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"The perceived excess and superficiality of American capitalism and (non)culture (i.e. fat people, the super rich, SUVs, fast-food, M-TV/hip-hop culture, Hollywood, corporate scandals, buy-outs and "excessive" profits.)"

Has anyone taken a good look at the Autobahn, lately? To say that German SUV use is growing would be an understatement. And, we're not talking gas-sipping Toyatas and Hondas. We're talking gas-guzzling Porches, BMWs, VWs, and Mercedes -- blasting along at 200 kph. The Germans are heavy users of SUVs and vans. There's no moral high ground for them on this one.

As for fast food, I've never seen an empty McDonalds or Burger King in Germany -- nor have I ever seen anyone with a gun to their head or with their arm twisted. And, the ubiquitous Bratwurst stand is the epitomy of fat, er, fast food.

"Perceived social inequality in the United States (i.e. amerikanische Verhaeltnisse, poor Americans are starving and freezing to death or at least struggling with 2-3 jobs and no health insurance while the rich live it up. Perception that America has no social safety net or a woefully inadequate social safety net.)"

I hear this one all the time -- but, almost never from folks who have actually visited the US. It's funny, but no one spouting this hogwash can ever back it up by firsthand observation.

Actually, here's an interesting article from SPON that makes my point about SUVs in Germany:


The CEO of DaimlerChrysler even coined a term, "eco-schizophrenia," to describe the way folks talk about being environmentally conscious but don't back it up with their actions -- they love their big, powerful vehicles.

Here's a choice quote:

"And yet even drivers can learn to adapt. Sometimes they even change their attitude faster than the industry would like. That's just what's happening in the United States, of all countries -- the land of gas-guzzling monster vehicles.

"Ever since gas prices started climbing there, sales of heavy SUVs and pickup trucks have declined dramatically. "

I bet most Germans find the Foreign Ministry's idea ridiculous, but this ridiculous idea is actually based on a fundamental truth - Oberlehrer behavior is a German trait. (Obligatory disclaimer: this does not apply to every single German on the face of the earth.)


I just spent about a minute trying to remember if I ever met an American Oberlehrer. I am sure there are some, but I personally haven't met any. I have met plenty of Americans very proud of their country, but not in an Oberlehrer manner. OTOH, I don't have to think for one minute to remember encounters with German Oberlehrer.

Germany's travelers are being encouraged by their Foreign Ministry to lecture others on human rights abuses while abroad.

I saw a blurb about this in the Financial Times last week.

Bring it on.

The last time I witnessed this crap, two German tourists got their asses escorted out of Pentagon City mall by mall security.

Deutsche Verhältnisse

Helian, my German sucks. Given that, correct me if I'm wrong.

Some neo-Nazis attacked a festival - apparenly held by Hindus - yelling 'Foreigners out!! The police had forewarning but did nothing.

Your point is?

Oh, wait.

This is where I get confused. I can't tell if the report is representing someone else's viewpoint or its own. Basically, at the end it says (forgive my translation) just because these guys picked on this particular group, that's no grounds for calling them equally racist across the board - even tho they uttered racist language, that language may be consistent with racist language but it is not in and of itself enough to be considered - in the context - racist.

Am I getting this? I put this thru a translation engine after my own German gave up the ghost, so please enlighten.

EU demands execution stop in Texas (article in German)

Interestingly, the Constitution of the socialist EU dictatorship allows executions.

German Voice, I think that they aren't thinking too clearly. They tell us to stop dispensing justice in our manner and yet blow off their own system. From the previous thread we find that they just released a killer after 18 years who was supposed to be in prison for life on the second of two convictions. That puts a killer back on the streets who might not be repentant. I doubt that the recidivism rate is that much different between the US and Europe, criminals being what they are, which means that there is the potential for a similar crime to be committed.

I don't think that the EU has too much weight with Tejas and I would be angry if they did.


"Am I getting this? I put this thru a translation engine after my own German gave up the ghost, so please enlighten."

America hating German quasi-racists will often use the code words "Amerikanische Verhältnisse" or "American conditions" (wink, wink, nod, nod) to describe whatever perceived evils they can find in their eager daily searches through our news and history for something to bitch about as they strike holier-than-thou poses. Amerika bashing has already become quite formalized. No doubt the grandma and grandpa of today's America haters once referred to "Jewish conditions" in the same context.

CNN International covered this story on its noon news. Guess what? It's not a German problem - it's an EAST German problem. Apparently, it was an annual town festival. The only video available was from a cell phone. There was some fire, but the video was so grainy, I couldn't tell if it was from torches used for the festival or something more sinister.

They did interview one of the victims - who had a very swollen black eye. He said they took refuge in a pizzeria and that no one came to their help. Apparently the pizzeria was trashed also. The CNN report attributed the whole episode to neo-nazis in EAST Germany and quoted an anonymous 'Jewish leader' (I love that trick) as saying there may be areas in EAST Germany that Jews are going to have to consider 'no go' zones.

So, how's the reconciliation thing working out for you guys? IIRC, not one East German has ever posted here.

More on topic regarding the whole nine yards of anti-American comforting preconceptions: I have to say this is a reflection of the profound failure of the U.S. diplomatic core - more concerned about trade, security, etc. For our current asshole of an ambassador to say, in effect, "there is no anti-Americanism in Germany" just makes me want to bitch-slap him, Condi Rice and George Bush right in to next week.

This crap has to be confronted and neutered, and our gov't isn't doing it.

"...current asshole of an ambassador to say, in effect, "there is no anti-Americanism in Germany"
This is like telling our ambassador to convince inhabitants of a pigstye that they are wallowing in intellectual and emotional pigshit. They need it like the air they breath. They will never recognize also because it is the air they breath (to mix a metaphor).

And you are asking our governentto clean an Augean stable.

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