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I watched the episode and I would have tasered him long before the campus police did. The media have a high tolerance for bad behavior when it pushes their agenda. It's a shame.

dems have a history of drawing there own moonbats to these typies of events with predictable results.

I kind of grew up in the old days of cops. Usually they were big, or fat, or both. If you were out drinking and gave the cops lip, they smacked one of us around. The rest of us figured out we weren’t in mommys loving arms. As the punk ghetto kids say now, it was about ‘respect.’ Now of course, the police are equal opportunity, and wimpy, small, and sorry, female. They lack gravitas. Especially street gravitas, as it were. So, like good little post sexual equality multicult children in our kumbya paradise, they follow instructions, and in a creepy way, electrodes are aseptically applied like some jump start a car experiment. I would of preferred a couple of bruisers with mitts like catchers gloves. Little Lord Meyer would of gotten the drift that his feet were about to leave the floor, he was going out in the alley and he wouldn’t be able to take solid food for weeks.

I pretty much think Meyer is very happy. He’s had his 15 minutes of fame. Still, I think the phrase, “Don’t taze me bro.” Is going to be showing up everywhere. What a maroon.

I'm more troubled by the way the German media spreads prejudice and misinformation about America as a whole than by the lopsided way it treats Republicans and Democrats. To wit, this article by Tageespiegel columnist Robert Leicht, http://www.tagesspiegel.de/meinung/Kommentare-Integration;art141,2380944

in which he states: "Zählt man etwa die Attentate und Gewaltakte, die in den USA aus christlich deklarierter Motivation in den letzten ein, zwei Jahrzehnten verübt worden sind (nicht nur gegen Abtreibungskliniken und -ärzte), so kann man durchaus zu dem Ergebnis kommen, dass dieser religiöse Terrorismus es in der Summe mit dem 9/11-Anschlag aufnehmen kann."

Translation: "If one counts the attacks and acts of violence which have been committed with a declared Christian motivation in the USA in the last one or two decades (not only against abortion clinics and abortionists), one can easily come to the conclusion that this religious terrorism can be compared in sum to the 9/11 attack."

Thankfully, most (but by no means all) of the comments after the article in the Tagesspiegel website are critical. Henryk Broder has also commented on this outrageous and stupid statement: http://www.achgut.com/dadgdx/index.php/dadgd/article/die_freiheit/

The “Christian fundamentalists are just as bad as the Muslims” meme is one very strongly held by many of the “enlightened left” on both sides of the Atlantic. Al Gore, in an interview with the New Yorker in 2004, had a sneering reference to Christian fundamentalists being the equivalent of Muslim fundamentalists. Yet no Christian fundamentalist threatened his life, as what happened to Rushdie. Compare what happens to people who leave Christian fundamentalist churches, to those who leave Islam.

According to the National Abortion Federation, not an entity inclined to minimize such events, seven people have been murdered by anti-abortion people in the last 30 years.

My experience in brining up such facts to someone who was of the“Christian fundamentalists are just as bad as the Muslims” persuasion was very frustrating. This belief is so strongly held that it goes beyond reason.

"Der Elektroschock-Scherzkeks"


Not one critical word about the use of the taser in this Spiegel article. Think the same situation with Michael Moore and Bush! The German media would call Bush reponsible for the lack of freedom of speech. And a taser in this situation?! And the students - obviously Kerry supporters - were applauding!

Michael Moore wouldn't be famous with satire about Kerry.

Thanks for those stats, GringoTex. I'll use them next time I encounter the "killer Chsristian" meme. Actually, yesterday I encountered it again in a video of an interview between a leftist, anti-American cliche-spouting twerp of a Canadian named Avi Lewis and the brave Ayaan Hirsli Ali. (For those who haven't seen it, it's here.) At one point, her pro-American views get him so flummoxed that he shouts, "They kill abortion doctors there!" Her response is firm, but far too mild in my view. Knowing the facts from your link, it would have been appropriate to point out that seven abortion doctors have been killed in the U.S.A. in the last thirty years, the last one being in 1994 - thirteen years ago.

one can easily come to the conclusion that this religious terrorism can be compared in sum to the 9/11 attack."

