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Simply amazing. There isn't much one can add. I thought Tom Lantos went a little bit too far with that public statement, but boy, was I wrong. Anything that tickles Schröder's obviously huge ego will earn you what need; you want praise, he'll give you praise, you want support, you got it, you want a good deal, he'll give it to you. Hell, you want the man himself, he's on sale, if the price is right he's yours. "Political prostitue" indeed.

I can't believe he stayed that much in office. I can't believe I would have voted for him in '98 if I hadn't been on an America trip. Leaving politics and ideology by side for a moment, I simply don't know what kind of leadership, *true* leadership he offered Germany. Now it's clear he was a political pygmy, it's just shocking to find out how amoral he is on top of that.

I said before that Schröder´s former chief of staff Frank-Walter Steinmeier is Angela Merkel´s version of Nancy Pelosi, and now I´m proven right.

WhatDoIKnow - Never mind, Schröder was elected only because everybody had got enough of his predecessor, just like Jimmy Carter. Only that Carter never was reelected.

Ray - You may want to make a copy of that picture to store it on your own webspace, because embedded the way it is now it will vanish from this blog as soon as the newsitem expires at Sana.

Wow. Big wow. What a sell-out. Franzis, your statement about Carter is both true and ironic, because I was about to post a message stating that we're going to have to start calling him "Gerhard Carter". Even with Carter as an existing bad example, I am still floored that an ex-leader of a leading Western nation would do something like this.

Excuse me while I'm puking.

But am I surprised? No.
Off topic, but take note of the recent discrepancy in German-Polish relations brought to light by the EU summit. Do I have a problem with discussions between Germany and Poland? No. But I do have a problem with the inflamatory media reports on the issue, and I do have a problem with the comments by my colleages at work. Because it sounds and feels like 1939 reloaded. Before this dispute, all Germans knew about Poland was "that they are stealing, preferably cars." But now, it is like "what the fuck do they want, this little dirt country". And I'm not talking about some backyard garage business, but a company which is involved in international business.

I was born in Germany, and I am German, but I'm also a free man, and I do no longer want to be associated with this place. They learned *nothing*. I am disgusted.


were ARE you working indeed? Do you talk to your colleagues about their comments and try to change their mind or do you just make sure everybody gets the idea that in germany it feels like "1939 reloaded" today?
By the way, if you are German, how come you do know more about Poles than that they're stealing?

What I am trying to say is, that your stance towards Germans seems to be as prejudiced as the alleged German view of Poles.

if you are German, how come you do know more about Poles than that they're stealing?

Wow, this is quite a successful idiotic question.

your stance towards Germans seems to be as prejudiced as the alleged German view of Poles

Alex's stance is "prejudiced" simply because he reports what other people say about Poles? Again, wow! Another successful idiotic remark.

Best part is the "alleged German view of Poles". This one is really good. I don't live in Germany anymore, but I remember this "alleged" view of Poles being quite popular last decade.

Bartolo's remarks are a classic example of shooting the messenger.

Bartolo, I know you consider your points well thought and quite intelligent. Problem is they are *not*. Putting more thought into what is said never hurt anyone.

Hi WhatDoIKnow

Yes I was shooting Alex, mainly for the "Germany like 1939 " bit. This is not a "message" but a blatant offense, even if Alex (or you) happen to know people who
talk about Poland as "this little dirt country". My experiences simply do not justify these accusations of Germans as a whole having learned nothing.

Of course I consider my points intelligent, otherwise I wouldn't make them :).

Germans always shoot the messenger when it comes to anyone disagreeing about the German position. They can become quite nasty fast. Bottom line: Agree with Gemany, it is hailed as diplomacy, disagree on any subject, it is everyones elses fault.
Lately I have seen a trend in the German MSM attacking anyone who has accumulated wealth. It seems that it may be a prelude for more "even" distribution of wealth. Watch out for unintended consequences. Who will replace the entrepeneurs who work hard and make jobs available because of their diligence?

Of course, I could be wrong. I would never have imagined that he DDR communists would someday rule west Germany. Wait a few years. Rot, Roter, Die Linke.

BTW, what do you people think of your elected governor Schwarzenegger?

Interesting video clip:

Quote from the clip:
"You know something, after watching the mulatto's shake it, I can absolutely understand why Brazil is totally devoted to my favorite body part......the ass."

Phil, In that case, I am sure you wouldn't mind if I refer to you simply as "the Ass"?

