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"They say you can measure a person's greatness in part by the enemies he attracts. If the same can be said of blogs, Davids Medienkritik is in good company."

I'm not sure I understand. While I agree that "pissing off all the right people" may indicate one's clout and influence, from reading your description of Herr Kuelbel I don't see anything indicating that his ideas hold any particular influence in German society or that he gets much press time outside non-fringe publications.

If your claim is that he only attacks the credible and respected, then I see your point but I'm curious to know how much actual harm you expect this whackjob to cause you? Allegations of pedophilia are about as nasty and venomous as they come, but having DMK readers personally contact a recalcitrant blowhard seems pretty futile to me. I don't know anything about German slander law but wouldn't the legal system be more apt to handle the potential fallout from his lies?

Perhaps a little more tolerance is called for here. After all, there is a huge unemployment problem among former STASI shills, and this guy has just found a solution the only way he knows how. Instead of whoring for Honecker, he now whores for Hezbollah. You have to be creative if your only life skill is bending over and spreading your cheeks.

@ icarus,

He can't do us much harm at all. But I feel when someone bullies and slanders you in the most outrageous way in a given forum (in this case the Internet) that it is appropriate to stand up to the bully and push back in the same forum. I'm not going to try to take legal action against this chump, that is frankly not worth the time and money. As I noted in my post, about a dozen other German bloggers saw fit to respond in much the same way. Further, I think it is useful to warn others about this individual.

Finally, pointing out this person's activities also provides a good illustration for readers in the English-language world about exactly how insane extremists in Germany can get. It is also useful to point out the very real connection between members of the far left and Middle Eastern terror organizations. As far as contacting him goes, it is really up to you to do so or not - the contact information we list has been posted publicly by Mr. Kuelbel himself. We are not telling anyone they must do so but simply offering that option if they so chose.

I completely agree that this guy is about as crazy as it gets, and needless to say, his political stance is revolting. Moreover, I can understand that since DMK has been attacked by Kuebel, it is only natural and perfectly legit to respond. As you pointed out, DMK is in good company as far as his attacks are concerned.

That said, this guy really has literally _no_ influence whatsoever in German politics and has been dealt with adequately by many German blogs. With his odd cv he is somewhat of a laughing stock even among the few leftist Germans who actually are aware of him or his theories. Many don't even know him. Judging from my circle of friends and their opinions, I'd say he pretty much falls into the same category as "Callboy Torsten" -- well-known on the internets, suing people, you know, the whole show, but no real life influence _at all_. He might have sympathizers on the lunatic fringe, but oh well, that is exactly that: the lunatic, communist fringe that is driven by conspiracy theories. They are the tiny minority even in the Linkspartei. So, is he "a good illustration for readers in the English-language world about exactly how insane extremists in Germany can get?" Possibly. But how is he any different from US conspiracy theorists such as Alex Jones? Lunatics blaming a CIA inside job for 9/11 are by no means a German specialty.

@ tibor,

Well, you have a point. This guy really is far out - that's obvious - and maybe I should have just ignored the attacks. But let me ask you this: Would you have just ignored someone smearing you online as he has attempted to do to us? Would you just ignore someone trying to associate you with pedophilia in the most disgusting and backhanded way? Perhaps some of you are a bit more restrained than I. I take my hat off to you if you are - but I just won't allow someone to bully me, my site and my friends in that manner.

Further, Mr. Kuelbel is unfortunately taken seriously by some Middle Eastern sources for obvious reason and his stuff gets translated into English which can bleedover into English sources and - taken out of context - possibly give his ideas some legitimacy to those who don't know his background. In that sense this is a warning to non-Germans about where this source is coming from.


Well, I am not criticizing you for not ignoring the attacks. Like I've said, I think that's very natural, understandable and as such perfectly legit. Most people would probably react like that, and there is certainly nothing intrinsically wrong with it.

My point was that Kuebel is a lunatic, sure, who just happens to be German. Accordingly, his brand of conspiracy theory is not specifically "German," nor has he any influence in German politics. So I didn't really see the the reason you would argue that he was "a good illustration for readers in the English-language world about exactly how insane extremists _in Germany_ can get." That's all.

@ tibor,

Point well taken. Sadly, there are plenty of crazy ideas to go around. This is by no means limited to Germany and I did not intend to imply that, so please forgive me if it came out that way. As you yourself pointed out, many insane ideas come from other parts of the world, including the US. Just think Michael Moore, Susan Sontag and Gore Vidal.

IM Dhimmi apologises to Damascus would be a better title.

If the man, as it seems, thinks of himself as a kind of heir of Erich Mielke, it makes me curious what he might feel about the site of the Yasser Arafat visit now being taken over by Gehlens Erben... envy, probably.

DMK is an important site and the authors do a great job.

I think it totally appropriate to call him out publicly. I guess I just naturally look askance at any [implied] suggestions to contact a private individual as his "livelihood" doesn't depend on any public election or business patronage.

I agree that full litigation would likely be a waste and definitely wasn't suggesting an immediate trip to the courthouse clerk, but sometimes a brutally eloquent one page letter from a lawyer is sufficient.

Ich muss zugeben, dass ich früher den Campo-Blog gelesen habe (und in der ersten Zeit auch für gut befunden habe). Den Blog hatte ich auch bis Herbst 2005 auf meinem eigenen Blog verlinkt. Ich habe auch die erste Linkliste zu Davids Linksammlung gepostet (mea culpa).

Woher jedoch die weiteren Kommentare unter meinem Namen stammen ist mir völlig schleierhaft und ist mir auch leider erst jetzt aufgefallen, da ich den Diskussionsverlauf nicht weiter verfolgt habe... und beschwert über die Linkentfernung habe ich mich auch nicht...?!

@ Trafo,

Someone apparently took on your name. We have since banned that practice in our comments section. The bottom line as that the entire attempt to smear us with this non-connection is utterly absurd and the act of a pathetic, desperate individual.

Thank you. The dirt-swirling is really a shame but it can't be ignored when you get affected by those weirdos.

Ray and David, sorry for the smear you are subjected to. He was unknown to me prior to your post, I hope he remains lost in insignificance.

I find his name interesting. This is the child of parents perverted enough to name their child for the first murderer of Jewish legend. And he takes pride in his name: he signs himself, it seems, as Cain Kuebel. Even before he became a Stasi agent, he must have come from a strange, destructive, fanatical background.

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