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Sec. Baker has said and argued that Syria can be "flipped" merely by tempting them to negotiate the status of the Golan Heights. But he does not mention either Israel's position or any of the relevant UN resolutions. So I guess if by following this strategy the US doesn't acheive anything it won't be because it was a lousy idea to start with but that it was either impelmented too late or that Bush really didn't have any faith in the initiative. And then if their is some kind of success then the US will be portrayed as a rank incompetent that should have taken European advice much sooner. In other words a no win situation that the US should actually give no more than lip service on CNN.

Who cares what any German has to say about the matter? When the Germans are in a position to actually DO something significant about matters in the Middle East, then I MIGHT give them a listen.

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