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The average German has no idea of what is going on in the wrld. They love to echo their MSM, spoonfed mantra. All that is German is good, all that is American is bad. Goebbels would be so proud of his Apprentices who have now successfully taken over his Banner. The German media always claims that the USA (Bush) does nothing about climate change. WRONG!!!! Who was thwe first country to embrace cleaner emissions? The US, 15 years before the mighty Europeans. Who has the most stringent emission controls today? The USA. Who spends the most resouces improving the Ecology, the USA. While other Nations drill for oil everywhere, we in the US aren't allowed to explore our own resources i Alaska, the Pacific, the Gulf and he Atlantic. We have enough oil to become totally self sufficient, but we listen to the environmentalists and won't develop our resouces. Some day this will bite us in the ass.
Something interesting G.W. Bush said that is not widely publicised. (I am paraphrasing), I don't believe that America should isolate herself, but be actively involved in the world. He did leave the door open to just that possibility. What would the anarchists protest then?
Why is the German media translating 'Anarchist" into Autonome? Mindboggling. Do they just not want to offend someone (Their Modus operendi), try to understand them and talk until the end of time/ By the way what rights should people have who violate the law and seriously hurt people?

The German/ European duplicity is getting on my nerves. Let's join hands and sing coom-bay-ah, or Deutschland, Deutschland ueber alles, get out of the way and let them destroy themselves and each other.

So? Is criticism of the Israeli state and its policies not allowed?

"We have enough oil to become totally self sufficient, but we listen to the environmentalists and won't develop our resouces. Some day this will bite us in the ass."

You think so? As long as you don't let others take that oil away, it wont' go anywhere. Some day, you might be happy to still have it.

"Why is the German media translating 'Anarchist" into Autonome?"

Easy: They are covering up the fact that most of the violent "protesters" are left-wing radicals. If you ever want to see double standards, you should compare the differences between German media coverage of violence from the extreme left and of the extreme right.

... although some (hopefully many) people may finally realize there is not much difference in both goals and methods.

@ Phil,

You write:

"So? Is criticism of the Israeli state and its policies not allowed?"

Who ever said that? You have knocked down a strawman of your own creation here. It really comes down to the type of criticism. Is it constructive or not? The above is clearly not.

@ americanbychoice

they didn't use the word anarchists because many of the autonomen aren't anarchists but libertarian communists. long story...
they developed out of the italian autonomia movement (hence the name autonomen) which distanced itself from the pci (the italian commie party) and the unions. the people of the autonomia movement disliked the idea of having unions or political parties like the pci decide how things should be done. yadda, yadda.

oh btw, if you want to get your face smashed by cobblestones just tell one of the autonomen that you're pro german or start singing d-land, d-land. if there's one thing this rather multipolar movement agrees upon, it's the dislike of anything german.
if bush or the us as a whole are concerned the autonomen are quite discordant. the anti-germans are pro-israel and to some degree support the current american foreign policy, like the war in iraq. i guess you'll hardly find any fierce bush-critics among them. haaretz featured them a few months back (http://www.haaretz.com/hasen/spages/806069.html).
the antiimps (antiimperialists, that is), on the other hand, are ardently anti-american.

@ phil
yes, criticising israel is allowed. who told you that it isn't?
the point is that after what nazi germany did it seems quite clear that anti-zionism isn't a viable option anymore. oh, yes i know, shahak is jewish and a holocaust survivor - a perfect excuse for spreading anti-semitic propaganda, ain't it?
this banner in the pic above is the perfect illustration of what is wrong with many/most parts of the contemporary left - and one major reason i didn't go to rostock.

---"Don't Let the Riots Overshadow the Message"---

Okay, will do. Uhm... does anyone know what the message was?

"the point is that after what nazi germany did it seems quite clear that anti-zionism isn't a viable option anymore."

So after the horrible potential effects of national collectivism became apparent during Nazi times, national collectivism like e.g. zionism shouldn't be opposed anymore?

The only thing you could criticize about the poster above is that it doesn't equally attack Arab nationalism.

Isn't Phil a gem? This is just the usual Leftist double-speak excuse for their blatant anti-semitism: "Is criticism of the Israeli state and its policies not allowed?" Well, apparently it is you hero, because you and your kind have been doing it for many years. The real questions here are
-- "Is criticism of Leftism not allowed?"
-- "Why do European Leftists who do not live anywhere near Isreal feel compelled to so vociferously criticize Isreal, while ignoring conflicts that do not involve Jews?"
-- "Based on European history, why shoudn't a reasonable individual conclude that your selective criticism is strongly related to anti-Semitism?"
-- "Why aren't the Leftists calling for free and fair elections in China and North Korea?"
-- "Why is it that your face turns red and your lips start to tremble with rage only when you talk about Isreal?"
-- "Why do you act insulted whenever someone criticizes Castro, Chavez or Iran?"