And one can easily come to the conclusion that Herr Leicht is a dickhead.

A woman visiting for the evening w/her husband went off about how the Bible is just as bad as the Koran.

I threw her out of my house.

I threw her out of my house.

Thank you.

I saw the video a few days ago, but I'm almost positive that the kid didn't say anything about listening to Kerry's crap for two hours. When get got the mike to ask his question, instead he started talking about a book. He waxed on for at least 10-15 seconds and someone prompted him to arrive at a question. IIRC, he said that Kerry had spoken for two hours, and that he felt entitled to talk for a couple minutes now. Either CNN's injecting some, er, crap into the account, or the police report contains some opinion in its facts.

Either way, the kid was obnoxious enough that I'd forgive the cop if he'd shot him. Not to the center of mass or anything, but maybe just kneecapped him like Carl's cops.

Thank you.

Welcome. Although it took a day or two for my husband to calm down. They were here because her husband and my husband were professional colleagues/friends. Watching me dump her coat over her head and saying, "Thanks for the entertainment, g'nite" left him in a somewhat ackward position.

That was about 3 years ago. He's become a bit more educated over the years. Not least about what his wife will tolerate in her home.

Either way, the kid was obnoxious enough that I'd forgive the cop if he'd shot him.

Nope. I think you're missing something. I also saw the video. This was a classic set up. Campus cops have to know that their 'precinct' is a petri dish for political turmoil. Would you like to be a campus cop at Columbia at the moment? Me neither.

There were 3 cops to one asshole. If you can't take him out of the auditorium w/odds of 3 to 1 w/o using potentially deadly force (yes, people have been killed with tasers) get another job.

I'm a very small (physically) woman and I've had to confront all sorts of assholes on our private property. Such as the (so-called) magazine salesman who would not leave until I ordered $$$ worth of subscribtions. I have a weapon. I could have called the cops. Nah. I keep coyote urine around as a squirrel deterent. Worked wonders.

Never lose your sense of humor when it can be deployed at the other guy's expense.

Alex N.

This is off topic to this thread, but if you check in...I know you're still discouraged about my 'FIGHT' meme. I want you to see something. Print the picture and carry it with you.

Buried alive before being stoned.

This is only one of the reasons we fight. Shove this in their faces.

Pamela et al. In the story referenced with the picture of the stoning there is an allusion to some Saudi schoolgirls who were shot because they weren't wearing their veils. This story is not recent nor is it factual. It was on the net in an earlier incarnation as a situation in which a religious policeman refused to allow a gate on a fence or door at a burning school be opened for escape because the girls weren't properly dressed including hajib. No where have I seen the story validated.

@ Pamela
A woman visiting for the evening w/her husband went off about how the Bible is just as bad as the Koran. I threw her out of my house

There is the story told of my great-grandfather who after driving horse and buggy 8 miles into town to pick up friends for Sunday dinner at the farm, had a disagreement about politics with the guests, and refused to drive them the 8 miles back into town. They walked back.

My initial response: good for you!

A later response. I grant you that this is always easier in hindsight. Give the woman the following choice. If that is the case, where would she rather live: Mecca, or some stronghold of Christian fundamentalism such as Bugtussle, Oklahoma or Bug Tussle, Texas?

Another response. I would make the assumption that most of the people who make such statements are very poorly versed, if at all, in both books. Ask the woman to cite chapter and verse to support her statements. The problem with doing this is that many/most of us who would disagree with that woman are also poorly versed in those two books. I certainly am.

As I wrote previously, the “just as bad as the Islamists…( whatever)” belief is often very deeply held, and as such those who believe it will often not readily respond to facts that dispute this belief. Often all we can do is to show them that others have found facts that challenge their belief. Our bringing up said facts will not have any immediate change in that belief, because that belief often lies beyond reason – somewhat like belief or non-belief in a Supreme Being. (Myself- agnostic)
This is an issue that will come up often, and we need to be prepared.


