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The German media can publish news of this, given the proper spin. Here is one possible interpretation of the news. US Marine Corps’ recruiting exceeding its goals is evidence of the jingoistic, nuke-them-to-eternity Christian fundamentalist mindset that stifles freedom of expression in the United States while crushing the freedom-loving Iraqis.

I got yer spin rite 'cheeere!

"In further evidence of the declining U.S. economy and the attendent bleak job prospects for low skilled, less educated workers, the Pentagon announced today that all branches of military services have exceeded their recruiting quotas."

See how easy?

We should have a contest. Whoever comes up with the spin closest to whatever the German MSM spews out wins bragging rights for a week or so.

Re German media spinning this, why am I reminded of the old joke about Soviet media interpreting a race between the Soviet ambassador and the American ambassador? The American ambassador won. Soviet media spin: the American ambassador finished next to last, and the Soviet ambassador finished second.
That I am reminded of this joke says something about the current state of German-American relations.

if someone saw an ami take a crao in the woods, the headline would be:
"Amis forced to crap in the woods because of a shortage of toilets in America"

RE: Pamela Contest


"Gullible Flag-Waving Americans Desperate for Employment Turn to Professional Baby-Killing"

With the American Empire on the verge of economic collapse more and more under-classed and under-educated Americans are turning to professional soldiering in order to put food on the table. Given the prospect of unbridled raping and looting in the name of their leader GEORGE W BUSH, thousands have flocked into the clutches of the ignorant beast known as the US military/industrial complex.

Wow. I was going to try to put something together, but that last one just knocked my socks off. Texas BB, are you sure you don't work for Spiegel?

Oooo, 'professional baby-killing'.

I like it Texas Blue....well done!

have you ever red sth about ANY nations armed forces surpassing or not surpassing its recruiting goal in the german media?

"Don't expect SPIEGEL or Stern or any of the rest of the German media to make this news into a front-page headline."
to the front page headline? come on, be serious. did you ever read sth about the chinese army surpassing their recruiting goals on the frontpage in a u.s. magazin? is that a reason to call you anti chinese?

just read your comments and ask yourself who are the ones spreading hate and being "germany experts"

@ antieublog: just read your comments and ask yourself who are the ones spreading hate and being "germany experts"
Read this posting on an article written by “award-winning” German journalist Markus Gunther and then tell us there is no anti-American bias in the German media.

one voice is not really representive. do you care that much about the words of michael moore? i´m sure there is as much anti americanism in the eu as there is anti germanism/euism in the u.s.. i remember a female senator being really upset cause eads awarded an u.s. contract and not boeing, followed by many articles, which headed into the same direction. how would you call this?

take a look at the last articles on this blog and you will see how many of them really inculde sth about anti-americanism in the german media.

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if you are "less biased than every german" (do the plenty of authors of this sentence on this blog ever thought about how stupid that is?) you should realize how scary and anti german that is. this sort of news are more manipulating than informing and come really close to a german newspaper called "bild"

one voice is not really representive. From the Markus Guenther thread:

Endnote: According to the website of one of Guenther's publishers, he received the Arthur F. Burns prize for journalism from the German Foreign Ministry in 2006. The site further states that: "Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier congratulated Guenther on the award and emphasized that he was "successful, in an impressive manner, in promoting and deepening the understanding between the United States and Germany."
Sounds rather mainstream to me. Fringe people don’t usually win such awards. What about Herta Däubler-Gmelin, who still plays a prominent role in German politics? What about German government officials’ responses to Katrina? What about all those magazine covers in the Mission Statement ? I suggest you read the previous thread (59 comments).

do you care that much about the words of michael moore? Read the previous thread, which documents that Michael Moore is MUCH more read in Germany than in the US( Stupid White men about 7 times greater per capita sales in Germany). While Moore is fringe in the US, he is much more read and respected in Germany than in the US. Doesn’t say much positive about Germany, considering the inability of Moore to string together three consecutive coherent sentences. Or do Germans read Moore to laugh at the stupid Ami? And he IS one stupid Ami- or at least he cannot construct a coherent argument. If that is why Germans buy Moore’s books, he is laughing all the way to the bank with his German sales.

i´m sure there is as much anti americanism in the eu as there is anti germanism/euism in the u.s..
Document it. No European visiting the US, including Germans, has ever informed me of a hostile reaction to their being European. I recall a French woman informing me some years ago that there was something wrong with the US, that they were so friendly to strangers. French friends of hers, while hitching around the US on vacation, often got invited home to spend the night. Something SICK about the US to be so friendly to French strangers, according to that French woman. When Americans are FRIENDLY to foreigners, this French woman called us SICK. Thanks a lot. Many Europeans and Germans are obsessed with the US. There is much more coverage of the US in Europe than vice versa. Note in the previous thread, some of the comments ( 59). Most Americans don’t give a rat’s ass about what happens on the other side of the pond. The average American attitude is: my ancestors were glad to get out. Because I worked and traveled overseas, had a lot of contact overseas with German co-workers, housemates and fellow tourists; have a German surname and a brother-in-law born in Germany, I have more interest in foreign policy and in Germany than most Americans.

