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A cursory off-the-wall thought. Could it be that Schroeder knew that Curveball was bogus, and deliberately released this information knowing that it would later discredit the US? Not permitting the CIA to interview Curveball would fit in with this.

Perhaps better to use the simplest explanation: incompetence of German intelligence.Certainly American intelligence agencies are nothing to write home against. I doubt the CIA could rig a school board election in Frostbite Falls Minnesota, so why should the German equivalent be any better? I would tend to go that way, as I doubt Schroeder would be that skilled to set up such a scam. Diabolical enough, yes, but not skilled enough.

Hey, Moose and Squirrel resent that!

Pat, the question is: Could Boris and Natasha have rigged the school board election? Could it have been that all along Boris and Natasha were double agents? Maybe that explains why they always flubbed up.

Well, but that doesn't explain why government agents are still digging out the roofs of mines in hopes of finding Upsidaisium. Or how much Sen. Feingold was able to earmark for that endeavor.

So, what they are saying is . . . "Germany lied ~ and people died!"


So, what they are saying is . . . "Germany lied ~ and people died!"
Bingo!. Unfortunately, those who chanted that about Bush would be very reluctant to chant it about Germany/Schroeder.

Now that Bush will be retiring off until the sunset, I wonder if the Schroeder fans will be making any cracks about Bush picking up a cushy retirement job at BIG OIL. After all, the Iraq war was all about oil. Or was that opposition to the Iraq War, at least in certain quarters?

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