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I think that it would be in the Democrats' best interest to note the number of responses to this article.

The people in the US don't care about the Foley affair. He wrote some dirty IM messages to an 18-year-old Congressional page, got caught, and resigned Congress.

Case over.

Why do the Democrats insist on gay-bashing to try to keep this non-story in the headlines?

I thought the boy was 16. Pages are usually only 16 when the participate in the program. Big difference in development between 16 and 18 of the typical teenage boy. But you are right. Americans were disgusted by the revelation of such behavior by a member of government but the real force behind the ongoing scandal are the political members who hope to benefit from such exploitation of a young person by an adult. The so-called "cover-up" is a manufactured scandal to add to the litany of Democratic charges against the majority Republicans.

Personally, I am much more interested in such issues as global warming, education, national defense and the survival of social security than the posturing of politicians pointing fingers at each other. HOwever ever since the Watergate era all the American puplic has gotten from politicians is scandal, scandal, scandal some real and some imagined.
Please, enough already. Let's have some solutions to our many problems before it is too late.

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