what should i say, you re right, i have been to the u.s. by myself and fully agree that ppl overseas are a lot more friendly than in europe. i didnt have a problem with that, why should i? it might be more than some ppl can handle, but i would never call americans sick because of their friendlyness.
i met americans in germany who liked it here and made different experiences, but i wont denie that some germans dont support what your government is doing at the moment. should they shut up like the chinese would do?

a newsmagazin should be able to ask critical questions and underline them with critical photos, especially in case of an attack war. some of the spiegel reports often go some steps too far and i wouldnt dare to support everything they write. believe me, the spiegel and this blog arent that unsimilar.

just read the following comment and tell me there is no anti-germanism in the u.s.

"Germany seems to be intent on creating allies out of the enemies of the West.


N. Korea


USA/UK + NATO (minus Germany of course)
South Korea
Saudi Arabia

Hmmm... This really isn't looking very good for you Germany. Keep it up German left and finally you and your grandfathers will have something you can truly relate to.

Posted by: Texas_Blueblood | May 16, 2008 at 08:49 PM"

that comment is an insult for every man and woman, who have seen ww2. i wonder what this genius comments will be like, if obama wins the election and meets ahmadinedschad. germany, north korea, sudan and my favorite one venezuela. how does this fit together? i´d love to hear an explanation from him, but i know he wont be able to give me one. he just repeats the words that were put in his mouth, adds some sickness, without wasting one single thought. a bit like whole "brainwashed germany". a further commentator wasnt interested in clearing things, but in adding saudi-arabia to the axis, speaks for itself.

there are so many other comments on this site, which are not even worth answering. i dont know how often i have red qualified things like "german scumbags" in older articles.

like u said: most americans dont care about foreign politics. its impossible to talk to someone who doesnt know what he is talking about and informs hiself on a blog which includes that less information about the topic it was made for. the articles dont need to be anti american, its enough if they re not pro american to make it on this blog, or the "absolutly neutral" blogowner easily writes an article about "Top Pet Issues for German Media Coverage of the United States"for example, to put some gas into the fire with the stunning result that there are 59 comments in the thread.

dont forget that someones earning money with this blog! shocking news: more hits/selled magazins
like i said above, this blog and the spiegel are using nearly the same methods

dont forget that someones earning money with this blog! shocking news: more hits/selled magazins
like i said above, this blog and the spiegel are using nearly the same methods

Then I suggest that you reduce your family's income to what this blog is making. Put your money where your mouth is.

just read the following comment and tell me there is no anti-germanism in the u.s.

Yes, the comment reflects anti-germanism in the US. It is a reaction to German fence-sitting with regard to Iran, of selling Iran materials that have military applications, such as tunneling devices. I believe that Germany also has a fair amount of trade with Sudan. The anti-Germanism you have noted is NOT directed at Germans for being Germans. I have a German surname, though like most Americans I am a mixture of many nations. By some measures, Germany is the country of origin of more Americans than any other country. While my ancestors left Germany two centuries before I was born, as a child I learned some German folk songs in German. As a child I learned some simple German conversation. Some of the food recipes I eat are German in origin. I have NEVER experienced any negative reaction in the US from my German surname. The negative reaction you have seen is a reaction to German foreign policy and to such as Herta Däubler-Gmelin and Schroeder.

If you do not like the term “scumbag”, then may I suggest that Germany stop electing SCUMBAGS like Herta Däubler-Gmelin to office, nor elect WHORES such as Schroeder to the highest office in the land. If you wish that there be civil discourse between the two countries, then I wonder if you consider this civil, or this to be civil.

Someone who blows off the Markus Gunther article is someone in denial, and is not someone worth further discussion.

@ antieublog: "there are so many other comments on this site, which are not even worth answering. i dont know how often i have red qualified things like "german scumbags" in older articles."
The term “german scumbags” did not appear in an Advanced Google Search on this website. So, you never read such on this website, it would appear.

I did Advanced Google Searches for “scumbag” and “scumbags” on Medienkritik. Here is how the terms were used, the current thread excepted: what did “scumbag/s” refer to?

5 Arab terrorists or jihadists or Saddam Hussein
5 Germany, two of which referred to Schroeder ( one re his award from Syria)
2 General: not specified to country /region
5 US
1 UN
1 Medienkritik quotes a US leftist’s e-mail to a German site : “If you are anything like your American fellow right-wing scumbags, and you are, then you are scumbags indeed.” Since most of the Americans posting at this website label themselves as right-wingers, they would not be likely to write such a sentence.

@ antieublog

Let me reassure you of one thing - this blog is not making us the enormous sums you apparently believe it is. If you were to take the total amount we have received in donations, subtract the fees we pay for our webspace and activities, and divide that by the number or hours we put into this blog, I would estimate that we are "earning" something close to the minimum hourly wage in Burkina Faso.

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