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Well welcome aboard! Here, let me help.....

Germans Leave in Record Numbers, Fleeing Unemployment

Aug. 29 (Bloomberg) -- Thomas Koerber, an engineering technician from Viernheim, Germany, was looking for a new job. He found it -- 4,700 miles away, in Canada.

``I looked around, found a job I liked in Canada, and left Germany within two months,'' Koerber, 39, said in a telephone interview from Calgary. ``If I can get a better job abroad, and if I'm being treated better, I'm gone.''

Koerber is one of 145,000 Germans who fled the fatherland last year amid record postwar unemployment, pushing emigration to its highest level since 1954, Federal Statistics Office figures show. Last year was also the first since the late 1960s that emigrants outnumbered Germans returning home from living abroad, the statistics office said.

Even more troubling to German officials and business leaders, many were skilled workers like Koerber. The loss of such people, they say, may threaten Germany's economic competitiveness in the future.

I can't tell if you're serious or if this is just a one-of-a-kind parody. If a parody, why not actually implement the plan for awhile so your US (and German) readers can see what the shoe on the other foot looks like. Pamela has made a brilliant start.

@ Redhand

um-he-he-hehe-he-he...ahhhhh...do the characters you see above look serious and stuff...oh yeah...hehehe-he-he-he...uuuuuhhhh...this is like a com-nad-y or something...he-hehe-hehe-he...you said nad...he-hehhee-heheehehehe

What I was hoping for was Beavis and Butthead do America Germany. hehehe-he-he-he...uuuuuhhhh. Honestly, the joke is so brilliant you could carry it forward, Pamela style.

Ray, please don't tease. Beavis and Butthead would be a dramatic improvement over your offering of German "journalists". At least Beavis and Butthead are too stupid to just MAKE SHIT UP.

I am deeply offended. How dare you insult the good names of Beavis and Butthead this way?

Sincerely, macck

Umm, hey macck, you want to hold a riot? We could hold one over the fact that some unconscionable person tried to present our cartoonland as reality, like those Danes did. Oh...wait, that was the other way around. Oh well, never mind. :)

@ macck

I am Cornholio! Are you threatening me? I need TP....

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