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"Recently, advocates of alarmism have grown increasingly desperate to try to convince
the public that global warming is the greatest moral issue of our generation."

Desperate! Has he ever tried to clean up a dihydrogen monoxide spill? Does he know how many prochlorococcus infest our oceans? Has he ever tried to find the answers from NASA?

/irreverent humor..... no, really, just fun. Don't get fired up now, it was merely fun.

BTW, we're doing such a good job of warming the globe that the excess heat has radiated to Mars too, and beyond.
(cue Toccata and Fugue in D min.)

Two remarks on minor points of the speech

Just last week, the vice president of London’s Royal Society sent a chilling letter to the media encouraging them to stifle the voices of scientists skeptical of climate alarmism.
I could only find this http://www.telegraph.co.uk/opinion/main.jhtml?xml=/opinion/2005/05/16/do1602.xml&sSheet=/portal/2005/05/16/ixportal.html Dating back to May 2005. The letter itself is bad enough.

However, the analysis in Science Magazine excluded nearly 11,000 studies or more than 90 percent of the papers dealing with global warming, according to a critique by British social scientist Benny Peiser.A gross misrepresentation of the critique by Peiser. Read it yourself at his homepage


The original study by Oreskes considered 928 articles, Peiser 1247. How Sen Imhofe arrives at his 90% is beyond me. More details with a skeptical take on Peisers work:

P.S.: For those interested, the NAS study Sen Imhofe refers to is here (3.3MB):

@Mike H.,

Living here in the desert, we could always use some more dihydrogen monoxide spills.

Never touch the stuff, fish swim in it.

Don which desert? We try to ship it as an aerosol so I'll have to check out the prevailing winds. Consider it gratis when it gets there.

Carl, the only fish that swim in this product is of the flying variety. :)
/Done with airborne humor

@Mike H.
Does he know how many prochlorococcus infest our oceans?

Oh dear! Wait till the chickelittles get hold of this.
Wildlife Waste Is Major Water Polluter, Studies Say

Now we're going to have to start killing Bambi and Thumper and Smokey.

PETA is going to have a collective cranial detonation.

Global cooling effect

Terence Corcoran, National Post
Published: Saturday, September 16, 2006
News that the Conservatives might be taking a more cautious approach to Kyoto and climate change could not come at a more appropriate time. The science behind the idea of man-made global warming, always theoretical and often speculative, appears set to receive another blow. A report in New Scientist magazine yesterday chronicles the work of a crew of scientists who forecast a new wave of global cooling brought on by a decline in activity in the sun....


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