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@Another reader: "Did either of you see the HR1 Stadgespräch "Raus aus Afghanistan?" on TV yesterday? It was about whether Germany should pull out the Tornado fighter planes. The guest opposing the planes was a (former?) officer pilot (Jürgen Rose, Oberstleutnant )[...] But the biggest shock for me was that the VAST majority of the audience was enthusiastically applauding him [...]"

I, too, was subjected to the "stadtgespräch" broadcast on hr-Fernsehen. If you think the reaction of the live audience was shocking, then read some of the comments which were sent in.

I always laugh when I hear Europeans talk about Americanization. How about the centuries of Europeanization of the planet that have left an indelible mark on the entire globe? European intellectuals seem very comortable exporting European culture and ideas but then balk when someone else exports their culture and ideas to their shores.

One could only hope the germans would also like to be out of NATO. Then again by their actions it diffcult to tell if they are in NATO.

Maybe being in NATO has become to demanding for the germans. This might be the reason the Frau is calling for the establishment of a euroland army.

The charade of being a committed NATO member in Europe. The german troop committment (IIRC 3,000) has become nothing but a pawn for internal political grandstanding. As the (political) decision was made not to allow deployment into hot spots around the country, the German troops have been made immobilized more effectively than any weapon the terrorists could have employed. Thank G-d for the KSK.

Regarding those Tornados, all 6 of them, they should simply spare the taxpayers the shipping costs of sending them to sit on an airstrip in Afghanistan. If you have no intention of getting your hands dirty, why pretend or even bother showing up?

I don't think NATO is a realistic oranization anymore when 90% of commitments are either funded or sustained by Americans. I wouldn't show to much concern over an EU Army either. Consolidating their defence forces to save money, to allocate torward growing pension and welfare concerns, will come to haunt them later.

Buckeye Abroad

Does the KSK actually do anything?

Response to Matz

"How do explain the drop in popularity in the other countries, especially in the UK, who don't consume "vicious anti-American propaganda appeared in the German media"?

The drop in popularity is a common phenomenon throughout the world, including in the UK. In the UK, most people get their news from the BBC. If you think the BBC is not slanted, Google their attempts to suppress internal reports of institutional bias against Israel. European ideologues associate Israel with the US, and, in fact, the anti-US bias in the BBC is as obvious as their bias against Israel. Many other influential British newspapers are anything but friendly to the US. In a word, it is odd that you would choose the UK as a reason to scratch your head over the drop in US popularity worldwide. Of course, I can't follow the coverage of the US in the media of every country, but I have seen the same phenomena wherever I've looked; an obsession with the US, often to the point of eclipsing interest in one's own country, and the relentless association of evil of one form or another with the US. Still, you probably could have chosen a better example than the UK. It's possible that coverage of the US in some country has been relatively "positive" compared to that in the rest of the world. I don't know the figures for Israel, for example, but, in spite of more positive coverage of the US in the media there, I suspect the same decline in popularity has occurred in that country.

The question, then, is why do so many people from so many nations, even nations that are occasionally mutually hostile, harbor the same obsessive hatred of the US? Hatred is a human emotion. As such, it is intrinsically irrational. It is not based on cool, reasoned analysis. Rather, it is a psychological response to some external stimulus. It is often expressed in the context of some kind of in-group/out-group complex, such as hatred of Jews, blacks, the bourgeoisie, or whatever. It evolved, as did the capacity for expressing all our other emotions, at least as early as a time when we lived as small bands of hunter gatherers, in contact with similar small groups, which often competed for territory, food or other resources. In those days, when our deadliest weapons were our teeth, or, perhaps, a sharpened stick, expression of hatred against out-groups helped us survive. We now live in societies that are drastically different, and the change has occurred so suddenly that the emotions that have evolved, like the rest of what we are, because they helped us survive under conditions that existed with little change for millions of years, haven't had the time to keep up. It cannot be expected that it will always be an appropriate response now that our external conditions have changed drastically.

We are now organized into “groups of hunter gatherers” tens of millions or hundreds of millions strong, armed with nuclear weapons. The blind expression of hostility towards “out-groups” has led to increasingly destructive wars and to the vicious oppression of large groups of people who have committed no other crime than their coincidental association with a particular out-group. This behavior has not been understood, but its destructive manifestations have been obvious. Some of the most destructive have been countered by including them in the context of another human evolutionary trait; the ability to make moral judgments in the context of categories of good and evil behavior. Thus, without recognizing or understanding the underlying in-group/out-group psychology, we have been conditioned to include particular manifestations of that psychology, such as racism, anti-Semitism, or religious bigotry, as evils in the context of our morality.

