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yep, the USA would rather forget.. that is why Martin Luther King is a public holiday. The federal government, most state governments and many large corporations (my employer included) have the day off...
I found that most Germans do not know that..

the USA would rather forget.. also affirmative action is a step in that direction.. forgetting discrimination by trying to rectify it..
yep, this guy has his head on straight when it comes to USA reporting.

Well a day off doesn't make up for slavery and killing off a native population. And afirmative action, in your view should be abolished. So there's some truth to it.

@ Pavel5

Well a day off doesn't make up for slavery and killing off a native population.

What about YOUR country, Pavel5? What sins has YOUR country committed? Just wondering. Pardon me; I’m sure your country is blameless. Europe has VERY clean hands. My hometown classmates, whose parents fled Nazis and Communists, have so informed me.

(BTW, that is one point of contention with the Guenther article, when he claimed that the farther away the wrongdoing, the more Americans are concerned with the wrongdoing. Because victims of these wrongdoings have come to the US, they are our friends, neighbors, and relatives.)

Slavery was an institution that EUROPEANS brought to America. AMERICANS dealt with the issue. You may disagree how and when we dealt with it, but we dealt with it. I notice how well Europe dealt by itself with Nazism and Communism. Approximately 200,000 Americans lost their lives in the Civil War. This would be approximately the equivalent of 2,000,000 today. We paid in blood. One family member who lost his life in the Civil War was a Confederate Colonel, the son of a slaveholder. Another family member lost his life at Harper’s Ferry fighting on the side of the abolitionist John Brown.

There was conflict with land between the Indians and the European settlers. Of course, Europe has never had any such issues. One part of this conflict that many have ignored is the mixing of the European and Indian population. My Midwestern father had some Indian blood. While my mother did not, to the best of my knowledge, her two brothers both married women who were 1/8 Indian. Both of my aunts had successful professional careers, one as a teacher, the other as a one-time secretary who ended up owning and running an ad agency. Of my seven cousins, two married women who had some Indian blood. My brother’s best friend in high school in DC had a grandfather who, after he left an Indian reservation became a wealthy lawyer. My brother’s New England wife has some Indian blood. A childhood friend, the daughter of a Tuskegee airman (first Black Air Force pilots), is part Indian. In other words, the Indians were not killed off. They and the Europeans and Blacks mixed.

Yes, there are issues with Blacks and Indians in the US, but Europeans need to educate themselves better before tossing off snarky one-liners. Many Europeans believe they are well-informed about the US, when in fact they are woefully ignorant about it. For example, MLK Day is not about slavery, but about a man who was instrumental in peacefully dismantling the Jim Crow laws of the segregated South.

(I use the word “Indian” instead of the politically correct “Native American” because that is the term I have heard Indians use. Several weeks ago I had an extended conversation with a friend and a female work colleague of his. She did not refer to herself as ½ “Native American”; she referred to herself as ½ “Indian.”)

You American have perpetrated one Holocaust after the other: The Cherokee *HOLOCAUST* the Navajo *HOLOCAUST* the Cheyenne *HOLOCAUST* the Sioux *HOLOCAUST* the Comanche *HOLOCAUST* the Creek *HOLOCAUST* the Apache *HOLOCAUST* the Iroquois...you get the idea.

Murder and mayhem is your heritage.

And Phil, what pacifist nation do YOU belong to? I notice that you and Pavel5 have not identified your nationalities. You are quite happy to gratuitously attack Americans, but are apparently afraid to state YOUR nationality. Are you ashamed of your nationality?

One example. Holocaust of the Navajo? The Navajo Nation covers about 26,000 square miles. By comparison, Belgium and the Netherlands have 27,820 square miles combined. Holocaust of the Belgians and the Dutch? Just wondering. BTW, Navajo radio operators in WW2 were invaluable in both Europe and the Pacific theatres, as nobody else knew their language. Better than code!

Compare the number of Indians and those of partial Indian descent in the US with the number of Jewish people in Germany and Eastern Europe today , and then we will talk Holocaust. Holocaust is something Europeans do much better than Americans. Look at the figures. (Not to mention what Germans did in Southwest Africa, the Belgians in the Congo, and France’s complicity in the 1990’s genocide in Rwanda.)

In the words of Tom Wolfe:
The dark night of fascism is always descending in the United States and yet lands only in Europe.

Americans bailed out Europeans three times in the last century, and given attitudes such as I have seen in this blog, we are NOT going to do it again, in spite of the European heritage of most Americans

"And Phil, what pacifist nation do YOU belong to?"

I'm from Liechtenstein.

Lichtenstein? Ok seriously, let's call you on your blatant troll bluff Phil.

Either way it kinda reminds me of the SNL skit where some fat, pale, zit- faced overweight teenage character righteously bragged about how no boy had yet taken her virtue.

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