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my attention was just directed to this little gem:


along with a note that i cannot take credit for despite its brilliance:

"danke Oesterreich! This is why any Austrian trying to lecture
on u.s. policy needs a kick in the nuts."

i fully agree.

The facts presented here regarding Al-Masri's past and present in contrast to the image that he is trying to create with the help of the MSM and it's anti-american bias should convince even the biggest pacifist that the CIA is not randomly roaming Europe's streets in search for alleged terrorists. The Munich verdict is embarassing for Germany. I wish they would cut welfare especially to non-citizens in order to sweep out breeding grounds for sleeper cells and jihadists. Al-Masri is the exact opposite of those immigrants who work hard and try to integrate themselves, but unfortunately he's not alone with his attitude and behaviour.

If he can´t even stare a welfare bureaucrat quietly into the ground, how did he plan to face the terror financiers, with his fists?

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