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open this gate.
tear down this wall.

words youdve never heard from a mondale carter etc..

it might not be worth remembering for the pinko elite media, but I was alive then and it was great to witness. what a great prez. miss you ron.

Well ... he's right, schröder is a Political Prostitute. Nothing less and nothing more.

I don't want to hijack this thread, but tomorrow's issue of "Der Spiegel" brings the finest example of "Kaczynski Derangement Syndrome" so far... The arrogant German left simply tries to say that Poland has no right to present its own wision of Europe nor simply fight its national intrests. Even "The Times" is agreeing that the new voting system in EU "Constitution" is unfair, and needs a change.

But of course out lefty elitistic snobes knows the best!

Well, for German users, here's a nice link: Check it out! Anti-Americanism at best: http://www.forum-3dcenter.org/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=367366 and some statements about poland: http://www.forum-3dcenter.org/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=367484


The discussions on those threads you linked are indeed raw anti-Americanism, nothing more. It is anti-Americanism hiding partly behind the "concern that America lost her way". Right... Nothing new, in fact.

Anti-Americanism is about feelings, not about facts and logic. Therefore there is nothing you can do about it. Sure, you can argue with it, but it won't go away. Some people need the emotional high of anti-Americanism as much as they need their daily grub. The only hope is that the majority will manage to pull itself away from the attraction and excitement of being anti-whatever.

I was a kid back then and did not take notice of this speech.

In review, it is one of the utopian moments in Western politics, not in the skewed sense of making the state an object of worship, but in the true sense of making a political demand one cannot implement oneself.

The West could not dismantle the iron curtain, only the Soviets themselves could do so, but it was reasonable to make that demand because they had moved into a historical dead end and had nowhere to go.

To a certain extent it may already have been visible back then that the Soviet project did not catch the full meaning of what he called the evil empire, but that this term did include the Islamic project as well.

/Mr. Saud, hand over that oil!

>>>>>>>>> Sure, you can argue with it, but it won't go away. <<<<<<<<<<<<<


I've tried but at some point you must let got ... and i did it. The best thing of 3dcenter and the Anti-Amer. Crew is, some of them don't even speak english... in some cases it like: only German media matters, nothing all ... us propaganda...!

WinterRaven - Thanks for your links, somewhere between the tattle somebody mentioned that the mathematical rationale of the Kaczynski proposal is the Penrose method, a detail which is absolutely underreported in our media. I learned something new.

The best thing of 3dcenter and the Anti-Amer. Crew is, some of them don't even speak english

That's not really surprising. Relying entirely on the German media pushes one towards anti-Americanism automatically. It's sad, it's very sad, and it's a complete failure of German journalism. Nothing will change as long as German journalists have a clear consciousness about this ongoing dark chapter of their profession. One would have thought that included in the post-WWII saying, "never again", is also a warning to all journalists, not only soldiers. It looks though like many journalists feel free to repeat the mistakes of the past. Not only that, but they have the feeling that their behavior makes them superior to the object of their distorted attention.
Again, there is really nothing one can do against this type of behavior. One can only hope that enough journalists are only marginally affected by this disease and will want one day to redeem themselves and their profession.

Rest in peace, Ronald Reagan. Although many choose to forget and in spite of our media's propaganda, there are still Germans who will never forget what you and your nation did for us (and continues to do), and we will always honor the friendship between our nations. We are not in charge though, so you'll have to expect more Anti-Americanism - until one day people will wake up and understand, but that will possibly only happen when it's already too late.

It was a great moment, and speech and sentiment, because it was true. Reagan was often criticized for bungling, for being a simpleton, but he saw good and evil. I remember the speech, and the trill of it, because I knew that what East Germany and Eastern Europe were wrong. I knew it was wrong on ideological grounds, on political and economic theory. But mostly it was wrong at a human level. I was very proud of Reagan at that moment, and America. Reagan, the speech, the moment what was America supposed to be.

Being a somewhat medium level reader of German history, and a addictive reader of military history, and knowing very well the post war history of Germany, I somewhat felt sorry for Germany, and Germans. I know the quips against Germany, and Germans, but have too many close family that fought in the war and yet they felt enough was enough. Whatever the errors of pre war Germans, Hitler and the small, energetic cult of the Nazis were a nightmare, that could in different names and forms, befall anywhere, and it does in Pol Pot, Stalin, Saddam, and names yet unknown.

