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Nena was hot back in the day, but the lyrics to that song are so incredibly melodramatic and whiny.

Nostalgia spam!

Even in the 80's, that keyboardist must have gotten his ass kicked monthly just for the principle of the thing.

It's funny, because it's true. /Homer

The flag shirt guy sequence was the reason for me to bookmark it for Joerg. I knew you would like it, Ray :-).

But I don't want to hide my source: It's the commentary section of an entry over at Statler & Waldorf, in which Statler asks, if one is "very evil" if regarding Monty Burns as being the coolest Simpson character.

A very dangerous stereotype as most of the German tourists I see are wearing much shorter and tighter shorts, bucket hats and 10 pounds of sun block.

Members of German mainstream media would never ever wear the German flag on their shirt. They hate Germany and the Germans, they're leftist.

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