Ihave tried to find a very interesting story about Putin (Germany's favorite democrat) warning about pointing Nuclear missiles at Europe.
I guess the German media is only interested in Americas wrongdoing while supressing anything about their favorite son?

Exclusive: Putin threatens to target Europe with missiles

Globe and Mail Update

E-mail Doug Saunders | Read Bio | Latest Columns
June 2, 2007 at 5:34 PM EDT

In an interview with the Globe and Mail, Russian President Vladimir Putin has threatened to target Europe with missiles, including potentially nuclear weapons, in a dramatic escalation of his Cold War-style showdown with the United States.

Mr. Putin, in an interview at his country residence outside Moscow, said he considers U.S. plans to build an eastern European anti-missile site to shoot down Iranian missiles a provocation aimed at Russia.

Asked what he might do to retaliate, he said he would return Russia to the Cold War status where missiles were aimed at European targets.

"It is obvious that if part of the strategic nuclear potential of the United States is located in Europe, and according to our military experts will be threatening us, we will have to respond," he said.

Enlarge Image
Russian President Vladimir Putin poses a dilemma: Even as he has isolated Russia from the world by burning relations with allies and suppressing democracy, his popularity at home has grown. (Dmitry Astakhov/AFP)

Some where in all of this mob is a future FM of Germany.

I don't think their beliefs have anything to do with fairness or ethics. It's more good old fashioned self-hatred and hatred of success. If they really believed what they were saying, they'd be criticizing every country according to the evil that they do, instead of concentrated all their hatred against the West and it's friends like Israel, while completely ignoring all the far worse evil that is committed daily.

What is ironically funny is Israel is the only non-racist state in that entire area. The only state where a non-Jew can live and vote and have equal rights as a Jewish person. (heck one of the only states where they can vote in the first place and have it mean anything) It is the only state in the region where a Muslim can worship and follow his own preferred sect of Islam without fear of violence from another sect or even the government.

I am not happy about everything Israel has done. But they are not any worse than France or Germany, for instance, if you look at those two countries' foreign policy in Africa and all the Africans who have died because of them.

@beimami, I'm libertarian not leftist and I don't support any of the states or state leaders you named. Funny how people talk about building up strawmen and then do so themselves. Did I write anything positive about Chavez, Castro, Iran, North Korea etc.?

If those state leaders commit crimes I don't see how it justifies crimes of Israeli state leaders.

"What is ironically funny is Israel is the only non-racist state in that entire area. The only state where a non-Jew can live and vote and have equal rights as a Jewish person."

Is that so? So I have equal rights to move to Israel if I'm not of Jewish descent as if I am?

Charlie -

Uhm... does anyone know what the message was?

You can listen to the keynote speech here: Werner Rätz von Attac:

"Capitalism links your survival to an income, the income to a job, and the job to the profits. Yet the world never was so full of wealth as today. Something that always seemed utopian would now be possible: A good life for everyone. ... There is enough wealth for all of us: Every human being has a right to participate in it, and nobody needs to earn it, neither through work nor through conformity. Everyone has earned that simply because they exist: The unconditional participation in the wealth of the world. ... In many countries there are campaigns for an unconditional basic income for everyone. That is precisely the point: It must be possible to make a living from one´s work, but without a job as well."

The same site also has an interview with a fierce critic of the movement: Justus Wertmüller von Bahamas:

"What´s No-Global, what´s Attac, what´s Heiligendamm? It´s a fanatic and assertive hatred of the U.S.A. and anything that has to do with it. To that is linked the antisemitic desire for elimination, and the desire for homogenous ethnic communities around the world, for the authoritarian and statist volksgemeinschaft, which constitute a realm of equality in poverty. ... Recently in Kreuzberg, so-called luxurious cars were attacked, luckily they didn´t catch fire, but the perpetrators left a graffiti on the wall, like dogs mark a tree: ´Against wealth in Kreuzberg´. Anybody who has such a crazy idea, to demonise wealth instead of demanding it, is undistinguishable from a fascist and must be fought."

