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Of course these disgusting people are anti-American. They are old-European Socialists, enemies of most of the values that America stands for. They hope that the Democrats think like them. Unfortunately, at least for parts of the Democratic party that seems very much to be the case.

I always get a kick out of reading these kinds of things. Europe's Socialists would do well to remember that George Bush is still the President of the US and will be for the next 2 years -- not Howard Dean, not Nancy Pelosi, and not Harry Reid. Regardless of who's officially in charge of Congress and what their platform is, as things stand now, if Bush (or the Republicans, in general) doesn't want something to happen, it ain't gonna happen.

Btw, Howard Dean *is* a chump, so it doesn't take much skill to play him for one.

Howard Dean is not a good person to talk to in terms of continuity. His latest attempt at having himself removed from his position is calling for the congress to seat a democrat Christine Jennings who lost the election instead of Vern Buchanan, who won. Jennings is calling for a statistical recalculation of the votes because not everyone, voted for everyone that they could vote for. Neither did I, I don't vote for unopposed candidates who would win with one vote. The US is not a compulsory voting State and therefore the statistical argument is corrupt. The public drives the vote not statistics.

Well, "by their words shall ye know them": "we are not anti-American, we want the real America, your America.

That's all that needs to be said. The rest is irrelevant. Only if you are accepted by the EU Left and you are close to their ideology are you a "real American".

This statement is a display of arrogance not only because it ignores the non-Democrat parrt of America, but mostly because the EU Left clearly believes it can decide what "real America" is. The character of "real America" is not decided by Americans, but by the EU Left.

It's been claimed that the hatred, sorry, strong dislike, coming from the EU is all "about Bush", once Bush is gone better times will come for the EU-America relations. Now it seems that the goalposts have moved slightly. It's not only about Bush, it's also about that pesky 50+% of Americans who voted for Bush. In the end is it "about Bush", or is it about more than half of Americans?

Given the fact that the EU Left doesn't consider non-Democrats to truly represent "real America", the question is how do they interact with America when the Americans in power are not their ideological cousins? Do they interact in a cooperative, productive manner, regardless of ideological differences? The answer normally should be "Yes!", but what would compel them to do so if they do not consider their counterparts to represent "real America". I guess it's only fair to conclude that the way the EU Left interacts with America is influenced by their ideology.

When I was a kid my father would keep telling me no to lie because lies have short legs. I did of course the opposite; I took that as an invitation to tell lies and prove that they can have long legs. After a while I realized that no matter how much you stretch the legs of a lie eventually they will snap and the truth will hit you in the face. That's exactly what happened here: the claim that "we like American and Americans, we just don't like Bush" has become a lot more difficult to defend (not that some won't try to do it). This Leftist lie has been uncovered, not by some nefarious right-wing conspiracy, but by the Left's own words. The truth is finally out: it's not only "about Bush, it's "about Bush plus at least 50% of Americans".

Will we now see headlines all over EU saying "EU Socialists offend half of Americans, claiming they don't represent real America"? The anti-Americanism of the EU media is excused as being simple sensationalism. Where is their sensationalism now? Isn't this story sensational enough?

That's all that needs to be said

I wish.

We're going into a tunnel for at least the next 2 years.

The EU is a two dollar whore dressed up for a ten dollar rodeo.

I'm not happy

For the record, although part of the Democrat party base are socialists... by far most US Democrats are not socialists. These statements by Euro socialists just further demonstrate their ignorance of things 'American'.... Just as GW Bush is not as bad as they make him out to be, the Democrat party is not as much like them as they would believe either. Euro socialists are largely in an immature fantasy world... Partially tilting at windmills to make the world interesting... partially conspiracy theorist... totally lame and out of touch...

But just think all the atavistic believers of the Third Way can hold more conferences. Unfortunately none of the luminaries from the last gatherings, except for PM Blair, still hold power. Don't forget the Fair Trade sunblock on the trip to the emerald City.

Like I said in an earlier thread of this sort: the Dems aren't going to impress Eurosocialists one bit. They won't agree to Kyoto, although they'll make some noises about it. They may not even raise taxes - shockingly, they're discovering that raising taxes isn't exactly a vote-magnet. And, other than a few fools and wackjobs, they won't even cut&run in Iraq. And their populist focus will be on trade questions - not exactly something that will warm the cockles of European hearts.

I figure Eurosocialists will rediscover their traditional anti-Americanism within two or three months of Nancy's Speakership...

And American Democrats in Congress will not abandon captialism to please European leftists and Huga Chavez. It seems that the Presidential veto is not understood by the Euros.

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