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You are leaving out the important detail that Verheugen only received "full confidence" after he threatened to show the photographies...

Heidemarie Wieczorek-Zeul, the only minister from the Schröder cabinet who remained on her post after Merkel was voted in.

The Zentralrat der Juden demanded her resignation after her slander of Israel´s self-defense against HizbAllah terrorism last year.

But unlike Günther Oettinger, the conservative Baden-Württemberg governor who tried to whitewash Hans Filbinger´s Nazi war crimes, she was not forced to chose between renouncing her comment or resigning from her post.

/collecting double standards

With the possible exception of Scooter Libby, I have never seen such a blatant case of a person being framed. Oh, yeah, add the Duke lacrosse guys.

Wolfowitz recused himself from anything to do with Riza's professional status when he came on board. The ethics committee vetted the whole thing - twice.

Set up

The utter moral corruption of the EU is nowhere more evident than the case of Hans-Martin Tillack, the journalist who documented corruption at OLAF.

He has suffered police raids

The Daily Telegraph’s European correspondent Ambrose Evans-Pritchard quotes Tillack: »The police said I was lucky I wasn’t in Burma or central Africa, where journalists get the real treatment«.

EU, bastion of liberty and human rights.

And another double standard, this time by Javier Solana.

Burma was renamed to "Myanmar" by an illegitimate regime.

Persia was renamed to "Iran" by an illegitimate regime.

The EU has relations with Burma/Myanmar.

The EU has relations with Iran.

In one case, a country renaming by an illegitimate regime is not recognised, in the other one it is.

And then there´s one of the worst double standards in the world, if not the worst one already.

Europe is only spying against itself.

America is also spying against its allies.

I have always held this truth to be self-evident, that a civilisation in which hopeful individuals cannot freely move, socialise, talk, and click around on the internet without government entities watching is incapable to defend itself against the Islamic agenda.

I would like to point at two articles recently published on SPIEGEL ONLINE:

- Yassin Musharbash yells: "Yankee, don't go home" and asks the US not to leave Iraq now: http://www.spiegel.de/international/world/0,1518,479607,00.html

- "The Role of the Media in the Trans-Atlantic Relationship" by Gregor Peter Schmitz and Gerhard Spörl. They claim Anti-Europeanism is as much a problem in the US as vice versa: http://www.spiegel.de/international/world/0,1518,478884,00.html

The second article, "The Role of the Media in the Trans-Atlantic Relationship" is probably supposed to be a serious and balanced analysis. Well...it's anything but that... It's just another piece of crap posing as honest journalism. Explaining what's ridiculous about it is like explaining calculus to someone who just starting learning arithmetics. It would an extremely difficult task, with an unknown outcome. Therefore I am sincerely sorry for anyone who appreciates that article.

The Augstein/Bertelsmann article is not all that difficult to explain. It´s a concentrate of the daily fast food these media conglomerates serve to the common man, only for this presentation enriched to a panoply like a cold buffet - so many noshes of everything that came across the newsdesks in the recent years, but no coherent idea that could be agreed or disagreed with.

Which pretty much sums up the role of the media in the transatlantic relationship - create so much noise that any honest discourse opening is spoiled.

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