Somehow I agree with both these quotes, but I also disagree with Rätz´s foreign policy statements and with Wertmüller´s fashion statements. Actually any compatriot who wants to be something better than a useful idiot for the Islamic terrorists has got a point.

That Jews are a 'race' is anti-semitic nonsense, so whatever Israel is, it is not racist.
Anyone can convert to Judaism if they go through the assigned process. There are Black Jews, Indian Jews, Chinese Jews, Peruvian Jews......
Of course, it takes both brains and guts, considering the history of anti-semitism.
Since DNA tracing has been improved, it has been found that almost all European Jews are descended, from the female side, to gentile women who converted and married Jewish soldiers and traders who came to Europe in Roman times. The male descent has been traced to ancient Israel.
So if you have what it takes, you too can become and Israeli.
Statistically, it is essentially impossible for any European not to have some Jewish ancestor because Jews have been in Europe so long (tough luck, old boy, you blood is polluted whether you like it or not).

Isn't Joschka getting a little bit old for this?

@Sagredo, first you say Jews aren't a race but a religion, then you start talking about DNA characteristic to Jews.

Personally I don't consider a state based on a certain religion any better than a state based on race. Personally I support religious freedom, nobody should be forced to convert to a certain religion as a prerequisite of being allowed to move somewhere.

@Phil... re: "Personally I don't consider a state based on a certain religion any better than a state based on race. Personally I support religious freedom, nobody should be forced to convert to a certain religion as a prerequisite of being allowed to move somewhere."

Uh.... WHERE did you get the idea that you have to be Jewish to live in Israel?????

You don't have to be Jewish or ANY other religion to be a citizen of Israel, nor do you have to be Jewish to "get anywhere" there. In fact, there are Muslim representatives in Israel's Knesset (Parliament).

@Lars re: "they didn't use the word anarchists because many of the autonomen aren't anarchists but libertarian communists. long story..."

I'm confused by this, apparently by the different words used to describe different political ideas in Europe.

In the US, "libertarian communist" would be a self-contradicting term, because here liberarians are all about individualism and personal responsibility (to the extreme of telling the government to get the hell out of EVERYTHING in the social sphere), and communists are all about collectivism, which makes them mutually exclusive concepts.

Is there a different meaning to the word "libertarian" in Europe?

@ lc

"Is there a different meaning to the word "libertarian" in Europe?"
no, i guess not.
these groups (the autonomen, that is) don't want a state or a political party to organize things. they also don't want the state to just stay outside the social sphere, they don't want to have a state at all.
to quote from the annual report of the office for the protection of the constitution: At the centre of autonomist thinking is “autonomy” – the idea of a free and independent life within “areas without rulers”. Thus autonomists reject any kind of state or social norms. The fight against authorities and wage labour and their refusal to take part in the “capitalist exploitation process” are characteristic. [...] The autonomist movement is heterogeneous. It consists of rather small, more or less consolidated and independent groupings all over the country. Hence, it lacks a uniform ideological strategy, leaders and hierarchical structures. There are only isolated attempts to take a firm stand. The autonomists’ self-definition is based on anti-capitalist, antifascist and anti-sexist concepts. Diffuse fragments of anarchist and communist ideologies (class struggle, revolution or imperialism) form the basis of their often spontaneous activities. http://www.verfassungsschutz.de/download/en/en_publications/annual_reports/vsbericht2005_engl/vsbericht_2005_engl.pdf p. 136.
like they said, there is no common ideological bond amongst those groups. these groups are different from traditional communist organizations like the maoist or marxist-leninist sects since they, as i said, reject the idea of hierarchical structures which are to be found amongst communist parties.

so, what to make of it?
they are neither anarchists or communists in the conventional sense, and, of course, no libertarians (or capitalist libertarians/anarcho-capitalists to be more precise since there are different variations of libertarianism). instead of using the expression libertarian communism one could also use the word anarcho-communism, although there are differences between those two ideologies. further elaboration would be useful but likely would further complicate things. it's quite difficult to apply the adjectives 'collectivism' or 'individualism' on them. they are neither distinctively or genuinely collectivist nor induvidualistic.

Semi-OT: "The Global Warming Swindle"


Alex - This one was discussed here a few months ago.

* * *

In other news, member of parliament Ulla Jelpke (Die Linke) gets a clue, only the other way round:

In der Logik dieser Scharfmacher sind Demonstranten also Terroristen und Rostock ist Kabul oder Gaza.

[In the reasoning of these warmongers, demonstrators are terrorists and Rostock is Kabul or Gaza.]

