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Spin, spin, spin the wheel yet again at Medienkritik. So you want to take a graph that shows the super rich lost some money on their stock options due to the downturn of the economy (blame the downturn under Bush on Clinton too please) and prove what?

How about a look at the first Quintile. There you see people that don't have income from stocks, because they spend all their available income on consumtion, because they don't have a choice.

You know the best way to show who is helping which income class would be to show how much taxes the income classes pay. Why after tax income levels? Is it the only you could find that might suggest in part that your point is valid?

First make up your opinion and then find "facts" that could back it up. I am sure I heard that before.

Note from David: Sorry, but I can't accept your arguments. After-tax incomes are a valid indicator to test the hypothesis "income distribution worsened under Bush". Pre-tax income or taxes paid doesn't tell the story.
As to your claim to have stock option losses considered in the income comparison - why would that make sense? What other factors would you want to have considered? There are always several reasons why actual incomes fall short of a theoretical income level. What matters is the actual after-tax income as - indirectly - stated in the hypothesis that income distrubution under Bush has worsened (for the poor). Fact is, the position of the poor in the total after-tax income distribution hasn't worsend and the position of the rich has deteriorated, compared to the Clinton era. Read the full article quoted in my posting and check the graphs on the income situation of the super-rich.

Two out of every Three American families own stock. America really is an owership society.

You need to define what you mean by "the poor".

Income distribution is really socalism. I have to assume that is your position.

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