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It's quite clear that the world reaches for any item that they can to diminish their murder of 6,000,000 Jews. How else could there have been such a tremendous increase in hate crimes in the last months, anti-Semitic use of the analogization of the Holocaust (6000000 Jews murdered, a way of life destroyed) and perhaps 300 innnocent bystanders killed in Gaza (versus 100000+ murdered and dying in Africa, where no one cares because there are no Jews).
It's all about the Jews, you know. What a state does now makes the murder of millions 60+ years ago not worth memorializing, as Barcelona cancels its Holocaust Memorial day because of the "Jewish Holocaust" against the Palestinians.

"the irrationally anti-American and anti-Israeli attitudes prevalent in German media and society"
"the highly biased, one-sided and constant railing of much of the German media against the United States and Israel "

The aggressive tone does not not bode well for a Medienkritik SINE IRA ET STVDIO.

"This is why our subject matter is important - as an educated public well-informed by a media community dedicated to balance and even-handedness (as opposed to the hateful populism) would not likely hold such views."

Asking for balance on a blog that has staunchly defended Bush and never commented upon his critics in a non-derogatory way shows some chutzpah ...

I am still looking for a single positive post or comment about Obama.


@G: "versus 100000+ murdered and dying in Africa, where no one cares because there are no Jews"

I suppose you wanted to say "they are no Palestinians". Your original post looks somewhat anti-Semitic by repeating the "Jewish victims get special treatment"-meme.

@ Tropby,

The reality is that we've criticized Bush ourselves on a number of occasions. Our mission is not to defend one person or another. It is to point out bias in German media in reporting on the United States and to give voice to an alternative view than that offered by mainstream German media. When Obama was attacked earlier by one German media outlet as an Uncle Tom, we spoke out against it and defended Obama. Pointing out the uncomfortable reality may seem unpleasant to you, but it is what we consider to be "just doing our job."

Perhaps we should consider why a higher percentage of Germans consider the United States to be a negative influence on the world than North Korea. That is the truly troubling matter to consider here - not our supposedly "aggressive" tone.

The utter idiocy of so many Germans is really, really sad and troubling. This poll is an indictment of the German media, not of the US.

If there were any doubts, the idiocy is then promptly expressed by tropby, who drops by and is unhappy with...DMK... Not with his compatriots, not with the German media, but with the messenger. But then I don't expect anything else form people like dropby.

"Perhaps we should consider why a higher percentage of Germans consider the United States to be a negative influence on the world than North Korea."

According to your poll, everybody likes Germany and dislikes the US. So we are not talking about some unique phenomena caused by the evil librul Teutonic MSM.

The widespread international dislike of the US is likely based upon the behavior of said nation. I suppose there is no need to go into details about the recent human rights record of the US ...

A nation should not be surprised that its popularity suffers, when it abducts and tortures the citizens of an ally. Khaled al-Masri may be an idiot, but he is our idiot.

People likely disregard the worldwide influence of NK because it has none, being dependent upon food and fuel aid to delay its collapse. I do not recall any recent kidnappings of German citizens by NK.


Seeing a British poll with similar results in 34 nations as an indictment of German media shows some problems with basic logic. Using more or less ´witty´ variations of a user name displays the intellectual level of idiots who referred to Bush as Shrub.

I do not recall any recent kidnappings of German citizens by NK.

Tell it to the South Koreans.

Abductions unite South Korea and Japan


American Beheaders or How a Publicly-Financed Franco-German “Cultural” Channel Creates Moral Equivalence between America and its Enemies

Yesterday’s line-up was typical. The prime-time slot was devoted to a ZDF-produced documentary entitled “Martin Luther King, a Crime of State” suggesting King’s murder was the product of a US government “conspiracy”. This was followed by the weekly news magazine “Arte Report”, with 3 of the 4 subjects concerning the US, including a story on the mother of a fallen American soldier in Iraq who “cries out her pain to the entire world” and another on two deserters from the American army who “in line with a long tradition” have fled to Canada. It can hardly be doubted that the choice of these subjects in particular is designed to put in question the legitimacy of the American-led intervention in Iraq. In the same spirit, Arte’s nightly news program, “Arte Info”, does not hesitate to describe the Islamist militants operating out of Fallujah as simply “the resistance to the occupier” (Arte Info, 25 September 2004).