So we are going to see explosive belts and Qassam rockets soon?

It appears that everybody here is trying to blame to other side for the violence to heat themselves up for the next round of clashes, but nobody realises that this situation is developing toward a scenario where Islamic terrorists become increasingly able to stir up total confusion with a few attacks anywhere in the country.

Ray, have you not bothered to stop by my place to read my posts about the German press and media's coverage of the G8 Summit at Heiligendamm? I don't just write about life in Germany over at Jörg's place you know (the Atlantic Reivew).

I would recommend you read my piece on the BILD Zeitung June 1st frontpage racist debacle (Spezialausgabe on Afrika) under the careful guidance of Chefredakteur-for-a-day Sir Bob Geldorf. Then you can move on to other articles in the pipeline for this week at the G8 Summit including my latest on the G8 Rumble in Jungle (Rostock) this past weekend.

Thanks for that link to Bush's pre-G8 Summit 2007 speech delivered in Washington on May 31st. allAfrica.com news had what appeared to be only a summary of the U.S. development aid strategy speech courtesy of the U.S. State Department press office.

Yes, the German media is (finally) in the international spotlight due to the upcoming G8 Summit and the associated violence and other circus activiites going down over here, so work hard to be fair and accurate in your accusations. I will be pointing the media gatekeepers in your direction this week, so behave yourself.

Bill @ Jewels in the Jungle

[Every human being has a right to participate in it, and nobody needs to earn it, neither through work nor through conformity. Everyone has earned that simply because they exist: The unconditional participation in the wealth of the world.]

Could someone please fill me in, because I'm getting more and more befuddled at this quote. Basically, what the HELL does it mean to participate in the wealth of the world? From what I'm getting just being born is sufficient as this "participation" is unconditional

I realize this is probably a linguistic interpretation of the original quote which potentially leaves room for grey shades. Nevertheless his whole sentiment seems to be a euphemistic was of saying "I WAS BORN- THEREFORE I'M ENTITLED NO MATTER WHAT!!"

What exactly do you agree with Francis?

Lars... ah, thank you for the explanation. That explains it sufficiently... they're a unique group. Nuts, but unique to the Western world. They just don't fit handy dandy labels.

Curious people!

icarus - The original German word (at 04:59 in the mp3) was teilhaben.

Specifically, I strongly agree with the idea of an unconditional basic income. Instead of a sink-or-swim society or a welfare bureaucracy there should be a standard payment to everyone on the planet, have-not and billionaire alike, financed by a world government taxing the exploitation of fossil resources and the storage of radioactive waste, while abolishing all other taxes and customs and preserving the concept of private property.

The only obstacle to that is, it requires toppling all the tyrannies and spreading democracy to all the world. It is the stable equilibrium that is the destination of capitalist globalisation.

While on the surface your premise may SOUND noble, however, beware of unintended consequences.
It really doesn't matter where the taxes come from. Since people would have to be paid, an income would have to be generated. Using your scenario, There would not beanyone driving on the roads, since the costs would be prohibitive. Everything would become too expensive to purchase, especially food, since the transportation costs would have to be recaptured. Since no one would be driving, the revenues would dry up also.
With the Grundeinkommen, more and more people would opt not to work at all. Who would be responsible for innovation and production?
A simple Economics 101 would explain all that's wrong with this premise.

How much of a payment are we talking about anyway and how much revenue would you expect to raise? My tax law professor once said that if everyone in the US would write a check for $5,000 to feds it would be the same effect as our current tax structure.

Well, $5k a year aint a whole hell of a lot, at least not in some parts of the world. It also raises a myriad of questions

- Would you get paid as soon as you are born, or only upon reaching a certain age. If the latter, would your parents be allowed more as they have additional expenses in raising you as a child? (Would this encourage people to have children for the wrong reasons- e.g. like welfare queens?)
- Would this mean discourage the use and development of other forms of energy?
- Who will take into account inflation?
- Will the person living in an urban center with a high cost of living receive the same amount (thus, effectievely less) than a person living in the suburbs or rural area?
- As Americanbychoice hinted, will this tax simply show up in other forms by being passed along through higher prices on consumer goods.


"The only obstacle to that is, it requires toppling all the tyrannies and spreading democracy to all the world."

Actually, I would suggest it requires just the opposite; eliminating democracy throughout the world and establishment of a world-wide tyranny.


