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Batting practice.

It worked against the Soviets, it is working against China ---------

How, pray tell, is 'containment' working against China? What worked against the Soviets were

- the internal economic contradictions of the USSR

- a kick-ass economic model of the U.S. that could suck the USSR into a downward spiral of defense spending that could not be sustained

- Poland & the Vatican

That is not containment strategy. That is war by means that were not all overtly military.

and it will work against any Muslim nation that gets uppity. The "We embrace Death" propaganda is just that, propaganda for people who fail to inform themselves about Islamism.

'uppity'. Well, if so, should not Germany be working on its trade relations w/Iran? Or perhaps Iran is not one of those 'uppity' nations?
Germany is Iran's No 1 European trade partner and its booming import-export with Iran will be a net casualty of any UN (or other) sanctions on Iran, compared with the United States, which has practically no economic interests at stake in Iran as a result of 27 years of US sanctions.

And if you can find the time, please educate me on how the "We love death" mantra is merely propaganda fed to people like me who, according to you, are uninformed about Islamism.

The pacifist outlook is a direct result of the fact that most Germans associate the Holocaust with war in general and not just WW II.

Well, I have no way of knowing if this is the view of 'most' Germans.

But if I look at this logically I analyze your remark as:

- All wars result in genocide

(do you guys learn anything about Venn diagrams in school?)

Unfortunately for your argument, WWII was the only conflict that gave us the Holocaust. WWI is pretty clean on that score. So, if 'most' Germans believe the Holocaust is attributable to 'war in general', I must admit I long to be informed on how an entire culture could be remiss in using Judenfrei in WWI and I just missed it.

But let's forget about the Jews for a moment. Such nags.

I am unaware of any war that a European country engaged in that has used a particular ethnic population as justification for waging war, of stripping that population of all its wealth in order to wage war, or of using some of that that wealth in order to manufacture an industry dedicated to the wholesale slaughter of said population, not least in order to steal its property in order to wage war.

Nor am I aware of any country that elected a leader that wrote a manifesto prior to his election that specifically targeted an ethnic population.

But that's just me.

Hitler's Beneficiaries: Plunder, Racial War, and the Nazi Welfare State

"compared with the United States, which has practically no economic interests at stake in Iran as a result of 27 years of US sanctions."

It seems to me that 27 years of sanctions, i.e. non-trade and leaving all the nice profits to the dear European allies, could be called with some justification "economic interests at stake".
No, you don't have to answer and tell me it's all only because US are the good guys and Iran is the bad guy - I know that myself. A Mr. Obering on an anti-american german Channel called "ZDF" told me.

Note from David: Sorry, W, I had to delete your comment since you refered and (therefore) repeated U's words. U doesn't stand a chance to have his comments published here.

Apologies to you.

If only Allen Dulles had listened to Graf von Stauffenberg!


What did I just miss? rats.

Note from David: Sorry, W, I had to delete your comment

No problem, there is more where that came from ;-)

What did I just miss?

Nothing but yet another apologizer/troll...

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