“You misunderstood me, I will never make such a silly simplification, reality is much more complex. I want to draw attention to the thoughtless and problematic use of the word "anti-american", which makes it more difficult to gain a deeper understanding of the things discussed here. “

In fact, the term “anti-American” as used here is neither thoughtless nor problematic. It is entirely appropriate, and requires none of the “deep understanding” you refer to. Its expression is a simple, predictable phenomenon in the context of the in-group/out-group behavior that human beings have displayed in such striking fashion since the dawn of recorded time, yet have only now begun to recognize and understand. (It happens, by the way, that one of the first great scientists and thinkers to study and document this behavior was Konrad Lorenz, a German.) I don’t presume to be able to explain precisely what human perceptions and external conditions elicit recognition of a particular category as an out-group. Nevertheless, if one were to explain the current world situation to a “control group” of humans who had grown up on another planet without any knowledge of doings on earth, and ask them, assuming for the sake of the experiment that my hypothesis about in-group/out-group behavior outlined above is correct, to choose the category of humans they thought would be most likely to be identified worldwide as the out-group, I don’t doubt that the majority of them would guess “the Americans.”

Why? Because the United States is perceived in the minds of many people worldwide as the one remaining super-power, the world’s “300 pound gorilla,” if you will. It is perceived as “different,” because of its founding principles, its religion, its history, and for many other reasons. No doubt one could cite many other reasons for the identification of the Americans as the favored out-group in the modern world, but that’s really all it takes. Under the current world circumstances, and until the situation of the US changes in the context of those circumstances, anti-Americanism is inevitable, predictable, and is a psychological phenomenon which it takes no “deeper understanding” to grasp.

Anti-Americanism, then, is real, and it is a worldwide phenomenon. As with so many other similar expressions of irrational hatred in the modern world, it is extremely destructive, not just to Americans, but to the world as a whole. Expression of anti-American hate in Germany is not benign just because it happens that the Germans themselves are unlikely to physically attack the US. That hate gives aid and comfort to and encourages the enemies of the US that actually are attacking it. The US, however, is not as limited in its ability to respond to attack as were, for example, the European Jews. Among other things, it possesses a large nuclear arsenal. Attacks such as that which occurred on 911 have already elicited calls among some of the less thoughtful of my countrymen for a response with nuclear weapons. As more 911’s occur, those calls will become louder, and will be shared by larger segments of the population. Germany will no more be able to isolate itself from the consequences of a world nuclear holocaust than it will from the attacks of the anti-American fanatics who associate their hatred with a holy cause. These are not things which must happen. They are, however, things that could happen, and the chances are not so vanishingly small that we can afford to discount the possibility.

This blog has documented the fact that Germans are not immune to anti-Americanism as a manifestation of irrational hatred. Hatred is not easy to give up. The expression of deep hatreds is pleasant, just as eating to satisfy hunger is pleasant. Predictably, rather than give up something so pleasant, many Germans have tried to rationalize their hatred, claiming that they aren’t really anti-American, but that Americans must acquire a “deeper understanding” of why irrational hate directed at them is really justified. They become willing apologists for the mass media that promote and feed their hatred.

Fortunately, this has not been true of all Germans. David recognized the destructive and irrational nature of anti-American hate, and decided to do something to counter it. His very effective little blog has been the result. I doubt that he would agree with the analysis I have given above. Rather, he responded to irrational hate the “old-fashioned” way, by identifying it as an evil, in the same category as anti-Semitism, racism, and religious bigotry. The grotesquely slanted, obsessive anti-Americanism on display in the German media, often produced by cynical profiteers who are not above feeding popular hatreds if it happens to be good for the bottom line, has made his job relatively easy. IMHO, only people who are comfortable with their own hates, and resist having them disturbed, are capable of failing to see the obvious anti-American slant in the German media so capably and copiously documented on this blog. Many people on both sides of the Atlantic have seen the justice of David’s “Medienkritik.” This has had many good results, not the least of which is the shaming of the big media hate pedlars. Predictably, the media Goliath responded with blind rage to the upstart David. When SPON expressed that blind rage publicly, it made itself a laughing stock on the pages of FAZ and a number of other German publications. Since then, the media hate pushers have generally preserved a circumspect silence in response to the bites of the Medienkritik gadfly.

Anti-Americanism is real, it is obvious, and it doesn’t take a “deeper understanding” to realize that it is destructive. What is really needed is a “deeper understanding” by the apologists for the German media of their own motives.

