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No big surprise here. Politics has long been involved in the Nobel Prize for Literature. Perhaps there IS a certain amount of provincialism here. Who in the US bothers these days to read post 1960 European authors- after Camus, for example? Perhaps Salmon Rushdie, but he is more Commonwealth than European. What European classical music post 1960 do we bother to listen to in the US? After the British invasion of the Beatles et al in the 1960s, who were playing a version of American style music, what European pop stars are listened to in the US? While there is respect in the US for pre 20th century European culture, and for 20th century European culture up to around 1960, current European cultural offerings are for the most part ignored in the US. At least I ignore them.

I am reminded of European committees deciding that there is more freedom of the press in Europe than there is in the US, in considering the awarding of the Literature prize.

FACT: Europe is far less culturally diverse than the US

FACT: the US is now a bilingual nation with tens of millions being fluent in Spanish and English [cough] [cough] that's a lot more bilinguals than France.

FACT: 17 of the top 20 rated universities in the world are in the US and UK, not Europe.

Perhaps when accusing people of being ignorant it's best to know what you're talking about.

Hey but this site is about Germans. The French have been beyond hope for a long time. I hope he enjoyed his 15 minutes.

Sorry, meant Swedish not French.. A little Freudian slip there.

The Nobel prize jury being as corrupt as it is, this man has got a point.

The American system of rewarding writers not according to the success of their book but instead according to the success of their previous book provides a backdoor for a certain kind of rogue writers to slip in.

In some cases these rogue writers will annoy Europeans by pretending to be more European than the Europeans. Try to imagine what Leonidas or Da Vinci would think of the imaginary Europe being associated with their names in a certain kind of American literature to see examples why. As a result non-Westerners come to Europe with this crap on their minds.

Europe still is the centre of the literary world? No way! It used to be some centuries ago. Now the literary world of Europe is just on of all those Layers that in combination make up the phenomenon of "WORLD literature". If you look in the list of most popular writers you will find out that the majority is not Europeans.

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