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I notice CNN International isn't wasting much time on this victory (it has been relegated to a blurb on the news ticker at the bottom of the screen). Instead, they're using it as an opportunity to renew their focus on all the "dismal statistics" still coming out of Iraq.

They had a spokesperson from Oxfam plugging their latest report. He said some interesting things (did you know that 25% of the children in Iraq were malnourished under the Saddam regime?). One thing he said surprised me (well, several things he said surprised me, but this one mainly because the CNN anchor who asked the question seemed to agree with the answer): he said that if the coalition pulled it's troops from Iraq, it would result in a humanitarian disaster. So, apparently Oxfam is not in favor of a troop withdrawal.

Kick that ball!


Good for them!! That is what a country needs to help pull them together. Look what it did in Germany last summer!!

Who got to the team captain though? Does he really think that it was better under Saddam? He has played to many headers maybe.

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