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I think the main reason why Honecker got a different treatment than Ceaucescu was because he was not feared as much. The bloody images of the corpse of the Romanian dictator served exactly that purpose, to compensate for strong fears that had accumualated over the time.

If Honecker was to be compared to a foreign dictator, the most probable candidate would be Ferdinand Marcos. There were rumours that his wife had a fetish for shoes too.

Well this case is one of many and it is just like I pointed out: Once their ideological base is gone, many are happy to see them leave. No more need for additional punishment.
This proceeding isn´t uncommon in other countries either: Think of what happened to Napoleon once he was defeated.

if there's nothing to report on, just wait until something pops up. this entry is ridiculous... the photoshopped honecker in a noose? come on.

I had no idea that Eric Honecker died in Chile. That’s pretty ironic, considering the German MSM’s preoccupation with Pinochet.. I wonder who got more negative obituaries in the German press,,,,Honecker or Pinochet?

Also, Chile’s Social Democrat Presidenta, Michelle Bachelet, fled to East Germany shortly after the coup against Allende. Her father was an Allende supporter within the military. She was educated in the East German system. I wonder if Bachelet’s family had anything to do with Honecker choosing Chile for exile?

Honecker was accused of the indirect responsibility of 68 deaths.
How many people were (indirectly) killed by Nixon when Pinochet overthrown democratically elected Allende in Chile?
Who blamed Nixon for that? Any "reasonable" court?
And that was just one example.

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