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This type of press behavior is, of course, found not only in Germany, but everywhere, and it is the most harmful to America when practiced by the American Press. We have reports of it every day. Just yesterday, for example, I can think of two instances off the top of my head: (1) nearly all positive news concerning Iraq and the Surge was relegated to the back pages of the MSM (inegative news makes front page); (2) The mayor of a small midwestern town in which about 100 illegal Mexican men working in Meat Packing were recently rounded up, breaking up families (e.g. mother and children, legal citizens, fathers, illegal), complained that no newspaper was interested in interviewing him if he did not say something to the effect that "this was tearing our town apart", whereas he did want to emphasize and report on how townsfolk were working together to heal and help these broken families financially and legally.

I think American MSM bias (which recent polls have conclusively shown is well understood by our citizenry) is more harmful to America than, say, German bias. A substantial number of Americans recognize bias and are deserting the MSM in droves ( 'liberal, lefty' newspapers and TV stations are losing customers at a steady rate).

The interesting questions are: How do the two countries compare in (1)style and degree of bias, (2) its effect on corresponding citizenry, (3) ability to be counteracted by Internet, (4)Dominance by leftist academics, (5) Dominance by in-group politicians.

An association of medienkritic type blogs should be created, gotten to by forming rings of them. Rings for each country. Rings which include easy translation facilites. This is already being done to some degree.It should be purposefully strengthened.

It looks like tagesschau.de tried:

Diskussionen zwischen Befürwortern und Gegnern

Judith McGovern wechselt auf die Seite der Kriegsbefürworter, sie will reden, argumentieren. Sie hat Tränen in den Augen. Vor genau 40 Jahren war sie schon einmal hier: "Ich bin für die Vietnam-Soldaten marschiert, um sie nach Hause zu bringen. Jetzt für unsere Soldaten im Irak."

Der 60-jährige Tim redet mit ihr. Er ist Vietnam-Veteran, jetzt Befürworter des Irak-Krieges. Er sagt: "Als ihr gegen Vietnam protestiert habt, da war ich als Soldat dort. Ich habe mich betrogen gefühlt: Mein amerikanisches Volk versetzt mir einen Dolchstoß in den Rücken." Den US-Soldaten im Irak gehe es heute auch so, meint Tim. Judith und Tim können ihre Kluft nicht überwinden. Nicht hier, nicht jetzt, wenn Tausende Sprechchöre rufen und sich selbst als Patrioten sehen: Die einen, weil sie kämpfen, die anderen, weil sie die Soldaten nach Hause holen wollen.


Hi, there is an article in Spiegel about Melissa Busekros, the healthy German homeschooled teen forced into a Nuremberg Psychiatric clinic with a diagnosis of "School Phobia".
Spiegel seems to think that forced psychiatry used to stop someone who disagrees with a German law (homeschooling is illegal in Germany) is a great idea and the only weirdos who have a probelm with it are the religious homeschooling right in America.

I have written the authors with a list of all the famous celebs who have homeschooled including Lindsey Lohan and Will Smith. I doubt they will answer me.

I look forward to your analysis of the Melissa Busekros case and the article in Spiegel.
I tried to call a German embassy again on Friday to complain about the human rights violations against Melissa and they practically hung up on me.

I have written the authors with a list of all the famous celebs who have homeschooled including Lindsey Lohan

Sweetie, you need to come up with better arguments. Lohan has been institutionalized more often than Melissa will ever be.

J, excellent work! Loved it.....

I've linked to you here: http://consul-at-arms.blogspot.com/2007/03/re-blogburst-gathering-of-eagles-30000.html

Pamela and all, I have just begun writing a satire about Americans entitled "A week without Americans".
Since many brains are better than one, I would love to have you contribute some of your thoughts how the world would be like if those evil Yanks were pulled from this earth. :)
I would love to hear from you. Once finished, if Ray D would approve I will post the finished product here.

Just a quick example:

A week without Americans

Where did the Americans go?

From “Der Spiegel”

All Americans have vanished overnight from the face of the Earth. We do remember them but all we can say is that it must be an American conspiracy. We all know that almost all Inventions were made by Germans and a few Europeans. We have found that most Inventions have vanished and we believe the Americans stole them and took everything to their new location. What about the advances in Science and Medicine we have unearthed? Nothing is left. There is not even any literature supporting and describing those advances, they just vanished. What are we to do? Our lives are in turmoil, we can’t survive without these modern advances the Americans stole from us. WE PROTEST!!!!,Citizens, go on strike and demonstrate your displeasure.

