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Castro already sees his Schwedentrunk coming.

"The Viking days are gone," he said, rejecting the Cuban accusations.

"This is one of the most open countries in Europe in terms of immigration," he added.

Yeah, and a fat lot of good that's done you.

I'm going to have to side with the Cubans on this one. If we as proper socialist intellectuals have learned anything over the last 20 years, it's that the whiter the population, the more capitalist the economy... the wronger they are. Sweden really doesn't stand a chance here when faced with such a progressive and enlightened government found in present day Cuba. Not only is it Sweden's colonial Viking past we must question, but also policies such as King Charles XXII (hardly the name of a true socialist leader) invasion of Havana's former comrades in Moscow and Sweden's involvement in the African slave trade under King Gustav III which may have resulted in more African slaves imported into Swedish territory than that of the mean and nast ol' United States of America.

Clearly, this is a history of darkness and dispair. It is a history of genocide and economic hegemony. It is a history of imperialism and dispair. Oohps, I already mentioned dispair... sorry. It is a history of oppression and destruction of dignity. It is a history of Sweden. Perhaps an apology to the Cuban people is in order.

Free Knut!

OT, a few materials on the Christian Klar controversy - it turns out that our krauts have a number of videoclips of the disputed event online, all materials in German:

Grußwort Christian Klar (Abschrift)

At the end of his performance, the member of parliament reading the adress describes himself as a Bible-believing Christian.

rußwort Mumia Abu-Jamal (Abschrift)

Klar stops short of it, but Mumia does it straigtout: Heaping praise on the Televangelist of OPEC as if it was the new Martin Luther King. He quotes Chavez´ appearance on Al Jazeera TV, and examples of Chavez persona cult on the Lebanese street. Around 5 min into the clip, there also is Jamals lawyer speaking in English.

Never mind that Rosa Luxemburg is spinning in her grave. Here are a few impressions how clueless the kids in the audience really are.

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