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That's the great thing about laws restricting free speech: You can always find an excuse to prosecute people who say something you don't like, while claiming free speech when someone makes ugly remarks that you do like. The verdicts in these cases speak volumes about modern Europe.

Gebirgsjäger? But that´s our boys in Afghanistan...

As to Dieter Klarmann, patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel.

In law the letter of the law is applied, not its intended goal. "Glory and Honor of the Waffen-SS!" was never used in the 3rd Reich so much to my dismay the Nazis go free; the symbols on the anti-Nazi leaflet were used and thus the author violated the letter of the law. Arrgh, I hate bad pieces of legislation.

Please revisit "U.S. Fuel Efficiency Policies", my comment. I have found better material (EPA): fuel efficiency for model year 2006 is 35 mpg for Germany vs. 22.3 mpg for the US. Details in my comment, please take replies there.

I don't miss Gunter, other than for the target practice I got out of it, but I must say this piece provides support for something we argued about. Remember when the discussion about releasing Klar and Mohnhaupt came up? Gunter said they - and what they represented - no longer were perceived as threats, so what's the big deal? This piece essentially says exactly the same thing about German society.

As a matter of fact, today's NYT carries a piece about the Klar/Mohnhaupt case and quotes a German official saying :
“We have enough to do fighting militant jihad terrorism,” said Rolf Tophoven, a counterterrorism expert. “In comparison to Al Qaeda, the Red Army Faction will only be a footnote in the history books.”

What does fighting islamic terrorist have to do with releasing or not releasing the RAF murderers? I don't have the feeling we are THAT busy fighting against the jihadists, although I wish we were.

What does fighting islamic terrorist have to do with releasing or not releasing the RAF murderers?

Nothing. The remark illustrates the point Gunter made and that is also made in the article that Rosenthal has translated - agents of what are now perceived to be forces that are no longer threatening are not worth receiving the punishment they earned.

Nazis and RAF - they are so over.

And I do think your country is helping in the fight - just not publicly.

laws restricting free speech

I never recovered from the does Gerhard dye his hair debate/reaction/etc.

It is unfortunate Germany does not support free speech. I cannot believe the welfare state is so weak in principles it cannot take on the neo-nazis in the public square of ideas and defeat them.

This is really sad.

Free speech in Germany is not the same free speech as it is in the USA.

re: "those "Amis" have such absurd laws: in America, for example, one can sue the tobacco industry for damages if one gets lung cancer from smoking too much."

I have to admit that I found that pretty absurd, too. After all, tobacco products have had health warnings on the packages for about 40 years that I know of.

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