It reminds me of the Scarecrow getting a brain/diploma from the Wizard of Oz.

>> Germans always shoot the messenger when it comes to anyone disagreeing about the German position. They can become quite nasty fast. <<

Well sad and it's true. I mean, i'm german, but i do have something about the germans postion. I can only recommend to hold back opinions like these @ shool, job, ect... cause you'll be anti-german and pubic enemy nr. 1!


am I surprised? Nope, i can imagine there is more than that... as i sad: a Political prostitue.

Of course I'm aware of the prejudices Alex is mentioning, and them themselves aren't really what is worrying me, the open dislike of certain countries (and Poland really has one special place in some German hearts) makes me sad.

But my feeling is that the "disdain" really depends on the region and class you live in.

The prejudices are there, no question, but for most of the people I know they're nothing more.

Cousin Dave - The interesting bit is still what Schröder did during the Carter presidency - he brought a terrorist out of jail:

In 1978 Mahler hired a new lawyer - his old friend Gerhard Schroeder. Mahler was released from prison after serving only half his sentence, and in 1988 Schroeder successfully secured Mahler's readmission to the bar. In addition to resuming his legal career, Mahler continued his ideological trek toward fascism.

Medienkritik has covered this case before.

And here´s what Mahler said about Schröder when he became Bundeskanzler:

Man weiß nichts von Schröder, wenn man ihn nur in der Öffentlichkeit beobachtet. Er zeigt sich erst im vertraulichen Gespräch; wenn er darüber nachdenkt, wer er ist und was er in der Politik will. ...

Aus der Froschperspektive des Wohlfahrtstaates komme das Wesentliche nicht in den Blick. Der Egoismus der Einzelnen werde grenzenlos und ruiniere das Gemeinwesen, wenn sich die Bürger mit diesem nicht identifizieren können. ... Nicht Wirtschaftskrisen seien das Problem für die Politik, sondern die totale Veräußerlichung der Menschen durch das atheistische Weltbild und die ihm zugrundeliegende rationalistische Denkart machten das Gemeinwesen politikunfähig. ...

Diese Botschaft wird von der Spaßgesellschaft unserer Tage noch nicht verstanden. Das Kommende ist noch unsichtbar. Schröder muß verstanden werden. Verstanden wird nur, was schon bekannt ist. So redet er eben über den materiellen Wohlstand und über die Bedrohungen desselben und über Verteilungsgerechtigkeit. Über das aber, was ihn eigentlich bewegt, muß er in der Öffentlichkeit noch schweigen."

The money quote: "You don´t know anything about Schröder if you only watch him in public. He only shows himself in confidential conversation, when he thinks about who he is and what he wants in politics. ... He still has to remain silent in public about what is really moving him." Said the RAF terrorist whom Schröder brought out of jail after his transformation into a Nazi.

So much about the qualification of allusions to 1939.


We like him. We like asses too (the good kind).

Schwarzenegger has proven to be a surprisingly effective administrator and politician. His well documented youthful indiscretions came up in the elections and failed to dissuade Californians. It seems that, on occasion at least, we are smart enough to know what matters and what doesn't in an elected official. You should be so discerning as we.

I'm totally with Alex on the "The Germans have learned nothing" topic... now they're trying to save the World from global warming. Who do you think created the term "Groessenwahn"??? If anyone gave a toss about what the Germans want why do they have to shout so loudly? The Germans need radical parties because they long to live in a fascist state. Just check out the current ZDF "Politbarometer": http://www.zdf.de/ZDFde/img/75/0,1886,5328971,00.jpg

About 49 percent of the German electorate want a Socialist government. As far as I'm concerned that says it all. Germany = The Titanic... full steam ahead looking to hit the next iceberg.

Re. Schroeder: Words almost fail me. The most subtle term that springs to mind is scumbag. What a morally bankrupt w****r!

About 49 percent of the German electorate want a Socialist government.

That's incredibly, unbelievably sad. The few hopes one might have for a German "renaissance" are quite misplaced. There is obviously no desire for a German Thatcher.

Gerhard Schröder ist keine "politische Prostituierte"!
Prostitution ist, wenn man seinen Körper oder auch seinen Geist zur Befriedigung fremder Bedürfnisse verkauft. Niemand verlang von einer Prostituierten, dass ihr der Sex mit einem Freier Spass macht.
Bei Gerhard Schröder habe ich dagegen den Eindruck, es macht ihm durchaus Spass, sich als Sonderbotschafter für gewissen Fremdinteressen bezahlen zu lassen. Schließlich bringt ihm das sogar Auszeichnungen ein.

