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I've read this goddamn thing 3 times, trying to figure out what is most important. It's not Manford Nowark. It's not Felix Ermacora. It's the institutionalization of nihilism. And as showcased in this document, the shining example is the United Nations. The UN has done nothing about Dafur. The UN did nothing about Saddam's slaughter of the Kurds. The UN has not even acknowledged crap like the following.

Neka (northern Iran), Aug 31 – The orphaned 16-year-old girl hanged in front of residents in this town close to the Caspian Sea on August 15 suffered years of brutal violence, exploitation and torture in the hands of relatives, local officials and plain strangers, and in a country where girls are the most vulnerable members of society, she had no one to go to for help.

Ah, but Pamela, it's the 'religion of peace' *cough* and that's correct. Her soul is at peace, now that she's rid of them. That's better than theirs will be.

A compelling article. I wholly support these "ethnic awarness" groups if they truly do seek the acknowledgement of crimes commited against ethnic Germans (or better said crimes comitted by the Soviets). Actually these crimes extend beyond those comitted against Ethnic Germans. For example the Katyne massacre. Also the massive, often violent, expulsion of ethnic Poles from areas east of the revised Polish-Russian (Ukranian/Bellorussian) border. Not to mention the systematic annihilation of entire ethnic groups and cultures by the Stalin.

Is historical "revisionism" always wrong? No. If history is recorded in a wrong or biased way then it should be REVISED, just as you would with a poorly written paper in grade school. The long-deserved acknowledgement of crimes not committed by Nazis does not seek necessarily to deny the holocaust etc. There are of course some who do exactly this. They are however the minority in the historical community.

Of course, by focusing on non-German crimes one does create a basis for comparison which did not exist before. However if this is the result of looking at all the historical facts in a balanced manner how could this be wrong? The continued focus upon "German guilt" is pure bias if the same is not done for Russians.

Personally I believe holding modern Russians, Germans, Japanese or Americans (for slavery/indians) responsible for crimes committed before their time is absurd. I wholly agree with Rosenthal in his focus upon groups actually composed of ex-Nazis or Nazi war criminals, or groups which deny the holocaust. However those who are simply looking back on history and seeking to develope a more balanced and less-ethnocentric view do not deserve to be portrayed in a negative light.

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