While the our Government still can’t explain this phenomenon, our foreign Minister advises everyone to stay away from the continent until we are sure that no death rays or vanishing rays will harm our morally superior and energetic citizens .

More to come…..

Waiters go on strike all over Europe.

Waiters all over Europe are going on strike demanding new laws to protect their incomes (tips) in the wake of the disappearing Americans. A quote from Gerhard UN Grateful, “All the great tipping Americans are gone, therefore we demand a new law mandating 20% tips from all patrons. We do have to survive”.

Now is the time to appease our foreign brothers.

Germany has urged the European Union to make overtures to Russia and all Muslim nations to cooperate and live peacefully without violence. The parliament is considering a unilateral disarmament to show the rest of the world that we don’t have any plans to engage in any type of warfare. The EU will propose opening their borders to any citizen of any country. Upon arrival they will be provided with free housing, furniture, and a generous monthly allowance to make them welcome. For Russians and people from Islamic nations this allowance will be doubled as a sign of good faith. All we need is to sign a mutual non-aggression treaty.

I have seen some of the you tube videos. Simply amazing.
One German offered a comment "Dumme, dumme Leute".
I won't comment on it though.

americanbychoice, sounds like fun!

I have a 'throwaway' email acct


pamela, after I collect more ideas, I will mail it to you.


"Police do not give official crowd estimates but said privately that perhaps 10,000 to 20,000 anti-war demonstrators marched, with the crowd of counterprotesters numbering in the thousands."

A few thousands vs. 10000-20000 - I don't quite understand why the pro-demonstrators should get more attention than they actually have weight in numbers. ZDF is German state TV and as such forced to objectivity.

In the ZDF article:

"Auch zahlreiche Gegendemonstranten, die die Irak-Politik von Präsident George W. Bush unterstützen, hatten sich vor dem Lincoln Memorial eingefunden. Kriegsgegner und -befürworter riefen sich gegenseitig ihre jeweiligen Parolen zu. Die Polizei hielt die beiden Gruppen auf Distanz."

In english:

"Also numerous counter demonstrators who support the iraq politics of president G.W.Bush gathered before the Lincoln Memorial. War opponents and supporters shouted their paroles at each other. The police kept the two groups at distance (sorry for the bad english, but english readers should be able to understand that the counterprotests were not omitted at all)

Seriously, what more coverage of pro-war counterdemonstrators at an anti-war demonstration do you expect?

@ Matz,

The fact that some German media dedicated half a sentence (and virtually no headline space) to the counter-demonstration is hardly convincing, especially considering the fact that entire articles were written about the counter-demonstrations in US media and many headlines mentioned them as well. Check CNN, ABC, Fox, etc.

No. The preordained headline and story in most German media were - as always: Iraq = Bush = Bad.

Actually, the organizers of the counter-demonstration state that they had 30,000 attendees while the anti-war people actually had fewer. The numbers seem to depend on the source and that source's political slant.

---"dpa blamed the low turnout "mainly" on the weather"---

That's really funny. Would that be some of the Global Warming weather we have heard so much about lately? Last week this winter was declared the warmest on record and it was too cold for the peace protestors. Not only that, there is still a few more days of winter left. Do reporters realize that they are on camera when the camera is pointed at them?

"Sweetie, you need to come up with better arguments. Lohan has been institutionalized more often than Melissa will ever be."

Germans love celebrities as much as they hate fundamentalist Christians. I have been trying to point out to the authorities here that not only Christians homeschool.

The German government already agrees that homeschooling produces better results on average than public schools. They have stated, though, that they cannot allow "parallel societies" to develop. Unless those parallel societies are "swingers" or "sex tourists" or "men who have given up on families for the bordello lifestyle" or "Muslims in Kreuzberg"...Really, the only "parallel" society I can see the German government is interested in stamping out is homeschoolers.

I think homeschooling is a double sides sworc here in germany. I basically do agree that it should be anyones right to decide where his children should be teached, but on the other hand I see a clear danger here in germany that certain ethnical groups would abuse this right to further isolate their children from the rest of society. School should also teach children to see both side of the coin and draw their own conclusions.
Unfortunately, when I think back to my school time in germany, this was not really a focus of most of the teachers back then and from what I hear this seems now to be gone almost completely as most teachers try to propagate their political agenda.


