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I think people have left their manners at home when they come here and say a whole lot of indecencies.

Links to just a few of the "indecencies" that you saw here would be helpful.

I mean when people get so angry and hurtful toward each other. It is a general, not a specific, observation. We have had a lot of verbal slinging matches and trolls on the site who pick fights. I, for one, will not engage with people who are of that kind of mind. There is no point in answering back to nonsense. It is a complete waste of my time. I have better things to do. Whatever other people choose to do, well, I leave it to them.

To a certain extent, I can comprehend what you mean. But you will the casual troll or fight in every comment section now and then. Overall and compared to other blogs, I find the comments at DMK to be mostly civil, constructive and interesting.


Realize the change of attitude by the citizens of ROK has less to do with the so-called “sunshine policy” which is nothing more than a policy to prevent a huge influx of refugees. It equally has less to do with some diplomatic outreach by the US or the Koreans coming to understand the policies of the US more clearly.

What drove this change of attitude has been the drawdown of US forces in ROK. The ROK’s only have to look at what happened in the Philippines to see where this could end.

Once the US “trip-wire” no longer exists, the ROK’s realize there would be little popular support in the US to return to fight a war to protect them when they so dislike us.

But given this was a UN authorized war, which has not officially ended, I am sure the Germans are ready to step and take the place of America. I am sure the ROK’s will sleep well at night knowing the Germans are just a phone call for help away.

joe - The safe assumption to be made at that point is that Germany will restore its military to the size it had during the Korean war before any such deployment is considered.

I thought the purpose of the M400 was so the Germans could deploy.

Am I wrong on this?

Are you aware why Schröder sent special forces into Afghanistan?

Regular troops would need to report to members of parliament.

Yes, I believe the number is 100.

Which is less than Latvia.

joe, if you want to see a good indicator for the extent at which Germany is on a war-footing, follow the reactions to the proposals of the German Secretary of Homeland Security, who is arguing on the basis of the awareness that national borders provide no real protection and hence the country is an integral part of the terrorist war against the world.

Heck, even I don´t like the idea that police might hack into insufficiently firewalled internet PCs. These proposals have made Wolfgang Schäuble even more unpopular than Dick Cheney.


I wished you would give some warning when you decide to toss humor into your posts. I clicked on one of the news articles and laughed so hard I spilled coffee on my keyboard.

This is a debate about nothing. We all know Germany is loved by all and does not face any threats. Those threats, which it might face, have all been caused by that evil GWB and those silly Americans.

If Germany really is threatened then it should leave Afghanistan and NATO. The threat would just go away and Germans could get back to leading the pleasant life style of citizens of a social welfare state.

The only possible reason I could ever conceive for this to be made public is Berlin must be doing something else, which it does not want their subjects to know about.

joe -

A certain kind of people love to believe this, because the assertion that all the terrorist threats in the world were just fata morganas or blowback provoked by the West allows them to imagine that the world was largely harmless, the West was running the show, and could simply chose to run it softer, if it wasn´t for some stiff-necked conspirators. In front of that background, the Bush administration appears as a messenger of bad news, and these people imagine cursing killing the messenger would make the bad news go away.

Yes we do have scores of these lunatics in Germany. They do exist elsewhere as well, including in the American motherland. They also are running for the presidency. The interesting question to ask at this point would be: What does make these people sustain the idea that the West was hell-bent on withholding something from them, and intended to keep them in an objectively redundant state of fear and loathing?

Here´s a small clue: How would you react if the government were to confiscate your coffee and lecture you it was an evil substance?


Some good news for these people. The US Army in Germany is closing and handing over 5 more installations. The draw down continues.

joe, actually it´s a lot more, but the media seem to treat anything that is scheduled to happen under No. 44 as clouded in uncertainty.

The base closings acknowledge the reality, but are they suitable to crack up the conspiracy lunacy? Treating this only as a foreign policy issue is getting nowhere. It appears that Schäuble is right with the idea that the difference between internal and external issues is increasingly vanishing.

Actually it is even more than this article outlines and this is just the first installment which focused on the US Army. The next basing review will address the USAF. I can see units shifting out of Germany to Italy and back to the CONUS with improved airfields being developed in Eastern Europe.