In the space of the relatively brief segment, two separate Vietnamese peasants can be heard – at least per the rendering given in the Arte translation – claiming to have witnessed Vietnamese being beheaded by American troops. Given the brevity of the report and the lack of context, the repetition of the claim creates the strong impression that this must have been a regular practice. If this sudden discovery by Arte of American beheaders seems oddly fortuitous in light of the recent series of beheadings of American and other hostages in Iraq by the al-Zarqawi group, the details of the second of the two testimonials give particular cause to pause. For after referring to the alleged beheadings, the second supposed peasant witness, an elderly gentleman, immediately launches into a denunciation of …the American intervention in Iraq, and then, in an even more surprising turn, seemingly spontaneously offers his endorsement of John Kerry for the American presidency. Noting that Kerry had fought in Vietnam, he reasons that at least he knows what war is like. Some moments later the voice-over for the segment adds that Americans “tortured hundreds to death” in Vietnam – a claim for which no source is given.


The overall effect of the report is most certainly not to educate viewers about the Vietnam War or even about the circumstances of war crimes committed by some American soldiers in the context of it. Rather, given the report's lack of specificity and the constant drawing of analogies with the American intervention in Iraq, the effect is to convey an image of Americans as somehow inherently savage – with the apparent exception of John Kerry. The beheading motif, moreover, insidiously permits the drawing of a moral equivalence between "the Americans"and the Islamist extremists with which the US is presently at war. The depraved acts allegedly committed by some American soldiers and which were denounced as such by other American soldiers - indeed the record suggests it might be a matter of a depraved act commited by a single American soldier - are thus stylized by Arte in such a way as seemingly to annul the depraved acts ritualistically performed by organized groups of Islamist fanatics in the name of their God and filmed and broadcast by these same groups for all the world to see.

Seeing a British poll with similar results in 34 nations as an indictment of German media shows some problems with basic logic.

You should really avoid talking about "basic logic". If this poll (British or Phoenician) shows similar results in 34 nations, this is a indictment of the media and political class in all those 34 nations (including Germany). It's not an excuse for stupidity.

But again, in typical brain-dead leftist fashion, your automatic brain pilot kicks in and you look everywhere around you for mitigating factors. Anywhere, just not at the problem.

A high percentage of German idiots regard the US as being more dangerous than Russia, China and NK and instead of looking at the sheer stupidity of this fact you point around and say "but, Francois does it too, and so does Tommy, and our entire class does it!".

You find strange comfort in the knowledge that the stupidity is shared by others.

Khaled al-Masri may be an idiot, but he is our idiot.

I'm happy you're not alone.

Well, as long as the countries most skeptical towards Germany are those where Mein Kampf sells best - Egypt and Turkey - this country seems to do at least something right.

@Tropby - To say something positive of Obama, I would like it if the shutdown of Gitmo he is striving for would result in the deconstruction of all the fences, with the inmates remaining on the territory returned to Cuba. I like the idea of letting the Castros weigh the decision whether to provide refuge to these people or send them to their murderous home countries, or allowing them to allow for political asylum in third countries that might be ready to grant it. The current debate whether Germany should provide refuge to them is just hysterical.

@German In Name Only

I like the idea of letting the Castros weigh the decision whether to provide refuge to these people or send them to their murderous home countries,

You are an evil, eeeeevil person. Please marry me.


And thanks to WhatDoIKnow for reminding me:

Khaled al-Masri may be an idiot, but he is our idiot.

What was her name? Suzanne something or other, I think. Supposedly she was in Iraq for the development of a museum or some such. German woman. Taken hostage for ransom by the jihadis. Ransomed by the German gov't. And then they found some of the ransom money on her. I remember it was around Christmas and there were stories that she didn't even bother to phone her mother.