Unlike you I would have hit his happy ass full face with pepper spray. I do not need to get down on the floor and roll around with an idiot.

I just view this as catch up for all the spankings his mother failed to give him when he was growing up.

Mike H.
No where have I seen the story validated.

Western media outlets picked up the story from Saudi media.

Do you really think the Saudi media would fudge on a story like this?

because that belief often lies beyond reason

In her case it was simply a matter of a sneering superiority complex - and hideiously bad manners. Not worth my breath.

Unlike you I would have hit his happy ass full face with pepper spray

Spoken by someone who has never handled coyote urine. The stuff is absolutely vile. I promise you he stank for a full 3 days.


Somebody - anybody - please tell me this report is trash.

BERLIN, July 30, 2007 (LifeSiteNews.com) - Booklets from a subsidiary of the German government's Ministry for Family Affairs encourage parents to sexually massage their children as young as 1 to 3 years of age. Two 40-page booklets entitled "Love, Body and Playing Doctor" by the German Federal Health Education Center (Bundeszentrale für gesundheitliche Aufklärung - BZgA) are aimed at parents - the first addressing children from 1-3 and the other children from 4-6 years of age.

"Fathers do not devote enough attention to the clitoris and vagina of their daughters. Their caresses too seldom pertain to these regions, while this is the only way the girls can develop a sense of pride in their sex," reads the booklet regarding 1-3 year olds. The authors rationalize, "The child touches all parts of their father's body, sometimes arousing him. The father should do the same."

You have got to be fucking kidding me

sorry for the sloppy html


I'm happy to oblige: This report is trash. The affair apparently made some noise in Germany last month. Spiegel online has several reports, including a link to a PDF with a rebuttal by the makers of the brochure:


Obviously, the quotes were malevolently ripped out of context, and, in case of this English report, mistranslated, in order to get the desired effect.

For example, take "The child touches all parts of their father's body...". First of all, the original doesn't talk about "the father" here, but about "the parents" in general. In context, the passage basically talks about the fact that little children are quite curious and can touch you anywhere, even "there". And that you shouldn't panic about this, but also that you should draw a line when you feel not comfortable. That's it.
The phrase "The father should do the same" is a total invention and nowhere to be found in this passage - it's a complete distortion of it's meaning.

"the quotes were malevolently ripped out of context"

How novel. That never happens in German M$M when reporting about the US.


#1, the brochures are not new, they were issued in 2001 by the Schroeder government.

#2, the actual stir started when a German 64-year old woman, mother of two grown daughters, got to see one of the brochures. She considered the contents inaproppriate and ambivalent. So, she reported the German Federal Health Education Center and the author of the brochures to police for "public invitation to sexual abuse of children". Also, a number of critics stated that paedophiles could indeed see those brochures as some sort of invitation. The Federal Minister currently responsible for the Centre withdraw the brochures immediately.

#3, there is no basis for the statement by fuchur, alleging a "obvious mistranslation". Most of the twists and distortions to that story seem to have taken place within the German media. Since the original brochures were gone, it wasn't possible for author Micheal O'Brien to investigate and to compare the allegations to the original contents. He had to rely on the German media.

#4, the link Fuchur provides is a writ by the German Institute of Sex Education. They are getting pretty angry about the accusation, talking about a conspiracy made up by the ring-wing press, extreme right, catholic-fundamentals, conservatives, etc,etc. They call them prudish and unprogressive. As is always the case with the German leftists, they are accusing all the others of wrongdoing but see no fault in themselves.

Actually, they provide some quotes from the original brochures to prove their innocence, but I found those pretty intrusive.

Ah, thank you both. Whatever the intent may have been and however ambiguously worded those brochures may have been worded, it appears there was enough of a stink to get them pulled.

Validated unfortunately.

The girls died in terror. Isn't Wahhabism sweet? Just like Twelver Shi'ism. One good .357 round would have solved the problem (no more lock). Another three would have solved future problems of the same type (no more mutaween).

