It's the same with the Iraq war. They missed it completely, since it was strictly a matter of spurning reality for them. They still haven't got a clue about what went on in Iraq or whether the war is over. But again: Germany plays no role anyway. Or am I deluding myself?

The German media lies about what the American President has truly said. They do not distort, no, they lie.

Remember the old excuse "it's not anti-Americanism, it's all because Bush's polarizing figure". I guess lying about what Obama has said is also because of Bush's polarizing figure.

It's true, it's hardly relevant whether or not the German public is informed. Germany's help in Afghanistan is mostly symbolic. The only downside is when facing a German Besserwisser - the less they know the more obnoxious they are.

Would someone tell me what Phil is talking about? He has so little idea of context and what fits for American foreign policy and its southern, or northern for that matter, neighbors that one is simply astounded at what he is suggesting. He definitely is coming from way out in left field! It's absurd. It's trivial. How can anybody take him seriously as a realistic observer of American foreign policy? Mexico! What does he imagine the United States doing beside providing aid and training to the Mexican police? Is he proposing invasion? Why? The United States and Mexico have a long and old history of living with each other. The history is definitely not a knowable for Phil, however. It's almost comical how he wants to stretch things. Hat off to you, Phil, for entering one of the most absurd comments in terms of the difficulties of Afghanistan and Pakistan for U.S. foreign policy.

At least you're amusing, Phil! Even though I can hardly understand what you're talking about. Are you an avid reader of DIE JUNGE WELT? Staunch member of the Left party? Or the NPD? Probably not. Just an average resentful German reader of the news, huh? Spare us the rant. On the other hand, Phil, I give you credit for being moderately entertaining and begrudge you some grousing. "They haven't forgotten the Alamo ..." That's pretty rich.

FYI to Phil: "Remember the Alamo" was a war cry of the Texans, not the Mexicans. Also, although we all deeply appreciate the analogy between the Drug War and the Taliban, we still feel rather empty inside as you haven't shared with us your invaluable insight as to how you would have removed the Soviets from Afghanistan. I hope it's as profound as your understanding of the dynamics of Mexican politics. If so, we shall be even more thoroughly amused.

Duh! Phil, thanks. Now I get it. America and all its organized might is responsible for everything at all times, without question. Bin Laden is a Madison Avenue hawker, a facade who's making everybody think he's somebody else to further the interests of the mean old villainous Yankees! Jeez, that's simple. I didn't want to correct you about the Alamo, my very own Phil. Icarus cruelly did so, I noticed. Let's see, isn't it Washington ... and Wall Street ... and the Israel lobby ... and the Texas lobby ... plus the Mexican drug baron lobby, AMERICANS IN THIN DISGUISE ... who are responsible for the innocent world's woes? Amazingly enough, it's not confusing or complex in any way. How can I thank you?

Phil for President.

[As for the Soviets, CIA sponsorship of Islamist militants wasn't necessary for that, since Soviet troups would have been withdrawn under Gorbachev anyway, the same way there are no Soviet troops in other countries around the world anymore either, without massive bloodshed to drive them out. All the CIA did was to escalate the war in Afghanista,n massively increasing civilian casualties plus paving the way for the Taliban and Al Qaeda.]

The Soviets invaded in 79 when the relatively hard-line Brezhnev was in power. Gorby didn't come into power until he squeaked in in 85. In between you also had Andropov and Chernenko. I supposed it's the US's fault for not foreseeing his ascendancy almost 6 years down the road? 20/20 hindsight always makes for a brilliant analysis from a second-rate mind, eh Phil?

I guess, we could also blame Medienkritik for allowing anyone to blog regardless of age, maturity or mental stabilty? Therefore isn't it their fault for letting you in?

Some facts about Opel, you Moron.
Who has poured money into Opel for 80 years? GM

Who completely renovated the Factory in 2002? GM

Opel has lost 2.8 Billion Dollars in 2008. The Workers are still getting paid today. How can you suck a company dry who has been running a deficit for 3 years in a row? Gm has been paying the bill.
The Patents belong to GM, not Opel. They financed it. That International research Institute in Mainz/ Kastell has been financed by GM. All those Patents also belong to GM.Even the property belongs to GM, not Opel. I certainly hope that GM will decide to sell Opelm piece by piece. Serves you right you unappreciative Bastards. You love to take but are incapable to show humility or give an inch. In my opinion, GM should go into Bankruptcy, since this is a much better way to make those silly and expensive contracts void.
Actually, I just bought 10 000 shares in the hopes that GM declares Bankruptcy. The day after that official announcement the shares will soar.
I also hope that this Opel experience will be a warning shot to all other American firms to stay away from Germany or make any investments there.

It is a fact that people aren't buying cars right now. Watch Mercedes, BMW and Audi, who manufacture Gas guzzlers face an even worse fate.
Phil, grow up or move to Russia, your Utopia?

I find Phil amusing in his persistence. We shouldn't be too hard on him. He's obviously a man with a MESSAGE. (The danger is we might lose track of what this blog is all about due to him.)

I find Phil amusing in his persistence. He's obviously a man with a MESSAGE, thus unstoppable. The danger is the blog's purpose might be lost track of due to him.

The Tagesspiegel article is all just wishful thinking, plus a lack of thinking as to the results of compliance with these wishes. The purpose of this article, which might not immediately be plausible to the foreign reader, is to console the Bundeswehr that they were not the only military contingent in Aghanistan rarely leaving their little camps.

Here is what President Obamas actually said: "[W]e’ve got to recast our policy so that our military, diplomatic and development goals are all aligned."

Until now his is not the case, neither in Afghanistan or anywhere else in the world. The goals that the U.S. pursue in the drug war are not aligned, they are contradictory. Maybe Frau Merkel should meet President Obama in Kabul and present him with a basket of Starkbier, Frankenwein and Apfelkorn to make clear how contradictory exactly. Prost!

@Phil - If you want to talk about Opel, let´s get out the entire story. There are few other reasons to live in the Rüsselsheim area other than a job at Opel. This town is in the Western entry lane to Europe´s central airport, and already now one in four citizens is an immigrant. Take away Opel and it will be nothing but a noisy place where soon only Imams might be loud enough to be heard. The airport is currently expanding and constructing an additional runway from stimulus money. It is believed if it becomes bigger than Dubai it will attract the spending capacity that will redeem us from the crisis. Our biggest bank for infrastructure financing is financing our biggest infrastructure project. Fraport is the biggest subprime mortgage of our economy, and do I need to tell any more about Hypo Real Estate?

Lordy, could the German media BE any more transparent?

If the German people think that the U.S. president thinks Afghanistan is 'hopeless', then they can react with outrage when he turns around and asks Europe for more troops, can't they?

Phil now shows his true colors. "Dialogue" is a waste of time with such a person.

@Pamela - In reality it is the Bundeswehr which is hopeless, facing the choice whether to wage a war on crops.

I wonder whether we need to get a rabies shot. Phil sounds actually rabid. Once I felt sorry for him, knowing he was in the wrong place. I always underestimated how much people could be motivated by pure hatred. Inarticulate, too.

Because the German media was sooo right about Iraq... gloat gloat (whats that German word for it?). :)

Anyway, even the part about talking to 'the taliban' is a moderate distortion. Obama wants to talk to people interested in switching sides... its sort of a twist of his words to call those people 'the taliban'...

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