I never said anything about a strawman argument though it certainly applies. Moreover, I never said you support the regimes in question. My direct reply to your provocative statement was that your virulent desire to criticize Isreal is unreasonable unless you also criticize other regimes that are far worse. Would you participate in a demonstation against the Chinese, North Korean, Cuban or Iranian governments? Have you ever criticized Chavez or Castro? Are you calling for free and fair elections in China, Cuba and North Korea?

"If those state leaders commit crimes I don't see how it justifies crimes of Israeli state leaders."

It doesn't you moral hero, and I never said it did. Once again, where is your criticism of countries that don't have a large percentage of Jews in their population? Witzbold.

@americanbychoice - One major problem of the current system is that it is trying to micromanage just about everything with a special tax (in fact, the German language has the same word - steuern - with the two meanings: 1. taxes, 2. to manage). It would be more efficient if taxes were to be collected at one central point from which the market distributes the load on the entire economy.

I think single-serving energy is that point. Given that fossil resources are limited while our species is expected to continue to exist on this planet for an unlimited time, there must be some form of regulation of them, and given that nuclear waste needs to be stored permanently it should be in the hands of government.

People would work for money when they want to stock up their basic income, in fact the labour market would become a real market from which participants can freely walk away if they don´t find an acceptable deal. Transportation may continue to become more expensive, and be competed by other means such as local production, but I don´t see why it should entirely vanish.

@icarus -
- The payment would be cradle to grave, so there will be individuals who can say their parents have used it reasonable before they became mature, and others who cannot.
- It would enhance the position of renewable energies without subsidising them, since they enter into a competition which includes all follow-up costs.
- While independent from the location, the monetary policy and the actual amount of payment are subject to the political debate and the democratic process.

@beimami - Efforts to establish world-wide tyranny are already underway, but if successful they would result in another system:

Zakāt (Arabic: زكاة) is the Islamic concept of tithing and alms. It is an obligation on Muslims to pay 2.5% of their wealth to specified categories in society when their annual wealth exceeds a minimum level (nisab). Zakāt is one of the Five Pillars of Islam.

Zakat is neither unconditional nor a basic income, it´s a a form of indulgence selling on the giving and conformity-based alms on the receiving end. In fact, Islam is interested that poverty does continue to exist forever, otherwise it would lose a key component of its purpose.

(Update) Kommersant: And all without a single casualty!

"Yesterday morning, the anti-globalization protestors, who had gathered the evening before about eight kilometers from Heiligendamm to put on their own amateur talent show, came to their senses at about nine o'clock and remembered why they were there. Some Russian photographers who were traveling in two cars from the vicinity of Rostock to Heiligendamm became witnesses and even victims of one of the crimes against humanity that were committed in Heiligendamm not only by the protestors but also by the leaders of the G8. Several dozen young people carrying armfuls of brushwood burst out of the woods, threw the wood into the middle of the road, and set it alight. It took them all of a few seconds. Another few seconds passed before the police arrived, accompanied by special machines for clearing the roads of debris. Within three minutes, the road was clear. The police, with smiles on their faces, dispersed to their cars and drove on.

The German police here are behaving themselves astonishingly amicably. The police officers are cheerful and easy-going. They look after the anti-globalization protestors like nannies keeping an eye on small children in a kindergarten: they pick up after them, lead them away by the hand to safety, drive them across the road (those that they succeed in catching there)…

Two hours later, when Greenpeace launched a reckless attack on Heiligendamm from the sea, several police boats intercepted them (on the beach, journalists were setting up for a photo shoot of the G8 leaders) – and there was no hysteria, no warning shots, no desperate cries into megaphones… The police boats simply crashed into the Greenpeace boats, spilling most of their contents into the sea (all of the Greenpeace activists were wearing lifejackets). One of the police boats knocked a slightly smaller police boat into a Greenpeace boat so that the police boat swamped it completely. And all without a single casualty. And everyone, judging from their happy faces, was calm and satisfied (and I'm not even talking about the journalists, for whom these demonstrative maneuvers at sea were a real water show)."

Obviously, this writer has an idea Russian forces would engage these situations.

@Phil, re: "Is that so? So I have equal rights to move to Israel if I'm not of Jewish descent as if I am?"

Yo... Phil? You out there? I've got a question... did you read it? Where are you?

Repeat... in different words... What gave you the idea that you have to be Jewish to move to Israel? Israel has one of the biggest Christian populations in the ME, and DOES have a Muslim population who consider themselves Israelis. Why are you working so hard to try to equate Israel with Aparteid, when it simply does not exist?

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