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Does this story even mention that the recording that was leaked was secretly recorded? There's a story for ya.

There's a coup going on in Hungary. This isn't about an open mike. It's about a meeting that was secretly recorded and leaked in order to foment a coup.

Congrats on mature journalist judgement.

This is about an open idiot who didn't have his head in a hammer lock when he said they lied. And the weak attempt at a connection between Gyurcsany and Bush is actually laughable. I agree with the lack of maturity call.

A minor correction: It is not the "second but last sentence of the WELT article", but a link to a supposedly "relevant" article. Suggesting a connection is bad enough, though.

I can not find that article, BTW. Searching on site or by google for "Budapest Aggressivität Polizei" turns up blank.

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