You might be correct in your threat assessment but the difference between Germany and the US is the US wants to fight on the other peoples home field. Germany seems to like having wars conducted in the fatherland. I will give you this does lead to a home field advantage of sorts but the price is always very high.

While the concept that the U.S.A. prefer to go after the terrorists abroad instead of waiting for them at home is certainly true with respect to boots on the ground, it does not seem to fit for the ideological battle as well.

Apparently a majority of individuals in the West do not consider capitalism worth to be defended against anything, not even if it is seen as the lesser evil. The rebels are unchallenged in their exploitation of hopes for a better world order. The war has no positive goals, it is merely meant to end something and preserve the status quo.

On their ideological home field, the terrorists are saying that the West only wanted to keep the nuclear genie in the bottle and grab all the oil, for whatever purpose. However, if the West declared its own intention to do that, it would be able to create the condition of the possibility of a better order to replace the sink-or-swim society.

It seems that the West is not willing to challenge the terrorists on their ideological home field. Don´t mention the o-word...


Your post just highlights the very basic difference between euros and especially Germans and Americans.

You speak of defending capitalism and we think of freedom. I can understand this difference. Can you?

The difference is that currently there is no freedom on this planet, only various degrees of oppression.

Even in the West, when I openly worship the way Jesus taught us, the police will snatch my sacramental Cannabis and treat me like a criminal. For some reason, our governments are trying to extirpate the sacred plants.

In my view the American system provides the closest approximation thereof, but to be defended a thing must exist in the first place. Freedom on the other hand is something that needs to be established, and it will be.

If the West cannot triumph without freedom, it will triumph with freedom.

As a former German, ex-journalist and now Australian, I'd like to make the following observations: If politicians ruled German media are biased they reflect a. the low quality of German politicians and b. that the other side pays better. German politicians and media, private or public, can and need to be bought: If Americans want more American friendly reporting - go pay for it!
Nobody gets on US media, e.g. Rupert's media, either, unless they pay for it. If the media report incorrect facts, the embassy's press officer can initiate a correction. From my days in the music industry I remember, that music only got into the German media when it was part of big business. Journalism is not all that different, as I also remember well.
The US have lost a couple of friends in recent years, me included. They were well aware of the corrupt dealings between the late French President F. Mitterrand and then Chancellor Helmut Kohl (in 1991/92), but approved of it. 'Chancellor Matter' left me denuded of my constitutional rights, and since nothing happened in Germany on that political level without the approval of the USA, they are implicated in reunification crime and corruption.

Beyond my individual experiences, there were and are a number of issues that left people unconvinced of the superiority of the US system: New Orleans - bad management, Iraq war - bad judgement, sub prime mortgage crisis - not a shining example how to do things, 37 million Americans (according to Oprah) homeless or living in hovels - bad report card. Toyota eclipsed Detroit, because Detroit lacked foresight, or was in the grip of big oil. Monsanto in India - very bad karma. Madeleine Albright said in about 1998, that something or other 'paves the way for another American century'. She seemed to have no sensitivity about the implied desire for world dominance in her sentence.
Consider this example: The American answer to crime is building gated compounds. In continental Europe you would start looking for the reasons of crime and make efforts to reduce it. There is not enough space for creating gated compounds, demonstrating the difference in conditions lead to different attitudes. Fanatical abortion opponents from the US find very few friends in overpopulated Europe.
The US can, of course, live any which way they like. It only causes issues, when they try to tell others how to live.
If they really want to generate more positive coverage, the embassy's press officer needs to invite the editors, one by one, to a splendid dinner in a private function room in a five star hotel. There needs to be a budget for a family holiday, but I do not mean a holiday on the Baltic Sea. Then, the editor will be open to assign his/her staff for what's on the press officer's mind. Like Armand Hammer said, everybody has a price. You can get into the media whatever is on your mind (Paris Hilton, Harry Potter) or you can keep things out (Kohl and Mitterrand corruption). It's your choice what you pay for.
Veritas non olet - but you will probably not be able to resist shooting this messenger.
(I am no friend of Germany. I do not really care what happens in the USA, have never been there, and cannot afford to go visit.)

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