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Oh Please don't stop how would we know we were doing the right thing.

And I can tell you that one unintended consequence that these yahoos didn't expect.

After 9/11 Americans started to pay attention to what is being said about us in Europe.

And guess what?

The feeling has become mutual.

And you thought we were nice.

Not to mention stupid.

(btw: dang David! That was one hell of a post on such short notice!)

Note from David: It's Ray's posting. (Of course, I agree 10 percent with him. But all the glory belongs to him.)

"The rude awakening for America's Democrats will come..."

They have no idea...literally.

Karsten Voigt talks about stereotypes? Oh yes, I forgot of course only Bush triggered them. How could a culturally superior German ever lose his sense of reality, since we are so well informed and always critical towards imperialism?!
Old Europe's attitudes will wake up the Democrats for sure. Did anybody notice that war supporter Liebermann won in CT against the DP with the votes of Republicans (the GOP candidate got 10 %!). How could this happen if everybody is so fed up with Bush and Iraq?

And the tricky thing is that those anti-American stereotypes may well get _stronger_ with Dems running Congress. I'm sure that Eurolefties are drooling at the thought that Bush will be impeached, that the US will enact Kyoto, and the US will pull out of Iraq tomorrow. The reality is that none of these things will happen, because the Dem hold on Congress is weak, and any of these three would be political suicide. They'll sniff around, bills will be put forth that will die quietly in committee, but even Nancy Pelosi is smart enough to know that if the next two years is spent screwing around with Bush, a re-energized group of new Republicans will be in charge in 2008.

In some ways, Dems are in the classic "be careful what you wish for: you may get it!" situation. They appear to be in power, but are so weak that they can't do much of anything but make noise. And since it's a Democratic congress making noise, it will reflect poorly on the Dems. Bush is now in a situation similar to Clinton in 1998 - a nasty Congress that hates him will be dumb and he can quietly act Presidential while they hang themselves.

As for Eurolefties, they'll wonder why the US hasn't committed to Kyoto, why the Iraq War is still going on, and why Bush isn't hanging instead of Saddam. And they'll _really_ hate the US if the Dems lose big in 2008 because they tried to do any of the above.

And I'm sitting here hearing Chuck Schumer explain to me how Pelosi is really a nice Catholic girl from Baltimore.

/no sarc, no bullshit

Great post Ray.

The only thing I can foresee for certain in the near future is Congress providing the media with political theater to help pave the way for Hillary in the 2008 election. Meaningless investigations and disucssions of an impeachment trial will be whats in store for the next 18 months, all for not in the end, with loads of unfounded acqusations and editorial droppings to keep the circle jerk going.

If the dems stop the support of the iraqi provisional govt. and withdrawl US troops [even giving a deadline], there is going to be a SE Asia 70's style redux in the Middle East as the civil war ensues to fill the vacuum. Pakistan will probably have an attempted, and possibly successful, coup. The Kurds will not achieve an autonomy and will continued to be persecuted and the factional fighting for power will definitely kill more innocent iraqis than the current jihadis blowing them up. The war won't end, it will just intensify. Iran will without fear of reprisials crank up their nuclear arms program as it already has proven how feckless the EU and UN are regardless of their stated intentions. Once US troops are out of the region, the last possible threat of retaliation is removed. I don't think Israel has the capacity to pacify strictly form the air, so we will have another nuclear armed islamic state [which will spread]. The chance for democracy in the Middle East will be extinguished with smug pleasure by all the western elites smiling on assuring another, deadlier conflict in the future.

Here's hoping I'm wrong.

Buckeye Abroad

Have no fear. What needs to be done will be done.

Pamela and Buckeyer Abroad,

But think at the end of the day, there will be stability in the ME and that is what euroland wants more than anything.

Just to put a little perspective on this:

1. Bush is still the President of the US and Commander-in Chief of the US Armed Forces (with Congressional authority to do whatever is necessary to win the GWOT) -- nothing has changed there. The rest of the world will still have to deal with Bush and his administration -- not with the Democrats.

