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Hmm, maybe the reason McDonald's Europe is doing so well is that they are now led by a Frenchman? :-)

(Disclaimer: my wife worked for McDonald's for over 20 years and is now a franchisee.)

I just wrote about this in my blog a couple weeks ago. You should see how popular Mickey D's is in Japan. When I was living over there, sometimes there were people waiting out in the streets to get in during lunch rush hour.

Where does "personal responsibility" and "freedom of choice" even enter the equation when discussing "Americanization" between the Anti-Americans. It's very confusing for me as an American.

Completely off topic.

Ireland votes NO.


My answer: Noone, but this American is telling me that, except for the guns, the McDonalds system works precisely like a crack gang economy.

Hi, new here, interesting site this -- don't know whether to laugh or cry over some of what I've read here -- maybe I'll do the one until the other comes.

Anyway, to GINO (and any other German or European, or anyone else for that matter) -- precisely, McDs is indeed about the equivalent of what you described....which is why you should "just say 'no' to it" (ok, maybe once a month, in a pinch if you're hungry and there's nothing else).
Seriously, the stuff is pure crap, but until someone up and makes nasty burgers illegal, they've got a right to push them if folks are willing to buy them.

Stereotypical Midwestern American here by the way(I think I'm supposed to be somewhere between Farmer Green Jeans and the Marlboro man...and perhaps the military female thrown in too in that Spiegel photo op, which was kind of funny actually).
Anyway, as a hillbilly, redneck Midwesterner -- I do own firearms and kill furry animals with them, work 9 to 5 and then go work on the farm, and have some sense that there is some sort of spiritual higher power (the kind of person a lot of folks in my own country can't stand nor know what to to with) I "know" McDs (I get to see its awful influence everytime I come into town), and think my words have some authority here when I say: that stuff's nasty junk, eat it at your own risk, and don't complain that you weren't warned.

As for the irony of this piece -- not at all lost on me. Happens here too -- my Green/lib friend raised her son on McDs...refuses to use plastic bags at the grocery, but raised her kid on fast food. Eh, go figure.

Unknown Jane says: "Seriously, the stuff is pure crap, but until someone up and makes nasty burgers illegal, they've got a right to push them if folks are willing to buy them."

57% of McDonalds sales and profits are earned overseas :) Those more sophisticated Europeans sure know good food when they eat it.

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