Note to David: I don't recall if you actually ran a thread on this, but I know there were comments about it.

It did not take long. On January 20, the very day of the swearing-in of Barack Obama as the new president of the United States, Germany’s ZDF public television broadcast a report in which UN “torture rapporteur” Manfred Nowak called for the new American administration to prosecute outgoing President Bush and former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld on torture charges.

His most recent comments were included as part of a segment on the ZDF news magazine Frontal21. The entire segment treats as established fact that it was U.S. government policy to use torture under the Bush administration. Thus in the intro, Frontal21 host Theo Koll declares, “Under [Obama's] predecessor America tortured detainees, even if for George Bush these were to the very end only ‘harsh interrogation methods.’” The narration that follows speaks of “the Bush administration’s legacy of torture and lawlessness in the fight against terror.” It is hardly surprising, then, that Nowak (as paraphrased by Koll) should conclude that “Obama is legally obligated to undertake criminal proceedings against Bush and Co.” Since it is treated as given throughout that America tortured and that the torture was a systematic practice approved — or, as the narrator puts it, “legalized” — by the Bush administration, this is in fact a foregone conclusion.

Besides Nowak, the other “experts” whose opinions are canvassed by Frontal21 are the German lawyer Wolfgang Kaleck and a representative of the New York-based Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR). In 2006, Kaleck’s Berlin-based Union of Republican Lawyers (RAV) and the CCR jointly filed a “war crimes” complaint against Donald Rumsfeld in Germany. (On the German complaint, see my contemporaneous report here.)

The ZDF report repeatedly suggests, moreover, that waterboarding was one of the “harsh” interrogation methods approved by the Pentagon. For added dramatic effect, video images are shown of an apparent Gitmo detainee in an orange jumpsuit writhing as he undergoes the treatment. In fact, however, a request by Army interrogators to use waterboarding was expressly refused by Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld. (See the relevant memorandum here.) The source of the “writhing detainee” footage is given as Current TV. It is nowhere indicated that the “writhing detainee” is in fact Current TV reporter Kaj Larsen and that the scene comes from a would-be “reenactment.”

Nowak is trotted out by the ZDF producers as their star witness in the case against Bush and Rumsfeld. “The proofs are plain for all to see [liegen auf dem Tisch],” he is quoted as saying in a ZDF press release. “One should not mince words [herumreden]. It was torture.” “We have all these documents, which nowadays are even publicly accessible,” he explains in the segment, “[and which show] that these methods were expressly ordered by Rumsfeld. But, of course, the highest offices in the United States of America also knew.” In case part of its audience might fail to get the allusion, ZDF helpfully intersperses a brief interview with a political scientist that makes explicit that this means President Bush. Referring to the UN Convention Against Torture, Nowak notes that states that are party to the convention (as is the U.S.) “are obligated to do everything to see to it that persons who have been accused of torture are also brought before the courts and criminally charged.” “In the last analysis, it is, of course, a political question whether these persons will really be held accountable,” he adds. “But from the legal point of view, the United States has a clear obligation.”

Ironically, the publicly accessible documents and alleged “proof” to which Nowak refers consist of the very exchange of memoranda on interrogation techniques that culminated with Donald Rumsfeld’s refusal to authorize waterboarding. Rumsfeld likewise refused to authorize even the mere threat of physical violence. Other, obviously less severe, techniques were approved and were applied, notably, in the extended interrogation of al-Qaeda detainee Mohammed al-Qahtani.

But that these less severe techniques do not rise to the level of torture, in the ordinary sense of the term, is unwittingly made clear by the very excerpts from the leaked record of the al-Qahtani interrogations that the ZDF report dramatically flashes across the screen: “18 December 2002, 1415: Detainee’s head and beard were shaved with electric clippers. Detainee started to struggle when the beard was touched but quickly became compliant”; “20 December 2002, 1115: Began teaching the detainee lessons such as stay, come, and bark to elevate his social status up to that of a dog. Detainee became very agitated.” The interrogators’ treatment of al-Qahtani is obviously humiliating and sometimes just asinine. But ZDF’s ominous presentation of an unwanted shave as “torture” would be outright comical, were it not for the fact that through this sort of conceptual distortion “experts” like Manfred Nowak are threatening to render international protections against torture completely arbitrary. (On the al-Qahtani case and a similar German case, which the European Court of Human Rights recently ruled did not constitute torture, see my article “‘Torture’ in the Dock” in Policy Review.)

