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This entire thing is so ridiculous, so ridden with stereotypes, that I feel that I would need take a day off from work to comment on it. Which won't happen...

Out of the many, many lines that are way off is this one The failure of Bush’s war course has shaken the trust the citizens had not only in American power, but also in the American mission that the country had something undeniably good to offer with world.

Sorry, but the "failure" in Iraq has produced a true democracy in that part of the world. Incipient, yes, but democracy nevertheless. It has produced one more thing: peace. (It's almost funny to see once in a while a group who protests against the war in Iraq. To that you can only say: what war?? Oh, you mean the one who ended already? Aren't you late a bit?)

Sorry again, but most Americans still believe in American power, they are not "shaken" at all. Yes, there are Americans who are "shaken" in their trust in American power, but most of them are the type who have been "shaken" pretty much their entire lives.

Not that Jan Ross would care, or that Germans would know, but the picture painted in this article is mainly a reflection of the author's wishes, not of reality.

If Jan Ross is correct in his appraisal of the future, he will learn to his regret that the Chinese and Russians have a different response to gratuitous insults than the Amis do.

We learned to live with "managing decline" in the 1970s. Funny, it didn't last for some strange reason. We peaked at 21% interest rates and 18% inflation. Stagflation was the watchword and we were officially in malaise, our President said so. Then we proceeded to pick ourselves up and kick butt all across the world.

The greatness of America is in its resiliency, its refusal to accept decline as permanent.

"And Japan is a small country handicapped as the historic aggressor in the Second World War when compared to self-confident giants like China or India."

This must be a 'neener neener' moment (or something).

He has his head in a dark place that makes driving almost impossible. Hopefully he has a chauffeur.

It seems to me this is a positive sign. After all, if the US is "in decline," then, after some reasonable time, the German media will be forced to conclude, by the logic of its own assertion, that the process has been completed and we "have declined." At that point they will no longer have anything to bitch about. After all, is anyone upset about the "arrogance" of Guatemala?

Does this fool not pay attention to DAX index, the Euro and the Q2 German economic growth figures??

The DAX is plummeting, the Euro has slipped from 1.60 dollars to 1.34 dollars in 6 weeks and the German economy shrunk by 1.5% in Q2.

The US economy grew by 2.7% in Q2 after being revised from the +3.3% originally reported and has significantly strenghtened against most world currencies.

Militarily we have new alliances with Iraq (a former major enemy) and have strengthened a nuclear pact with India and added new countries into NATO. Militarily we have 20X the strength of our nearest competitor, your new master Russia.

How exactly are we a has-been like Britain and Spain? We're more powerful now than we've ever been! Look at the actual numbers instead of listening to your childish media.

Our economic crisis is a GLOBAL crisis meaning no country will be immune and some including Germany will have a harder time recovering from it than we will.

How many times do you have to be lied to by your media before you start to feel as if you intelligence is being insulted? We know that you don't like Bush and that he doesn't like you, but for your media to take things this far and for the majority of you to go along with it nodding your heads as if something is wrong with us instead of you is unforgiveable.

You're an 18 year old nation and the majority of you behave like obnoxious teenagers trying to find their place in the world. You are the neighbor kid who gives us the finger and then runs inside his house to hide.

We won in Iraq, the dollar is not dying, it's time to admit that you behaved terribly towards us and move on with your lives!

File this under Ami-hating socialist Euroweenie (pardon the redundancies) wishful thinking. They wish for the demise of the USA, they've been longing for it for an eternity already, so they are just trying to help things along with what they hope will be a self-fulfilling prophesy.
The German so-called press will never tell the truth to the Sheeple about America, or most other things either, for that matter. Of course, our press doesn't tell the truth either. But the difference is that somewhere around half of the US voting population realises it. In Germany, practically everyone believes their MSM propaganda.

Snooty Guatemalans? Possibly but has anybody considered the rise to dominance of Malta? They are virtually a secret society that speaks a language few in the world can understand and often don't care. They sit fat and happy on the major sea lanes of the Mediterranean and desire nothing more than to resume their rightful place in European history that they lost during the Crusades and were completely finished off when Napoleon landed and decided he liked all the decor in the main palaces. But they are now a successful commodity nation, like Venezuela and Russia, by cornering the limestone market and have built up reserves of dozens of dollars and euros. Never trust the Maltese as they have been biding their time for almost 700 years. And with their new found wealth they will be one of the new Great Powers once the dust has settled.

i have to say that the comments section in this blog is superb. i cant help it either that I face liberalthink with derisive humor as its all i really have left. billions have been wiped away by the liberals with their gas prices and mortgage for anyone stupidity but no one can say anything about it as we are all supposed to be reflexively pc and wonder at the brilliance of our enlightened betters who come up with this crap. my favorite this week was the dork saying the downturn will protect the planet..

there is no where for the communists to put their money that they have made in our domestic economy, they will steal it from each other. after all is said and done, we may have a less valuable economy but its the largest no the less and more able to bounce back. what will they have?
and all this happens before the election. hmmmmm.
i take it the bet will be that more americans will vote for capitalism as a cure for this mess than the socialism of the ayersbaby. either way it really doesnt matter as we have all the stores and you can have all the factories.

He might be right that Americans have given up toppling Mohamed ElBaradei.

Sorry playertwo but the fact is that the Hypnotoad has entranced the populace. We have two chances my friend:

A. the polls are wrong
B. people break free from the hypnotoad on the way to the voting booths.

Aww hell, what would be so bad about ACORN running the country? Don't they really seem like the pinnacle of American society?

The Earth is over-populated.

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