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Don't you get it? It's only torture if AMERICA is involved. Otherwise, no biggy.

When the story 1st appeared on DW the header read: "Out of line".

The investigation will really take off when its discovered that the French soldiers were wearing underwear out of cotton from Texas. Blame it on Frankenfabrics.

Amazing, isn't it...? But after all those years everyone with half a brain inside the skull knows the drill: the actions of a handful rogue/idiot/criminal American GI's must and will be projected upon the entire American military.

OTOH, the wrong actions of a few in the (insert your favorite country here) military must *not* present that country's military in a negative light in any way. (The exception is evidently when that country is America).

Each and every single American must behave perfectly (OK, almost perfectly) because America should be an "example" to the rest of the world. Right...? OTOH, Europeans, although everyone knows that they are the true example of civilized world citizens, are allowed to torture a bit, here and there, without "loosing their moral standing in the world".

Just a fanatic neo-con would be able to see any double standards here.

Do these people know what a dead horse looks like? Do they actually derive enjoyment from standing around and beating it? That doesn't present a good picture of the media, to have a dead animal that they're required to beat as they come to work in the morning. Oh well, we have our own unfortunately. After all they're all brothers, they merely work for different uncles

Looks like the story's been yanked. DW still returns that URL in a search, but it's dead.

What sort of torture are we talking here, anyway? Did they serve them inadequately chilled pudding?

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