Anyways, I hate to bring up Hitler and the Nazis to Germans. I’ve been to Germany, walked into bars, drank until shoved out the door. What catches me is that when my words become small, my sentences short, is that I often remark on what a great country Germany is, or the city I am in, and how I am impressed. I am not talking about tourist towns, but industrial towns. I say how proud they should be of having such a nice town/city. Maybe I drink with the modest, but often I get a stunned silence, or a minor disparagement. And, I say something to the effect of, “Look, we bombed you guys to dust. Further, we killed off most all your young wrench turning men, machine building, brick laying men. You, today’s Germans built German from ruins. Yeah, we gave a few dollars, some credits, but it was one percent. You built, in your lifetime, the wealthiest Germany in its history. You ought be proud.”

I didn’t say it to be a suck up. Reagan didn’t say it because he was crazy and lucked out. It was, and is true, and ought to be said, and often.

I was in Bochum three years ago and the people I was talking to where a bit depressed about Germany, business, and it’s future. Having gone through the upper mid-west Rust Belt crises in the States, I wasn’t buying. I said, and knew, that high tech, high quality Germany was building the products of the future. I only said and thought that Germans just needed to be released from the velvet handcuffs of rules and regulations. And so Germany is picking up speed and prospering. Good.

I cannot see Germany ever become an America. People, language and where they are in Europe resist it. But, Germany can pick and choose the best from the American experiment.

I don’t get upset about the German media. They are not that much more anti-American than the American media. The Internet has changed everything. Medienkritik is a un herald hero for the German people.

On this fine summer Sunday, I’m having a nice steak and few beers for all Germans everywhere that are making their own future. Good luck, have a good time, Americans are cheering for you.

Amen to that, Carl. I hope strongly that Germans will again beat the odds, which are against them, just as they did after WWII. The potential is definitely there, what seems to be missing is the willingness.

However, unlike you, I get upset about the German media. Obviously not because they don't praise America, but simply because it's the media, amongst others, who out of ideological reasons is undermining serious attempts to change the unsustainable status-quo.

Nice comment, Carl. I have to add though that unlike other tyrants like Saddam the Nazis were elected in democratic elections (like the Palestinians now chose to put their own murderers in charge). Anyway, it's true that the whole of Europe has very difficult times ahead. It's not as much the economy, but more leftist ideology, Islamism and demographic predictions that make the future look not too bright. In a way, it seems to have been easier when there was a clearly visible, common enemy. But already back then, there were those who did everything to undermine our struggle against evil. They have ever grown stronger since the fall of the iron curtain.

Carl Spackler - "I say how proud they should be of having such a nice town/city. Maybe I drink with the modest, but often I get a stunned silence, or a minor disparagement."

You seem to have been drinking with the proletarians, that is these who have always known that their town belonged to a caste of industrialists/investors/locusts they never get to see in person. From that perspective it´s like saying to a captive what nice chains you carry, hence the reactions you described.

Capitalism has put all the old aristocrats out of business, and where they adapted to it the dictatorships finished them, but the old serf mentality is still well entrenched. It´s weird, in the same sense as the ruins of medieval castles that were rebuilt not as castles but as ruins after the destructions of the war.

What worries me is that disgruntled serfs may be so eager to see the asses of their old overlords kicked that they don´t care that their new overlords may take away their beers. Forever.

Those were the days!

Here is how the NYTimes "commemorated" June 17th this year:

Hrm this was a bit dumb. Nice to see the Christian media is as sloppy as the rest of the media. 18 Doughty Street is not a "conservative" media outlet its merely not left like the rest of the UK visual media. A simple reading of thier site or chatting to those who have appeared on it as bloogers would have been a good idea.

And why do they call the European left liberals? How can they be so inaccurate? These people aren't liberal they are illiberal. It pains me to see such ignorance from an American media outlet and it makes it hard for them to criticise any other media outlet. What a rubbish report. Dale Hurd needs to do better research next time.

Wonder if it ever crossed the producers of this show that the reason Americans are so disliked by many on the continent is that they are Protestant (mostly) while most of the European continent is Catholic?

Yawn. If that played a role, there would be praise for the fact that five out of nine judges in the U.S. Supreme Court are Catholics.

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