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Is Stoiber the bavarian version of Bush? People love to hate him...

Leadership has always been challenged throughout history and is nothing new. What is new however is the speed at which events are reported. Maybe people should start thinking before they report a story. They are always in a rush to be the first with a story, especially if it is a story that they so dearly want to have as true.

>> Is Stoiber the bavarian version of Bush?

A nice comparison. They definitely both have the media (= many people) against them. Stoiber is compared to most of the other important figures in our political landscape a good politician and he had undeniable successes. I therefore don't really understand the DMK criticism - who are the alternatives?

Is it not allowed to post comments in german?

Notiz von David: Sie können in Deutsch oder in Englisch schreiben.
Ray und ich haben unterschiedliche Regeln für die Behandlung von Kommentaren zu unseren jeweiligen Postings. Ich lösche eher, wenn ich den Eindruck habe, jemand betreibt co-blogging, d.h. er meldet sich mit hämischen Kommentaren praktisch bei jedem Posting. In solchen Fällen empfehle ich regelmäßig die Einrichtung eines eigenen Blogs.

The current Foreign Minister of Germany is a political fossile from the Schröder years whose days are numbered.

Which political party can provide an anti-idiotarian candidate for Foreign Minister and who would that be?

I was always told that Stoiber was a bit of a corrupt political relic himself. Sort of like the Italian Christian Democrats who had a stranglehold on power in Italy for decades despite all sorts of corruption allegations (even before "Clean Hands"). Can anyone enlighten me please?

Stoiber ran the failed conservative election campaign of 1980.

His party had a candidate famous for his attempt to convince the Kennedy administration of the spiritual advantage of a German nuclear arsenal.

A week before the election a bomb went off at the Münchner Oktoberfest leaving 13 dead 211 wounded. Some German counterpart to Timothy McVeigh.

If you want a comparison take Spain. Aznar got the first UN resolution in world history mentioning a terrorist organisation by name, Stoiber didn´t drive as deep into absurdity back then, did he?

Anyways, you might think 1980 was far away but then consider what the US President of that time does now.


This is a bit off topic but interesting none the less. Look at the maps on both links.



(Update) Edmund Stoiber is driving into absurdity again:

Bavarian Prime Minister Edmund Stoiber on Sunday criticized the decrees legitimizing the expulsion of several million ethnic Germans from Czechoslovakia at the end of World War II.

"The Benes decrees are incompatible with the law, the spirit and the culture of Europe," he told a rally of the Sudeten German Association in the Bavarian city of Augsburg.

Stoiber said human rights, freedom, justice and the right to a homeland were basic rights in the European Union. The future of Europe could be built on this, he said, not on a set of laws leading to expulsions.

Historically, the Benes Decrees are the last page of the Munich Agreement.

All these things can be said about the entire thing, but limiting this criticism in that way is lame.

And absurd, since the Sudeten refugees and their descendants have got a new homeland in Bavaria.

Next thing he will be promoting the Palestinians´ "right to a homeland"...?

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