"School should also teach children to see both side of the coin and draw their own conclusions."

Agree wholeheartedly. Teaching is not to be misconstrued as indoctrination and this is a very, very poor beginning:
Deutsche Schulen erhalten 6000 DVD von Al Gores Umweltfilm. And, in the interest of fairness, this is, if true, just as absurd: Verbot für Umweltfilm in US-Schulbezirk

@Matz: "Seriously, what more coverage of pro-war counterdemonstrators at an anti-war demonstration do you expect?"

The fact that the National Park Service estimates that the support side outnumbered the anti-war side by 3 to 1?

The fact of the PURPOSE of the support rally? The fact that during an anti-war rally in January, the steps of the Capitol Building in Washington, DC, were defaced with red paint and grafitti, and the Support rally was there to protect our national monuments against defacement? And that the Gathering of Eagles rally was a GENUINE grassroots rally, put together by internet bloggers in a few weeks?

The fact that in SPITE of the fact that the anti-war rally had months to get organized and was PAID FOR by Soros and other super-wealthy leftists, the grassroots people of the Gathering of Eagles put together their OWN rally with their OWN money, and STILL outnumbered the anti-war crowd by 3 to 1?

What... Soros couldn't pay the anti-war creeps enough to stand out in the cold that day?

You DO know that a large chunk of demonstrators almost anywhere are PAID to be where they are waving signs, don't you? If you pay attention, you'll start seeing the same faces appearing at rally after rally. Please note that the German news team whom J mentioned KNEW the guy they interviewed. Where did they see him before?

But the Gathering of Eagles was GENUINE. It was REAL.

And THAT, son, MAKES it news.

[You DO know that a large chunk of demonstrators almost anywhere are PAID to be where they are waving signs, don't you? If you pay attention, you'll start seeing the same faces appearing at rally after rally. Please note that the German news team whom J mentioned KNEW the guy they interviewed. Where did they see him before?]

So true. I remember during the Seattle riots how some were practically making a business out of holding a "protest school." How to form a human chain, how to control your body weigh to make it more difficult to be picked up by the arresting officer. Tying a good bandana/make shift gas mask. I know when I lived in L.A., every single alternative newspaper's classified section ALWAYS offered the same $300-500/week job for would-be activists. Go to Craigslist and type in "activist" in the general job search menu and see what comes up in places like L.A., S.F. or N.Y.

And Matz, just because the American media is less vile towards the US than the German doesn't mean the statistics our media offers are necessarily trustworthy, as LC has pointed out.

Not to mention that the anti-war demonstrations are quite often organized by International ANSWER (front group for the communist Worker’s World Party) and many of the participants are members of ANSWER, the WWP, the RCP (Revolutionary Communist Party), CODEPINK, the Troops Out Now Coalition (another WWP front group), various anarchist groups, 9/11 conspiracists and a few odd hangers-on. One need only look at their signs (or clothes in the case of the anarchists) to see who is from what group. This information is well-known by the MSM but is never reported. The demonstration last Saturday was a perfect example of this in terms of who was represented and how it was reported (or not reported in the case of the Gathering of Eagles who greatly outnumbered the anti-war crowd).

This brought back memories of efforts by a television crew in Berlin of Nov 69 to get an undersized group of anti-Vietnam War demonstrators to march more consistently so that they would look like a larger group. The crew were stringers for ABC, with Hamburg plates on their car, as I recall. (It could have been another H-city, but the thing that interested me was that they were not West Berliners.)

That was when I was still intending to go into journalism after I got out of the Army. Naturally, I wanted to watch these guys work -- I had covered election campaigns, fires, etc. for college radio on our patchwork state network and always watched my professional colleagues for ideas. I was horrified at what I saw, as it was so much like what the critics of tv news were saying.

I experienced a number of heart-warming moments in Germany of that era, was taught a lot by German colleagues, and have run into very few problems on recent journeys back. However, on 2002 I did run into a "new German" who angrily wanted to know why American veterans would have a reunion in Berlin. He had immigrated to Berlin in the early 1990's. That is when I realized how many young people and recent immigrants in Germany are especially at risk when journalists veer from attempts at objectivity.

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