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On this side of the pond, we've been reading about a Luthern minister who committed suicide via self-immolation at the Erfurt monastery. Obviously a very tormented indidual. In his farewell remarks to his wife he said he was setting himself on fire to warn against the danger of the Islamization of Europe.

Is this getting any attention over there? How is it being taken?

I haven't seen anything about it in the American newspapers, though I admittedly haven't been looking too closely. If he had been protesting Bush, he would no doubt have his visage on thousands of t-shirts soon.

Stop with the pictures of Burka porn! I can see her shapely, svelte, shaved eyebrows! Those come hither eyes! She has mosque tramp written all over her. And the tight fitting, non-winter weight fabric! VavavVooom! Huba Huba!

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