The one-sided and inflammatory character of the Frontal21 segment is, incidentally, typical for ZDF’s reporting on the American “war on terror.” For an earlier example, involving the former Guantánamo detainee Murat Kurnaz, see here. In September 2007, on the sixth anniversary of 9/11, ZDF distinguished itself by airing a 45-minute documentary that gave a sympathetic hearing to a motley collection of “conspiracy theorists” and their contention that the American government was somehow responsible for the attacks. (See my report here.)

As for Nowak, as discussed in my 2006 essay “The Road to Condemning Guantánamo,” he has himself identified his compatriot and teacher, the late Austrian jurist Felix Ermacora, as the “inspiration” for his torture charges against the United States. Ermacora was a leading member of post-World War II revisionist circles in Austria and Germany. His work is marked by obvious resentment toward the victorious Allied powers and even by a certain admiration for the Third Reich. (In a 1986 essay, for instance, Ermacora praised what he called “a constructive policy of the German Reich” in German-occupied Czechoslovakia.) Several of Ermacora’s closest intellectual collaborators were former Nazis. These were jurists who had participated in the elaboration of Nazi legal theory and whose core ideas remained unchanged.

They included, for instance, Theodor Veiter, an essay by whom is included in a 1988 Festschrift for Felix Ermacora co-edited by Manfred Nowak. Veiter’s 1938 monograph on “National Autonomy” [Nationale Autonomie] provides a theoretical defense of the infamous Nuremberg Laws as a means for “protecting” the German nation from “the corrupting influence of the Jewish intellect” (p. 209). Ermacora himself contributed an article to a 1981 Veiter-edited Festschrift for their colleague Franz Hieronymus Riedl. Riedl was a convicted Nazi war criminal.

Let's see - did I forget anything? Oh yeah.

F*** you, Tropby.

Oh. I did forget. Hat tip to Joe Noory at No Parasan.

Apologies, Joe.

So Trobpy is against Americans kidnapping and supposedly torturing innocent(might be German) citizens but by omission seems perfectly content with allowing Gerald Lehmann to participate in that torture. It's ok for Germans to torture Germans, is that it?

Sorry, it's Gerhard Lehmann.

@ Pat Patterson:

We do not know whether ´Sam´ was Gerhard Lehmann. He denies it. There are theories that ´Sam´ was a CIA agent with German language skills, who pretended to represent Germany.

Assuming that he was a German agent, one should look at the time-line:

1) The victim is abducted and ´interrogated´.
2) There are more and more doubts about him being a bad guy.
3) The US refuses to release him, but informs the German government upon condition of secrecy.
4) A German agent joins his American colleagues, and -Behold!- they finally admit their error.
5) The victim is released into the wilderness.

Germany had little options but to help US intelligence to realize its blunder. It could not break its word to remain silent.

So no, smearing Germany as an accomplice in this US torture affair does not work.

But your post and Pamela´s torture-denial piece (with her usual insults) might offer insight into the topic of this thread:

Germany takes responsibility for its darker actions and is respected abroad, while US denial results in international dislike.

Tropby, be careful what you wish for.

If this country had a Freedom of Information Act the Stammheim files now would be fully disclosed for everyone to see.

Don´t you think the heirs of the PFLP might have some questions as to what precisely happened in those prison cells during the abduction of Lufthansa Flight 181?

"We" indeed may not know if Sam is Gerhard Lehamnn but since everything al-Masri has said has been believed by Germans, and confirmed then why not the fact that Lehmann was identified first from a photo in the Saar-Echo on Jan 1, 2006 and then out of 10 person police lineuparranged to be held on Feb 20, 2006. So which is it to be, Lehmann interrogated al-Masri and got him released twelve days later or Lehmann was vacationing some place else and hasn't a clue as to what al-Masri is talking about or why Lehmann was recalled when the NYT threatened to publish his name in Feb of 2006.

