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The UN is seen as an ideal. Its shortcomings are not criticized because what counts is the ideal, not the actuality.If the UN came up short in a given instance, such as in Oil for Palaces or in the conduct of its "peacekeeping" forces, these are minimized because after all, the UN is working towards an ideal.

By contrast, the US is rigorously judged on its actual conduct.

This is similar to how often the shortcomings of Communist regimes were passed over because they were working towards the ideal of Socialism.

Ladies and Gentlemen... years of "Zionazi" slander are now bearing fruit - the Federal Republic of Germany proudly presents:

We´ve got ...Nazis für Israel! (Google translation)

A few years ago, Michael Moore said the Jews should leave Israel for Europe, and now these Nazis are saying the Jews should leave Europe for Israel. Stupid white men!

The media report on news, i.e special events.

Rain in Washington - not newsworthy.
Rain in Nevada - great news!

Pakistani soldiers rape children - duh.
We are talking about an unstable Islamic military dictatorship with an abysmal Human rights record, even if the US calls them a major non-Nato ally. Nothing new. The medical emergency airlift of Jordanian UN soldiers after they screwed up their goat-fucking has at least an humorous aspect.

US troops are considered/claim to be acting in a more civilized way, so real or alleged child rape by US soldiers is very newsworthy. The same applies e.g. to European or Canadian soldiers, of course.

Unless the OP claims that the US has descended to the level of Pakistan ...

Tropby: Does this mean that you have written off the UN? That you do not hold UN soldiers to the same behavioral standards that you would US or European or Canadian soldiers?

I am no fan of the UN. It has its uses as a forum and to organize important stuff like the WHO, but admitting any nation as a full member without regards to its human rights record is a mistake IMHO.*

I hold all soldiers to the same standards, but I have much more trust that Feldwebel Schmidt and Sergeant Smith will live up to said standards.** Any child rapist should be put on trial, whatever his nation.


* The US created the UN; we Germans are still an enemy state according to Art. 53 and Art. 107 of the UN Charter.

** Germany and the US are providing training to some African peace keepers, several African nations do good work despite their economic problems.

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