How does that diagram show that 49% want socialism? As much as I don't like the SPD party, saying that the SPD stands for socialism is a "a bit" far-fetched.

Hodapp-Schneider - Are you implying Schröder would do it for free?

Well, that´s worth an experiment, lets confiscate all his bribes and see if he continues.

Is the term "Socialism" still in the SPD manifesto? I haven't got a clue... maybe I'm still living in the past. Fact is the SPD still is a party on the Left of the political spectrum hence you have 49 percent Lefties among the German electorate and that doesn't make me feel particularly good.

@Alex N.
"I am German, but I'm also a free man, and I do no longer want to be associated with this place."

Oh my. We Germans and our self-loathing...

That reminds me of an anecdote from Marcel Reich-Ranicki:

He had fled from Communist Poland to West Germany with his wife and son. He recalls that when they finally aquired the German citizenship, "Some friends thought it appropriate to offer their condolences. They could not understand that we were happy...". One German asked him miserably what there actually was to like about Germany. "I replied: 'For a starter: That you can leave it anytime!' [The German] was speechless. For he had never lived in a state that treated its citizens like prisoners."

So, let me correct your above statement:
It should not be:
"I am German, but I'm also a free man"
but rather:
"I am German, and therefore I'm also a free man".

Think about it.

Photo fixed

@boure: I like it! Thanks!
@fuchur: Actually, I liked the original from Alex better. Are Germans "free" to come and go? Most certainly, yes. Tens if not hundreds of thousands of the educated and enlightened leave Germany every year, and for very good reasons, in my mind. However, consider this: A German today is as free as a serf. Could serfs leave the protection of the feudal master? Theoretically, yes, but few ever did. They couldn't bring themselves to take on the risk. It was easier to stay under the yoke of perceived security.
Such is the situation in Germany today because it hasn't changed. Over the years, the Germans have only managed to trade one set of feudal masters for another. What got off to a good start in 1949 and was mostly maintained through the reconstruction progressively reverted back to the typical old German habits... a mind-numbing unresponsive bureaucracy echelons above reality, the feudal masters in the form of the political elite, their enablers in the media, and of course the serfs... that's the way it always has been. Now the State provides, and takes life's decisions for you. You just pay your taxes and obey, because you have zero influence on today's feudal masters. Those who think they do are dilusional. Is that freedom?
For my part, I'm just counting the days until I can return to a place where I'm a citizen, not an Untertan.

Scout - "Over the years, the Germans have only managed to trade one set of feudal masters for another."

You nail it - from www.bundestag.de:

Streifzug durch die Geschichte - 1998 Regierungswechsel durch Wahl

Die deutsche Demokratie wird erwachsen. Zum ersten Mal in der Geschichte der Bundesrepublik wird ein Regierungswechsel durch eine Bundestagswahl herbeigeführt.

History Tour - 1998 government change through election

The German democracy grows up. For the first time in the history of the federal republic a change of government is caused by an election.

No joke, it has all been cabinet reshuffles before and ever since, and Schröder was that exception.

@ boure: Nice.

Yes, we are free, thank God. Compared to many other nations anyway. But should that be a reason not to critize where criticism is due? No. By the way, many people - including journalists - choose to restrict their freedoms for political correct reasons. And: Our ability to influence political decisions has already been reduced, and if the Eurocrats have their way, that will continue.

I agree with fucher.

Let us not forget the hundreds of thousands of Germans who died to give you the freedoms you now enjoy

Ah, yes. Who can forget the hundreds of thousands of Germans who died to end slavery in the United States, just as hundreds of thousands of Germans later died to close down the death camps. Oh! Wait! Those were Americans!

you said
or my part, I'm just counting the days until I can return to a place where I'm a citizen, not an Untertan.

Are you going back to the USA? I would urge you to do so.
I lived in Germany 9 years. I moved back to the USA last week.
Even with all the uncertainty that move caused (I don't have a job yet),
it was the right thing to do.

There is something in the air here ... an optimism that I don't sense in Germany. And mind you I am in Michigan the most economically depressed of all the States.

It was a wonderful experience to live in Europe. But it wasn't my home, and could never be my home. Scout, go West, young man.

Always enjoyed your posts, Scout, that is why I am waxing personal a bit.

God bless

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