Or else Tropy is being consistent in being horrified at what are claimed to be solely American tactics but is perfectly content when those methods are used against his fellow citizens.


@German In Name Only:

"Don´t you think the heirs of the PFLP might have some questions as to what precisely happened in those prison cells during the abduction of Lufthansa Flight 181?"

Conspiracy theories may be fun, but even former RAF-members no longer support this piece of Commie-propaganda ...

@Pat Patterson:

"We" indeed may not know if Sam is Gerhard Lehamnn but since everything al-Masri has said has been believed by Germans, "

Not true. A German DA investigated German intelligence services, got timelogs via subpoena and interviewed witnesses. Lehmann got multiple alibis. The investigation moved on and seems to focus on CIA-agent Thomas V. as a possible ´SAM´; el-Masri agrees. He has several legal options, including Klageerzwingungsverfahren and is currently suing our government to seek the extradition of several US agents IIRC.

Any German agent involved in torture should be punished. We have DAs and courts looking into . Compare this idea of holding ones secret services responsible and looking into facts with the US practice to hide behind ´National Security´.

Your article about the Gäfgen-case (despite its factual and legal mistakes) makes my point: A German cop´s mere threat to use torture results in a full criminal investigation and trial. No cover-up.

I do admit that the sentence was likely to soft, but the cop did not only confess his crime, but fully documented it with the intention to seek justice afterward. This tends to result in a court´s leniency.

re: German In Name Only: "I would like it if the shutdown of Gitmo he is striving for would result in the deconstruction of all the fences, with the inmates remaining on the territory returned to Cuba."

Obama, so far, is only discussing shutting down the prison at Gitmo, not the entire US naval base.

Why does Medienkritik believe that the German media would be anything but anti-American? Germans are still angry that they lost WWI, let alone WWII. They don't credit the US for helping to win the Cold War against the USSR because, in their mind, there wouldn't have been a Cold War if Germany had been allowed to win WWII.

@Tropby - Is it also a Conspiracy theory or Commie propaganda that the German government of that time lied to Siad Barre concerning the nationality of the hijackers? I do not offer any particular interpretation of these events, but I remind you not to claim a transparency that is not there, since unfair competition between governments constitutes fraud against the citizens as well.

@adagioforstrings - That´s right, the latter proposal I do hear from Castro not from Obama, but he seems to expect to receive an unpopulated territory without even asking. And what I see in our own media is the continuous buildup of a double-bind as to whatever decision is being made about the Guantanomo inmates, immigration or deportation, will haunt the decider.

"2007-2008 BBC World Service Poll reveal that a higher percentage of Germans surveyed viewed the United States (72%) and Israel (64%) as having a negative influence on the world than North Korea (62%).."

Worse than North Korea? A place where children our abducted and eaten during lean years caused by "the One?" Ha ha ha ha haha Europeans are such dopes.


Good luck with the future.

Ah but Phil, we're wising up, and some of us are even on to the likes of you. In addition, soon, our demographic will no longer favor intervening in European crises, and Europe will have to face its problems alone. And Europe does have problems, Phil.

Davids Medienkritik is setting the topics on Spiegel Online:

BBC-STUDIE - Globale Umfrage kürt Deutschland zu beliebtestem Staat

Beside a casual mentioning that the poll was "already last year", they don´t explain their source however. It´s just like when ADN mirrored stories from the Scientific American a couple of decades ago.

The author signature under the article is nothing more than the three charakters "beb." Why don´t Spiegel Online journalists - resp. interns - write their names under their work? Does the employer fear the contrast its reporting might make to future freelance articles from the same writers?

German In Name Only: "The author signature under the article is nothing more than the three charakters "beb." Why don´t Spiegel Online journalists - resp. interns - write their names under their work?"

They assume that their readers have the mental capacity to use an impressum.

