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Sometimes you were a pain in the ass.
Sometimes your posts were an enlightenment.

Anyway .... i look forward for the next 4 years.

Keep it up guys.


Keep up the good work Dave and Ray. As Deist says, here's to the next 4. You too Karin.

Bravo and Dakapo, excellent work for 4 years.
It makes a difference!!!

Happy Anniversary from Gabi and N. Hale.

THANKS, Mike! - and promised.

You are doing a great job!

You have your own style and it works. No matter how one feels about your style, you are doing the right thing.

Congrats for an awesome job, David and Ray!

I remember when I first I visited this blog, when it was still in German only, and when I first posted here. 2003? Damn, feels like yesterday.
I remember the first things that went through my mind when I discovered this blog were "This can't be for real!" and "God bless the internets" (sic). I found this site after reading the book "Kein Krieg - Nirgends! Die Deutschen und der Terror" from Henryk M. Broder. I undertook some web search for Broder, and in the process found a link to your site from his own. And got stuck since. ;-)

Thank you for your tireless efforts and service.

This is a huge audience for a blog on which it is still possible to read all the other comments.

On a technical side... is it just this computer, or has anyone else difficulties to access the Sitemeter statistic through the link at the bottom of the grey bar? I´ve just tried, clicking the Sitemeter at Instapundit works perfectly well, but here it doesn´t. The other two buttons don´t produce details either.

Wow, four years...how time flies!!

Congratulations/herzlichen Glückwunsch, and thanks for a great site!

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