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The link "Schröder thanks ...." does not work or is it just my computer?

Note from David: Unfortunately, the German government's web site is quite unreliable when it comes to link durability. The old link is no longer valid, and I assume they have removed the original document. Go figure...
I therefore use the link to our posting where we quote Schroeder.

This shows, once again, the complete lack of vision of Schröder (and Fischer), politicians who managed to drag the US-German relationships to a historical low level. Schröder should have never risen above the level of a Ministerpräsident.

OTOH, this entire EU-Iran "negotiation" process was ridiculous from the very beginning. The only thing more ridiculous than that was the chest-beating of many in the EU. I remember witnessing this in total amazement when I was in Germany, at a time when the outcome of the "negotiations" was obviously unknown and potentially meaningless.

The one and only rational explanation for that cheerfulness is that the EU (and Schröder) had an obsessive desire to demonstrate that their way of dealing with a crisis is far superior to Bush's quest for "freedom" (scare quotes are required). This encouraged them to sacrifice reality in exchange for a little reciprocal back-patting. In fact, it's the Left's old illness - when reality doesn't play along, ignore it and create a virtual and more compliant reality.

P.S. The funny thing is that DMK haters and critics will blame DMK for its "fixation" with Schröder and Fischer.

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