Helian - very good analysis.

My husband was born/raised in Sweden. He was propogandized to think that the USSR and the US were two sides of the same coin - with the US being slightly more evil. He was shocked on a school trip to Moscow to find the abject misery of the communist system. His next school summer trip was to Florida. Imagine the contast and his enlightenment.

When I am in Sweden, it never fails. There is always at least one newspaper article in the more conservative paper (Svenska Dagbladet) that "demonizes" the US. In one instance they had a news "blurb" about some racial incident that occurred 50 years ago! The constant drumbeat serves to remind people daily of how nasty and bad the US is.

It is important to remember that anti-Americanism is not new. It existed in full force even before the Revolutionary War. It began by claiming that the humid climate caused physical and mental degeneracy in humans and animals. When that proved false, it morphed into claims that "popular rule" resulting from independence from England was allowing the ignorant common man to make decisions that only the well-educated elite should make. When that claim failed, it was US industrializtion that meant the end of the blissful village life of old. Cogs in a machine rather than real humans with simple and "joyful" lives. When THAT claim failed it became pretty much what it is today - ignorant, cultureless boors flaunting their shallow greedy culture around the world. While claims of military agression come and go - it is the latter claims that persist.

I agree with the "out group" analysis. It is chic in Europe to "hate" the US. It shows you are cultured, intelligent, thoughtful and caring - everything Americans are not.

http://www.brusselsjournal.com/node/2013 has a good piece up related to this in Brussels Journal.

Regardless of the curses and complaints fired at her, America remains the last resort separating Europe from subjugation. In the manner of the drunken fool Europe throws mud at her only protector, kowtows to her would-be conquerors and ignores the contradiction.

If Brussels choses to subsidise turtles in the Indian ocean, it just shall openly declare and do so, instead of masquerading the issue behind an inverted reality narrative in which the other techniques are sanctioned.

Really, I don´t believe that the Americanisation blurb was just about food, we do not live from food only. Of course I´ve tried the American kitchen, and one clear advantage of your standardised imbiß is that it works fine with one´s primary hand in plaster, but such as the Turkish one it becomes boring rather quickly. On the other hand, many Asian imbiß feel so certain that you will like their food that they don´t even require you to bite into their culture, you can order by numbers.

My impression is that said creeping Americanisation is emanating from the culture industry, but since the actual role of this entity within America is not transparent to the outside observer, the phenomenon is described in the vague and overstretched term that is being used. It may be associated with the intelligence hydrocephalus, but that may already be too specific an assertion. If there was a domestic name for the problem, we would probably have it as a fremdwort. Now, as far as Americanisation is concerned, just look what is just right now representing America in this part of the world:

The Number 23 is a suspense film starring Jim Carrey, Virginia Madsen, and Danny Huston, directed by Joel Schumacher. It was released on February 23, 2007. The plot involves an obsession with the 23 Enigma, the Discordian belief that all incidents and events are directly connected to the number 23, some permutation of the number 23, or a number related to the number 23.

This is just the latest blatant attempt of a deliberate anti-European mindfuck being doused all over the noosphere, designed to rip apart your ideas until you become as crazy as those Robert Anton Wilson style mindpimps. The message of the Kalifate of Caliphornia is if you dare to dig into the archetypes of your culture, we control the story, we say to you this is what it means, this is how you think about it, this is the only way the story can be told and if you disagree with that we will come and do something terrible to you.

And then they have that incredibly lame excuse that all this was "just entertainment." Hardly one stone remained above another in the countless wars since the Church lost its theocratic grip on Europe, and more often than not the lack of recorded history does not make reconstruction much easier. These American narrators are ruthlessly poking in the wounds of their elder culture, and they are calling that entertainment. I for one do have a problem with that, I am not inclined to surrender my mind to any kaliphate, and besides those compatriots who would rather surrender theirs to one grounded in this part of the world, the totalitarian ambition of the American culture industry still is the problem.

How would you feel if some Bavarian brewery would be catering free beer to your Voodoo Anarchists? Now that would be just entertainment.

When did FranzisM start channeling for Georg Trakl? Is there really free beer?

Is there really free beer?

Apparently so. How else to explain that post?

hand in plaster?

Now that was entertaining....talk about cuckoo for cocoa puffs. Is there a translation available from the apparent "lost Martian off his meds" into English or German?

I get sick just looking at this...

Dump your children here’ box to stop mothers killing their babies
Roger Boyes in Berlin
Desperate mothers are being urged to drop their unwanted babies through hatches at hospitals in an effort to halt a spate of infanticides that has shocked Germany.

