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Well it is nice to see that Merkel is prepared to prevent any real reductions in emissions that might cause either profit erosion or the loss of jobs.

Maybe someone from the Fatherland can explain the difference between her position and that of the US.

I see little difference except for the signing of Kyoto. This has meant little in practical terms other than allowing Germans to continue their collective illusion of moral superiority.

Remember Germans care about the environment. In fact, they care more about the environment than they do the threat of terrorism which we all know is caused by the actions of the US anyway.


Wow I am quite overwhelmed by the amount of partisanship displayed here. Isn't it obvious that such a carbon dioxide regulation does not make sense on an individual company-by-company base?

If the goal is to cut emissions by, say, 6%, it makes much more sense to apply restriction that will actually lower the emissions per car individually by 6%. That means a luxury car would have to cut its emissions by 6%, and a small city car as well.
Fixed, non-relative restrictions would, in order to achieve an overall 6% reduction in emissions, result in the luxury car segment having to reduce its emissions by an extremely high value, while the city car would hardly have to make changes. From an engineering point of the view solving the latter problem might be nigh to impossible, while the former suggestion would not pose too big of a problem.
It is, of course, fairly obvious that the French car makers would prefer having German manufacturers to bear the burden of the carbon dioxide reductions. I can only hope that Germany does not fall again for French unilateralism (which many here, ironically, fail to identify when they are on the other side of the prism).

It is always fun to watch Germany twist and turn in its own web of hypocrisy. Then again Germans never see this.

First we have this headline and lead on Frau Merkel defending German interests.

Merkel defies EU on car emissions
German chancellor Angela Merkel has pledged to oppose a strict EU limit on cars’ CO2 emissions, in defiance of draft commission plans.

Followed by an Expatic headline
Germany demands EU action on emissions

Germany, which is current president of the European Union, said Friday it would push EU laggards to agree to tougher cuts in carbon-dioxide emissions in the light of a UN report confirming that climate change is real.

From the reliable news source Spiegel On Line we have this headline.
A Tropical Germany by 2100?
By Roland Nelles, Sebastian Knauer and Horand Knaup

We are asked to believe the models used to predict global warming yet for some reason demographic models are not believable. But if combine these two models we will find that in the year 2100 the land mass known as Germany will be an interesting place. There will be significant less of the German tribe. The climate should make the majority muslins feel right at home.

So climate change has an upside it would seem.

In Germany the media has a perpensity to report everything in worst case scenarios on every subject. LIke Goebbels said tell the lie often enough, it becomes the truth. Painting that picture will condition the "Volk" for more and more taxes, after all, it is for their own good.
Personally I feel "why would I believe people who can't forecast the weather a week in advance, predict the weather 100 years from now?


A very good observation. Then again I am not one who happens to believe we know enough about climate change. However, it seems to be a religion in Germany.

There was a most interesting article in the WSJ today about a new variable which has been both overlooked and which seems to impact climate change – comastic rays.

I am sure the french will propose some tax on these.

As for the demographic models they do seem to have more creditability. One needs only look at the 2006 birthrate for Germany. There is no indication this trend will change.

Weather is not climate.

Cosmic rays not considered? Oh really?

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