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Love you guys and love this stuttering performance, but you're incorrect in imputing him to say, "the abolition...of children." What he says is:

"Wir wollen die Kinder-, und Bildungs-, und Studiengebuehren abschaffen....wir wollen dafuer sorgen dass die Kinder wieder Zeit haben zu spielen....zum Sport..."

Correctly translated: "We want to abolish the child, education, and tuition fees...we want therefore to make sure that the children again have time to play...for sport..."

I suggest the easiest thing would be to take the post down. The previous comment is simply correct - Naumann says no such thing as you imply (whatever else he might have said) and sadly the only thing it proves is that you didn't listen carefully enough. Which is a shame as I think the site generally useful.

What in the world are "Kindergebühren"? I don't remember any child fees in Germany.

By the way, SZ has also noticed this.

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