At least 23 babies have been killed so far this year, many of them beaten to death or strangled by their mothers before being dumped on wasteland and in dustbins.

Police investigating the murders are at a loss to explain the sudden surge in such cases, which have involved mothers of all ages all over the country.

Now city councils have launched an advertising campaign to highlight the problem and to promote greater use of the Baby-Klappe hatches that allow women to drop off their babies to be found and cared for without having to give their names. Posters were being put up in cities and towns across Germany yesterday, urging women to make use of the Baby-Klappe, with the slogan “Before babies land in the rubbish bin . . .”

The campaign has already attracted criticism from senior clergymen and from charities, including Caritas, who argue that it could actively encourage mothers to dump their children. But there is agreement that something must be done to address what appears to be an infanticide epidemic.

Last Thursday a 27-year-old woman known as Sabine H surrendered to police in an east German town after her newborn child was found in a blue plastic rubbish bag trapped in the reeds of a lake.

In the same week Monika K, 26, was arrested on suspicion of throwing her baby out of a ten-storey Hamburg apartment building, wrapped in a plastic shopping bag. She had given birth to him half an hour before, in the bath. A dog found the bag and scratched it open.

For the past week, Susanne H from Baiersdorf in Bavaria has been on trial for strangling her baby daughter and putting her in the freezer. The 39-year-old mother of two boys, aged 10 and 4, feared her boyfriend’s disapproval. “He threatened to throw me out if I concealed another pregnancy from him,” she told the court.

Another woman was arrested in Kiel a week ago after police found two dead babies in her freezer. One was stillborn a year ago; the other was a recent live birth.

Earlier this month a driver pulled up at a car park in Kiel and found the corpse of a young baby in a waste-paper basket. The DNA coincided with that of another baby who was fished out of a rubbish sorting depot a year ago; the mother has not been traced.

So far this year at least 23 cases of infanticide have come to light, well above the average. Experts believe that the true figure is even higher. Professor Helmut Kury, a criminologist, say: “Some women have a greater fear of losing their partners than of losing their child. They take desperate measures to save a relationship.”

Professor Mechthild Neises, head of the Psychosomatic Unit at the Medical University in Hanover, agreed: “Such women have usually lied about their pregnancy for so long that they have stopped believing that they are actually pregnant. When the baby suddenly arrives, they panic and just want to get rid of it.”

But the baby-drops, modelled on foundling wheels that were first used in Italy in medieval times, are not the final antidote to these killings. “Often the mother is under such psychological pressure that she doesn’t even register alternatives like the Baby-Klappe,” Dr Neises said.

But they do offer an alternative for some mothers. The drop-off point is usually hidden from view, shielded by trees and away from security cameras. The baby is put on to a tray that slides through a hole in the wall and is gently lowered into a heated cot. An alarm bell alerts nursing staff — but only after the mother has been given sufficient time to make a getaway. The baby can be reclaimed, usually up to three months later, should the mother change her mind.

In Berlin the posters, giving full addresses and phone numbers of three hospitals with baby-drops, are sponsored by Hans Wall, a businessman whose company maintains bus shelters and public lavatories. A baby was dumped in one of his shelters on a cold night last January. He became its godfather and will finance its education.

Political support for the campaign has come from the Greens, but the Government is more wary, fearing legal problems. On occasions children with severe disabilities or babies aged over 3 months have been dumped: both in breach of the law.

“There are serious legal and professional arguments against baby-drops,” a government spokeswoman said. “But we cannot ignore the fact that they can save lives.”

In Berlin alone 6 babies have been pushed through a slot since they were introduced in 2003. Initial scepticism started to melt after a woman in eastern German was arrested for letting nine of her babies die. Some were buried in plant pots in her garden.

This is an instructive example what I mean with wounds in the culture. The bitterness with which the fight over the abortion issue has been pursued in the 20th century has surely left its traces on the cultures.

America has her own wounds from this, such as an irrational fear in the Supreme Court, that, if Cannabis prohibition was ended on the spot, this would effectively amount to spiritually surrendering the country to said Robert Anton Wilson, which to a certain extent also may have translated into external policies.

Besides that, I think what I - as you termed it - "channeled" yesterday might rather have been inspired by Wolfgang Neuss than by Georg Trakl. As far as the freibier is concerned, I suppose it will only materialise if somebody asks Peter Gauweiler to campaign for it, and I don´t see why I should.

Pamela - see the pic of the hand =;-/

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