2. Assuming Allen loses his VA Senate seat, the Senate will have 51 Democrats and 49 Republicans -- a majority for the Democrats in name only, and not enough to overturn any vetos. They'll get to set the agenda and, to the extent that there is common ground between the Dems and Republicans, may actually get a thing or two done. But, the 49 Republicans are not going to go away, nor rollover (hopefully). This is a classic prescription for gridlock -- which may actually be a good thing.

3. The situation in the House is not much different from the Senate. The Democrats have a majority in name only -- not a "workable" majority.

So, as someone said above, the Democrats are in a "be careful what you wish for" situation. Congratulations, you won! Don't screw it up. There's no where to go but down.

I am so pleased that now that Nancy Pelosi is in charge of America, we will now have culture in our land. Opera, symphonies, theatre will rise spontaneously...gone are Joe and Jane Sixpack, pick-up trucks and trailer parks. No more elderly freeaing in winter and broiling in summer until dead. No more uninsured for health care families, and best of all, no more greedy, blooksucking captalists. No more cat 5 hurricanes with accompaning floods. New Orleans will rise from the ashes and be flood free for evermore. Hallelujah! America has been saved and will become the twin of the European utopia. No doubt our birthrate will fall to European levels and we soon will be dying faster than we can replace ourselves. What a glorius future to look forward to with little or no economic growth and double digit unemployment.

Ich glaube kaum, dass sich das amerikanisch/deutsche Verhaeltnis nochmal zurechtruecken wird. Niemand von Einfluss macht sich mehr die Muehe, das zerschlagene Porzellan wieder zu kitten.

Die Prioritaeten der heutigen Weltprobleme sind so, dass das deutsch/amerikanische Verhaeltnis noch nicht mal unter "ferner liefen", oder "wenn alle anderen Probleme geloest sind" zu finden ist.

Ob das kollektive Ami-bashing und Bush-bashing mit der in Deutschland voellig misinterpretierten demokratischen Kontrolle des Kongresses in Deutschland weitergeht oder aufhoert, ist ehrlich gesagt irrelevant geworden.

Ich habe das in deutsch (als amerikanischer Staatsbuerger, der in der USA lebt) geschrieben, weil ich das besonders fuer die Deutschen geschrieben habe.

Begrabt jede Hoffnung, dass noch mal etwas aus dem Verhaeltnis wird. Ihr spart Euch damit unnoetige Zeitverschwendung. Frueher eingegangene Verantwortungen werden eingehalten, aber ansonsten versucht man sich hier Deutschland als Land vom Hals zu halten.

Die Amerikaner heissen individuelle Deutsche und deutsche Familien natuerlich wie immer herzlich willkommen. Deutsche Arbeitskraefte aus dem ganzen Sprektrum haben ihren guten Ruf im Ausland keineswegs eingebuesst. Im Gegenteil, sie sind wie schon immer gesucht, ob sie nun Wissenschaftler, Techniker, Facharbeiter oder Handwerker sind . Und deutsche Familien hat man gerne als Nachbarn.

Deutschland's kollektive Solidarmeinungen versucht man zu vermeiden wie die Pest.


@ rocky,

völlig richtig - und ich denke genau dies spüren die eurolefties.

hätte bush getobt über schröders mieses schmierenstück wäre das angegangen aber dieses verbindlich freundlich lächeln hat sie letztlich auf die palme gebracht.

früher war es selbstgerechter selbsthass - heute ist es selbstgerechte angst.

mr spock

p.s.: hast du ne greencard für mich?

"As for Eurolefties, they'll wonder why the US hasn't committed to Kyoto,"

They very well may wonder, The Dirty little Secret about Kyoto is that the balance of power in Congress matters not.
Before Gore even went to Japan the US Senate voted unanimously NOT to ratify the Kyoto Treaty

Passed by the Senate


which stated the Senate would not ratify the Protocol unless rapidly developing countries such as China were included in its requirements to reduce greenhouse gases.

The Clinton Administration announced it would not send the treaty to the Senate for ratification.

I have always wondered how the US not backing Kyoto became Bush's fault, he was the Governor of Texas when this vote was taken, now Ted Kennedy, and John Kerry voted to reject the Treaty maybe someone should ask THEM about this issue?

Check who all voted via the link above.

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