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Yes, I am almost shocked that Saddam's horrible crimes are being mentioned on German TV (watching n-tv).

Of course, much of the rubbish on CNN almost goes so far as to humanize this ruthless tyrant.

I'm sure Saddam and Uncle Joe Stalin are comparing notes right now.

Chirac is quite relieved. Dead men tell no tales. Next time a Euro rants about America's death penalty, ask them why Chirac, et. al. were so quiet when it came to Saddam's execution.

Of course, the »Tagesschau's« RSS feed gave me this article, saying that Iraqis don't feel any more secure....

I hope the Iraqis will now be able to build a nation with less violence from those who want and need to disturb any progress. Seems like wishful thinking at the moment, I have to admit. But I always supported the liberation and I still do.

Is German television showing the video of the execution? Amercian TV is, up to the point the noose is placed around his neck.

He looked sad and resigned. Almost human.

Yes, at least N24 sent the video of the execution. If you could read Chinese, you'll more @#[email protected], coz many chinese people feel that Saddam is a hero, like Mao.

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