Do not despair, we liberal Germans are accustomed to help our less literate conservative countrymen:


Benjamin Bidder (beb) is clickable (vita and e-mail)

Tropby, with that you are outing me as a sporadic Spiegel Online reader.

I wonder as what your assumption that this would amount to a lack of mental capacity is outing you to our audience.

Alas, the Euronuts are restless again.

Take Troby, who says:

"According to your poll, everybody likes Germany and dislikes the US. So we are not talking about some unique phenomena caused by the evil librul Teutonic MSM."

Earth to Troby - Earth to Troby. In case you haven't been able to put 2 and 2 together yet, this blog is devoted to the illustration of the rampant distortions and lies in German media about the US. Euro media is the same in most European countries. THUS, the picture they get of the US is the same distorted one that runs through your feeble brain. You know what they say- Garbage in = Garbage out. THEREFORE, any poll is more likely to reflect ignorant Europeans than any reality.

Next, Troby says:

"The widespread international dislike of the US is likely based upon the behavior of said nation. I suppose there is no need to go into details about the recent human rights record of the US ..."

Recent human rights record of the US? As opposed to, oh, let me see, the recent human rights record of Deutchland? (Fools like you are always available to a laugh or two.)

Then we have poor Phil who says:

"Hahaha, you Amis are like really dumb puppies, that's why the world hates you".

You REALLY need to get some new material Pill. You keep repeating your puppy-talk on every thread. Is that representative of an obsession with doggies or just an indication that have only two thoughts in your head?

@Phil - I agree that "Valkyrie" is trash indeed. Von Stauffenberg was not a German kind of Moshe Dayan but a Nazi war criminal resenting the loss of his ranch to the Red Army.

Phil, For pete's sake, it is an American Movie, not a biography. It was never intended as mone.
You can write to your Studios to change it to your liking when the "dubbing" is done.
"Subliminal anti-German"? Give me a break, we are not the German media where Anti- Americanism is practised on a daily basis.
We have more important things to do than Weltmeister im dummschwaetzen zu sein, we could never compete for that title. Germany is lightyears ahesd in that category.

Phil, let us not get lost in cultural projections.

If you want to understand the role of Hollywood in the American culture, it is their variety of Aristocracy. America did not have aristocrats involved in its founding, but their place in society was gradually conquered by Hollywood. Europe, on the other hand, was founded by aristocrats, but they were gradually rolled back into the centers of power by internal uprisings and external enemies. A significant impulse in the American culture also is rejecting the very concept of aristocracy and does not put any trust into the cineastic entity.

Last year, for the first time "nearly one-eighth of Hollywood's overall summer revenue" was made by one single film, indicating a long term tendency that most of the money in Hollywood will be made by a sinking number of films.

Mr. Spielberg, are you in the audience? ;-)

This is not an issue where only Hollywood is in the business, it is Islamists who have the biggest share in the market of meddling with German history. The reason why the Nazis have become the boilerplate of all international discord is because it is not that much effort and difficulty to be a better mensch than the Nazi. Soon there might even be a controversy whether Germany will provide asylum to the dinoscopus, the notorius Holocaust denying bishop no other country wants to have. Or do you think Vietnam might accept a Holocaust denier?


"Hahaha, you Amis are like really dumb puppies, that's why the world hates you."

I am going to share a secret with you worm, that is the greatest thing in the world about being an average American. We do not care if the world hates or loves us. We do not care if the world fears or respects us. We do not care if the world realizes we even exist. But G-d does the world crave our attention.

Apprarently countries that result to cannibilism of children is "just ok" with you... considering you had no response to that grotesquery.

Fuck-wit fiend.


PS- The world hates puppies? OK. Do you like to kick puppies Phil? Tell me the feelings you have about your mother? Did she kick you too? Does striking vulnerable mammals give you a thrill? If so, why? Pain and life are entwined are they not? Let your hatred flow on this couch.....

Phil is a pubescent idiot, apparently. He's just a typical victim of reading der Spiegel occasionally - without consulting other news resources, thereby falling pray to its slant. Stop spouting this brainless shit, Phil, and stop insulting Americans.

