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OT: Berlin seems to be moving in the direction of Paris. http://www.tagesspiegel.de/politik/archiv/17.11.2006/2903872.asp

Bald Französische Verhältnisse in Deutchland? Well, not so soon, but as long as Gutmenschen are setting the tone, things will only get worse.

This is OT, too, but I'm curious. We know what Französische Verhältnisse and Amerikanische Verhältnisse are (without getting into specifics, just think "bad"), but what exactly are German Verhältnisse and how are they different (besides the obvious implication that they are "superior" to the others)?

More OT, I haven't seen any spin regarding that incredible admission by the NYTimes about Iraq's WMD program. It basically validates everything the "right" has been saying all along. Could it be that this is just one of those things that most folks (well, at least 51%, anyway) hope goes away if they simply ignore it?

first of all, the resource of this article, moveamericaforward.org, is administed by rightist. so to me it appears weird, you complain about the leftists in germany and counter it with rightist media from the u.s.

Note from David: OHMYGOD - Rightist!!! How could we... Heartfelt apologies!

second is, that this article is blank euphemism. "Coalition Forces have wreaked havoc upon the Islamic terrorist groups who have waged a guerilla campaign since Saddam’s military was defeated." yeah, sure. lol. they only kidnap or kill hundreds each day.

It's official now, thanks to Loddar: no terrorists killed so far.

"... prevent him from aiding and abetting terrorist organizations with aims to attack the United States and our interests." do you really believe saddam supported islamists, who want to establish theocracy?

Note from David: Saddam aided terrorists organizations - that's not a believe, it's a fact.

he was a dictator, a sunnit, and he would have lost his power to shiite mullahs. today iraq is a playground for terrorists. a breeding-place.
"Defeat in Iraq, which we define as an immediate or near-immediate withdrawal of U.S. forces from Iraq, would have devastating geopolitical consequences" That is the only sentence i agree with. and it is not an american issue anymore, unfortunately. the whole world should support the pacifying process in iraq, especially europe, russia, china and the moderate arabic states.

Note from David: OK, let's start the "pacifying process". Germans to the front, as in Afghanistan!


While I do not disagree with your analysis, I do disagree with the percentages you cite. Only about 23% of Americans self identify as liberals. This means those who identify themselves as either independents or moderates were the ones who voted to give Congress to the demos.

I had the pleasure of spending an evening with my very best friend this week. He is what I would call a neo moderate. When one examines his positions on issues they are conservative yet he does not consider himself to be conservative. I have no idea who he voted for in the Senate race in Virginia as it did not come up and I consider it not something which needed to be shared.

What was interesting from my perspective were the following. He stated he felt 75% of the media was liberal and bias against both conservatives and Republicans. I asked him to identify the 25% that were not. He had difficulty with that and ended up citing mostly local news organizations. The second thing was his strong belief that the US needed to get out of Iraq. And finally what was most disappointing and mildly depressing is how uninformed he was on key issues facing America. His knowledge was limited to the line taken by the M$M.

Much like the demos, he could identify problems but had no solutions other than one should not depend on government. He believes our freedoms are being taken from us not by the Republicans but by the Left and we are heading for socialism.

So at the end of the evening, I considered him to be someone who voted for the demos.

My final question to him was how many Americans did he think would have to die before the nation realized it was in a generational war. He stated he was not sure. My response was that it was obvious that 3,000 was not enough.

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