Apologies to those of a more gentle persuasion. Former Marine here.

@commonsense, Pamela
I don't want to harp on this, but:

it appears there was enough of a stink to get them pulled

That's just the kind of reaction that frauds like Michael O'Brien make a living of! Just throw some mud and hope that something will stick. What's the ministry supposed to do? These are serious allegations, so if they don't pull out the brochure, they'd be irresponsible. And if they pull it, people will think 'Well, there must be something wrong with the brochures after all...'

#2 The lawsuit wasn't even accepted into court: The prosecution turned down the claims as baseless.

#3 Since the original brochures were gone, it wasn't possible for author Micheal O'Brien to investigate

LOL. Well, that's some excuse! 'What's the poor guy supposed to do? He didn't have access to the originals, so, naturally, he had to make his quotes up!' ;-)
His allegations couldn't be more serious. In such a case, the least I would expect is that he looked at the originals. Besides, it doesn't really matter whether it's incompetence or intention: Fact is that the quote I'm talking about above is an invention. Sorry, but that's where I draw the line. Quoting out of context is one thing - but plainly making things up...? To me, the guy's a liar. Period.

Btw - this is the age of the internet: The brochure is still available from several private sites (e.g. http://blog.sturmvolk.net/politisches/koerper-liebe-doktorspiele.html).

I don't care where you draw the line - that's utterly unimportant to me. You accuse Micheal O'Brien to be a fraud and a liar. However, you provide nothing at all to prove your point. I am not going to defend Micheal O'Brien, I don't know enough about him and about this case to do that. But one thing I know for sure: about 90 percent of what was in the English language article (and it appeared on more sites than the one Pamela linked to) can also be found on German language sites. I don't know where the other 10% came from, as I wrote, "seem to have taken place".

I will be happy to believe what you write if you provide the missing link. Until then, I consider your comments as some feverish try of blame shifting.

Once again how novel,

Throwing mud against the wall and hoping some thing sticks.

Do not tell me the German M$M does this.


You accuse Micheal O'Brien to be a fraud and a liar. However, you provide nothing at all to prove your point.

Are you joking or are you incapable of reading?

I repeat again what I said in the last two comments. The article says

The authors rationalize, "The child touches all parts of their father's body, sometimes arousing him. The father should do the same."

That's a lie. The authors of the brochure say nothing of the kind.

Alright, let me introduce a bit of levity. Clinton's first Surgeon General was a woman by the name of Joycelyn Elders. He canned her backside after she maintained that an approach to protecting children from AIDS and teaching them to abstain from sex before marriage would be to have the schools develop programs to teach the kids how to masturbate.

(Our tax dollars at work).

I don't know how many American readers here are old enough to remember Groucho Marx's television show. I am. It was a quiz show. He always prefaced the contest portion of the show with a bit of 'get-to-know-you' with the contestants. And ended up getting canned by CBS for one of the greatest one-liners in television history. He was addressing a married couple who were his contestants.

Groucho: Do you have any children?

Husband: Yes, we have eleven children.

Groucho: Eleven children?! Why do you have so many children?

Husband: Well, because I love my wife.

Groucho: I love my cigar, but I take it out every once in awhile.

Yanked. Immediately. Faster than Don Imus was yanked for the 'nappy headed 'hos' debacle.

Wonder what happened to David and Ray? Would like to see some reporting on the German media's coverage of Ahmenejad's talk at Columbia yesterday. Are they playing back his hilarious "There are no homosexuals in Iran" line, as they should be, or are they trying to protect the guy in the service of "even-handedness" (you know, that esteemed German/European philosophy which dictates that the U.S. is just as bad as the Soviet Union or Iran or fundamentalist Islam or whomever is threatening/opposing it at any given moment).

Don't know about David - I think he gets busy w/the German language blog - but I heard from Ray - he's very busy w/'meatspace' stuff - job, house, etc.

Alex N

Apparently there have been some corrections required to the picture I linked you to. What the sources are saying now is that it is from a Dutch short film 'De Steen' from 1994.


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