However, from my perspective, the German media slant has become (as predicted) significantly weaker. It's the Obama bonus, and it will continue to last for a while. Talking to colleagues, I feel that many basically had a problem with Bush and not with America.

I would like to comment on the survey by the BBC too. What we find is that Germans are the most critical West-European country concerning most other countries, e.g., the US, Iran, Israel, Pakistan, even Japan. Obviously, this corresponds to the hypercritical attutide of most Germans. Further, we have confidence intervals or statistical effect sizes of country differences, which are usually standard in presenting empirical results. Thereby, it cannot be judged whether Gemans differ in their estimates from French persons, for example. Finally, no information on measurement invariance of the questionnaire utilized is provided. The survey therefore is not substantial from a scietific point of view, but can be used by anybody to argue in his/her favor.

anti-German racism in countries like the US..

What a hoot! There are too many of us krauts in the US for this to occur. Phil's statement does not show much knowledge of the US. By some measures, Germany is the leading country of origin for US citizens. My German ancestors came over to America 250-350 years ago. I retain enough of my German heritage to have cooked pork with cabbage and apples yesterday, and to have listened to some of Bach's violin partitas today. Though like most Americans, I am a mix of many nations, but in summation just a dummkopf Ami.

Hollywood can also be accused today of making anti-American, "blame America first" type movies. Hollywood films today sell better overseas than in the US, as that POV sells better overseas. Phil, you are not the only one pissed off at Hollywood today, albeit for reasons different from mine. I haven't paid to see a Hollywood film in nearly ten years.

When people criticize Israel, I compare what Hamas and the like accuse Israel of doing, contrasted with what Israel actually does. Just like the "massacre" at Jenin in 2002, when the Palis claimed that Israel was responsible for "hundreds" killed - whose bodies couldn't be found. Turned out to be around 55 killed, of which only 5 or 6 were women or children- so nearly all killed were combatants. Yet when Hamas and friends celebrate killing Israeli civilians, no outrage comes. Hamas also has clerics who talk of "exterminating" Jews. Yet, we should be hypercritical of the Israelis, while glossing off what Hamas and friends say and do.


Anti-German WW1 hysteria from 90 years ago: is that the best you can come up with? Why no examples from WW2?

Perhaps you have a tin ear for these things, but from an American perspective, any German who talks about "hateful Jewish Hollywood moguls" is simply repeating what Hitler's propaganda machine said back in the day. Such statements don't go over very well in the US. Maybe they do in Germany - or Iran.

Oh, those mean Amis.

Your accusations of a purposed anti-germanism in german media and society is so baseless that it clearly shows that don't have the slightest knowledge about the US.

Society: all my experiences and those of people I know who had been to the US had been only positive when it came to how they had been addressed and welcomed as germans.

Media: Germany is not presented differently in the news than any other country. To see here some purposedly jewish inspired tendency to show germany in a bad light is so away from reality that I have to assume that you don't consume any american media out of first hand.
That germany is represented in a bad way in movies playing during the Nazi years of germany is simply because there is no other realistic way to show germany during these times. Germany clearly was on the evil side during those years.

I usually don't like when people insult others during discussions buit in your case I cannot say anything else that you are an absolute moron.

@CrankyYank - If I believe my fellow compatriot, being a German in the United States these days seems to be tougher than being a Kurd in Turkey - well, at least Erdögan ain´t whining that Mao had more opportunities to kill.

@german observer - The German mainstream media are not the only part of the problem, the German bloggers are in trouble as well. E. g. the biggest blogchild of Davids Medienkritik, Stefan Herres "Politically Incorrect", has degenerated into a melting pot of eurofascism. Last year Filip DeWinter was allowed to talk to the cameras in front of the "PI" banner at a Cologne conference, and now bets are open how long it will take David Duke to make use of the very same opportunity. The decent people are getting rare there, as it takes hours for their comments to pass through the moderation queue, while the "anti-jihadist movement at any price" types see their comments get posted in real time.

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